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Chen Xiang allowed the light green mysterious energy to flow freely in the Divine Sense Sea. After many days of cultivation, he finally understood the use of this energy!

It was actually replicating his Divine Deity!

He originally only had thirty Life-Killing Divine Deity, but with the replication of that energy, he actually gained twenty additional Life-Killing Divine Deity!

With the help of that surge of energy, he already possessed ninety Divine Deity! Furthermore, the other party's profound strength was at the same level as Yun Che. Fifty Life-Killing Divine Deity, twenty spatial Divine Deity and twenty constellation Divine Deity!

"What a terrifying power. Is this the true power of creation?" Until now, Chen Xiang still did not know what that pearl was.

The most terrifying thing about this power was that it could help Chen Xiang replicate so many Divine Deity in such a short amount of time!

"It has already disappeared. I don't absorb much of that kind of energy, but it can raise me by so many people. It's just too terrifying!" Chen Xiang suddenly looked towards the Heavenly magic sword at the side.

At this time, the protective s.p.a.ce had disappeared, and the Heavenly magic sword was still stuck in the ground. But when Chen Xiang looked at this sword, he did not know why he felt fear, even though this Heavenly magic sword was his.

When he reached out his hand, his hand inexplicably trembled. When he held onto the sword hilt, he felt as if the heaven and earth were collapsing. The Heavenly magic sword's energy was too terrifying, so he quickly retracted his hand.

Just a slight touch was enough to scare Chen Xiang to the point that his face turned pale!

"This sword is mine!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath and suddenly reached out.

The Heavenly magic sword was trembling, as if it was unwilling to give in to Chen Xiang. At this moment, Chen Xiang was also sweating profusely, because that force was resisting him.

"The Heavenly magic sword herself recognizes me, but the powerful force that just poured into it does not. Do you think I'm too weak?" Chen Xiang held onto the Heavenly magic sword tightly and pulled it out.

Just as he pulled out the Heavenly magic sword, the ground shook violently and collapsed!

"There are still no sword tips!" Chen Xiang had already seen the Heavenly magic sword's sword tip. The Heavenly magic sword in his hand was like a fish jumping around, trying to break free from his grasp.

"I don't believe that I can't suppress you!" Chen Xiang shouted loudly. The ninety nine Divine Deity within the Divine Sense Sea began to tremble, as they absorbed the Six Realms' Power that was as vast as the ocean, transforming into a powerful divine power. Chen Xiang used this power to grab onto the Heavenly magic sword that was about to struggle free.

At first, Chen Xiang held it very steadily, but then the Heavenly magic sword started to tremble violently and it quickly became violent again. It could break free from Chen Xiang's grasp at any time and fly away.

In order to tame the current Heavenly magic sword, Chen Xiang had to think twice. The tighter he held onto it, the more the Heavenly magic sword struggled.

"I must tame you!" Chen Xiang didn't know why, but after the Heavenly magic sword absorbed the green bead's power, it actually became so terrifying, it was multiple times stronger than before, and its strength was so strong that even he could not imagine it.

Chen Xiang used all his strength, but he was still unable to suppress the Heavenly magic sword. Just as the Heavenly magic sword was about to leave his hand, Chen Xiang suddenly heard a beast roar coming from deep within the Divine Sense Sea!

It was the roar of the five beasts, this roar was very familiar to Chen Xiang, it was filled with nostalgia …

"It's them!" Chen Xiang's heart trembled. These five beasts were the Beast statue s in his dantian back then, the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise and the Giant Elephant in the middle.

"Is this my second Divine Sense Sea?" Chen Xiang did not know why, but he suddenly felt a sense of guilt in the depths of his heart. It was because this was the cultivation path that he had walked back then, but in the end, he decided to take another path and make these five Beast statue disappear along with whom he had been training with for a long time.

Hearing the five beasts roar together, the Heavenly magic sword suddenly stabilized and did not struggle anymore. At this time, Chen Xiang established a connection with the Heavenly magic sword once again!

Heavenly magic sword s were formed from the fusion of the Five Elements Divine Weapons, and when Chen Xiang heard the Five Beasts Roar deep within Divine Sense Sea, he became more docile.

"Where are you?" Chen Xiang shouted in his heart. He did not expect that he did not cultivate any more five Beast statue, but they were still following him, and he had always felt that he had another Divine Sense Sea, which was actually where these five Beast statue hid.

"We've always been in your heart!" The Five Beasts suddenly spoke.

Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly, and unknowingly shed tears. "Sorry, I gave up on you all back then, but you still followed me!"

"You are our master, no matter what decision you make, we will not blame you! Although you have given up on us, you can still become very powerful. We are very pleased! " The Five Beasts replied in unison, "We will wait for you. As long as you open up the second Divine Sense Sea, you will be able to see us again. At that time, we will accompany you to roam the world again."

"Thank you for your support!" Chen Xiang wiped off his tears and couldn't help but think back to the time he walked here all those years ago. The five Beast statue had always been with him and had also possessed his own spirituality, but he actually didn't notice this.

Chen Xiang looked at the sky and muttered to himself: "The nine stars have already been fused, that Chuangshi artifact should have already been born!" He closed his eyes, and after a moment of sensing, he discovered that there was a very powerful aura in one of them.

"Is it over there? "Let's go over and take a look!" Chen Xiang immediately teleported over.

As they got closer to that direction, the strong auras became clearer and clearer, the auras of many experts mixed together!

"Black Stone Divine Venerable, nine Divine Lords?" Chen Xiang could discern the Black Stone Divine Venerable from them, but other than the Black Stone Divine Venerable, there were also many other extremely powerful auras.

Chen Xiang did not know how long he took to absorb the green bead's energy, but so much had happened here!

After a while, he suddenly heard a noisy sound. After listening carefully, he realized that the sound was very familiar.

"Xiao Yulan, royal father has made it clear that the divine cauldron belongs to him!" This was Xiao Yuanbing's voice.

Chen Xiang frowned, he had already told Xiao Yulan to hide and not get involved in this matter, he never thought that Xiao Yulan would actually still be involved in this. He also did not expect that the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord would actually let Xiao Yuanbing and the others take back the Six Realms Ding.

"The divine cauldron was given to me by him in the past. It was already destroyed at that time, and I found someone to repair it. It has already been recognized as my master, and it belongs to me!" If he wants it back, then ask him to kill me himself. Xiao Yulan's voice was very cold, and it was obvious that she had already lost all hope in her royal father, and had actually reneged.

Previously, Chen Xiang still had a trace of good will towards the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord, but now, it seemed that the fellow who could make his own children kill each other was not human at all.

"Don't think that royal father doesn't dare to kill you. He is currently s.n.a.t.c.hing away the Chuangshi artifact s, he just doesn't have time to come! He gave me his Emperor Ding, so I came here to deal with you. " Xiao Yuanbing laughed madly: "Xiao Yulan, those two old fellows are not here. Imperial Concubine Lian is weak, you are not my match, so just surrender!"

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