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Although Chen Xiang had absorbed Ah Hei's memories, he was still not familiar with the Nine Star G.o.d Realm, because Ah Hei himself did not walk very often within the Nine Star G.o.d Realm. Right now, he also did not know what dangers lay ahead.

"Is it a Chuangshi artifact? How could it be so easy for me to find it?" Chen Xiang felt that it was too easy, he could hear the sound of the person calling him getting closer and closer, as if he could get it at any time.

In half a day, he had reached that place!

"Right below here?" Chen Xiang was on top of a flat wasteland, and the whistling sound in his mind was very clear.

He took out the Heavenly magic sword and began to dig … …

He was not sure if it was a Chuangshi artifact or not, so he did not dare to use too much strength to dig, and could only dig bit by bit. If it wasn't a Chuangshi artifact, then it was something else.

What Chen Xiang found strange was that the three suns hanging in the sky were becoming hotter and hotter. When he first came in, he had never felt such a scorching heat before, but now, the heat was making him sweat profusely.

"What's going on? Could it be that the 9 stars have started to fuse? " Chen Xiang was shocked. If it was like this, then the thing he was digging for did not have any big reaction.

"Could it be that this thing isn't a Chuangshi artifact?" Chen Xiang started to doubt it, but he had to dig it out, because this thing was calling him back. It must have some other mysterious ability, otherwise it would not be possible for him to sense it from such a long distance.

After digging for an entire day, Chen Xiang dug out a deep hole. There was no night here, he had been exposed to the sun for an entire day, and the scorching sun had made him unable to endure it.

"Why is it suddenly so hot?"

Chen Xiang suspected that it was because of the Black Stone Divine Venerable, he could control all of these.

He dug for another hour before he suddenly sensed an aura overflowing from below. He hurriedly put away the Heavenly magic sword and started to dig with his hands. Not long after, a light green bead appeared.

This bead was only the size of an apple and was completely green. It was emitting a very peculiar aura. It was unknown what kind of energy it was.

"This is the Chuangshi artifact?" The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth twitched. He had been busy for so long, yet the thing he dug out did not look like a powerful Chuangshi artifact at all.

"What exactly is this thing?" Chen Xiang's mind was full of questions. When he sent his consciousness in, he did not discover anything, but other than the aura emitted by the pearl, there was nothing else special about it.

He walked out of the hole and came to a rock. Then, he threw the green bead in his hand towards it. When he threw the bead, the impact was so great that it embedded itself into the rock.

"So strong!" Chen Xiang took it out and used the Dao heart Eye to examine it carefully. He could only see a green thing, but he did not know what kind of energy it was.

He was sure that the thing that was calling him was this green bead, but it wasn't the Chuangshi artifact, which made him very disappointed.

"Maybe it's hiding something good inside. It's just a protective sh.e.l.l!" Chen Xiang placed the green bead on the ground, took out Heavenly magic sword and raised it up high, then slashed at the green bead.

Chen Xiang originally thought that this bead was very st.u.r.dy, and would need more slashes to be effective, but just as he was about to curse out loud, the pieces of the green bead emitted a burst of light and rushed into the Heavenly magic sword s.

"This is …" "What a strange power!" Chen Xiang held the Heavenly magic sword, and felt a bizarre power entering his body, entering into his Divine Sense Sea.

What was inconceivable to him was that the Heavenly magic sword was actually trembling violently, as if it was extremely excited!

"The Heavenly magic sword is also absorbing this strange energy!" Chen Xiang was shocked, the green bead was not as weak as he had imagined it to be, and the power released after it shattered was extremely strange.

The majority of it was absorbed by the Heavenly magic sword, because it was the Heavenly magic sword that hacked it into pieces. As Chen Xiang held the Heavenly magic sword, he had also absorbed a lot of it. He did not know what use this kind of bizarre energy had, in short, when he entered his Divine Sense Sea, he became very docile. This light green colored fog quickly found his hidden Divine Deity and wrapped around part of his Divine Deity.

"What's the use?" Chen Xiang suddenly felt an extremely vast energy of heaven and earth gushing from beneath his feet, entering into his body, while the Heavenly magic sword's hand that was struggling free was inserted into the soil.

Chen Xiang suddenly realized that he couldn't control himself and started to absorb the energy used to create this barrier. The Heavenly magic sword that was stuck in the ground started to sway continuously, its body was covered by a green light.

"Is the Heavenly magic sword and I absorbing the energy of the land?" Chen Xiang immediately sat down cross-legged and relaxed his entire body, so that he could absorb the energy faster. He also realized that the energy that he had consumed from the Heaven grade divine medicine and's devouring had actually been refined by the light green mist that had entered into his body.

Before, he was very disappointed with the bead, but now, he knew he was wrong. The bead had a very strange and powerful power, and now, he felt that his body was being remodelled.

"The Heavenly magic sword is becoming stronger!" Although Chen Xiang did not hold the Heavenly magic sword, he could feel that he was connected to it.

"This isn't a Chuangshi artifact, but it definitely has something to do with the Chuangshi artifact. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to rely on these two Six-Daos to sense the existence of this pearl." Chen Xiang was secretly happy at this moment, because he did not come here for nothing. Although he was not a Chuangshi artifact, he felt that this thing was as powerful as the Chuangshi artifact.

Right now, he had to coordinate with that energy to cultivate because this was an opportunity. If he missed it, then he might not have another chance in the future! At the same time, he wanted to understand what the power was used for.

Just when he was worried that someone would come, a flash suddenly appeared before his eyes, and his surroundings suddenly became a vast expanse of whiteness. He was already in a s.p.a.ce, as if there was a mysterious force protecting him, opening up a s.p.a.ce for him to hide.

Chen Xiang could finally be at ease. He closed his eyes and did not know how much time had pa.s.sed, but he could feel a very violent vibration during this period of time!

The nine stars began to fuse!

The three suns in the sky slowly merged together, actually fusing together. As they fused together, the burst of sunlight became even more intense, burning the earth!

Chen Xiang was in a small s.p.a.ce and did not know what was happening outside. Otherwise, he would have been burnt to ashes.

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