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After Xiao Yulan saw Black Stone Divine Venerable leave, he anxiously asked: "Where are you? Black Stone Divine Venerable is cooperating with Xiao Yuanbing and the others, he should be back by now. You have to be careful, if they work together, it will be hard to deal with them. "

"I've already left the earth's core. I'm outside!"

After Chen Xiang destroyed Black Stone Divine Venerable's black ball, he immediately left Earth Core! He was surprised. Xiao Yuanbing and the others could work with the Black Stone Divine Venerable for a good reason. If they were to face Xiao Yulan alone, they had no chance of winning.

"Black Stone Divine Venerable said that there is a very terrifying weapon hidden here. As long as we can obtain this, we can easily take care of it!" Xiao Yulan asked again: "Do you know anything about this?"

For Chen Xiang to know about the weakness of the Black Stone Divine Venerable, it meant that Chen Xiang definitely knew a lot of things related to this world.

"I know, this matter is a little complicated, and it is all the Black Stone Divine Venerable's predictions! Allegedly, a long time ago, Nine G.o.ds Nation … … Adding on the fact that the six Divine Nations s from before and the eleven stars that were the Nine Heavens Divine Nations s were all one, they were separated later on due to other reasons. Now that the Six Daos Star and the Nine Heavens have been destroyed, there are only nine planets left. " Chen Xiang said: "When I first created this grand world, I also left behind some powerful divine weapons! For example, your Six Realms Ding and my Six Realms mirrors were both born from this world when it was created. "

Xiao Yulan listened carefully, all of these were related to the secrets of the Nine Star G.o.d Realm.

"The place where we are now, is the most central place in that large world that we were in all those years ago, called the Nine Star G.o.d Realm by the Black Stone Divine Venerable! Not long after, the nine great stars that the Nine G.o.ds Nation is on will collide and fuse together. "

Chen Xiang learnt everything from Ah Hei's memories. At that time, he was also very surprised, the star realm where the Nine G.o.ds Nation was on actually had such a history. If the nine stars fused, then the situation would become even more complicated.

"The day where the nine stars fuse is the day the Chuangshi artifact will be born!" Chen Xiang said.

"Chuangshi artifact? Do you know what your specific capabilities are? " Xiao Yulan asked in shock, she never thought that this place would actually have such a treasure, and such a powerful one at that.

"I don't know. In short, the six divine artifacts we use are all born from the influence of Chuangshi artifact. Chen Xiang said: "That Black Stone Divine Venerable thinks that the Creation G.o.d Weapon is somewhere hidden here. If we don't find it in advance, when the nine stars merge, the Chuangshi artifact will appear in a very high profile. At that time, there will definitely be many experts fighting for it."

Chen Xiang now planned to search everywhere. If the Chuangshi artifact fell into the hands of the Black Stone Divine Venerable, the Nine Heaven World would also be ruled by the Black Stone Divine Venerable!

"So that's how it is. This Nine Star Divine Realm is a world bred from within the heart of the earth. No wonder it's so strange!" But this has also sealed the Black Stone Divine Venerable here. If he obtained the Chuangshi artifact, he would be able to leave this place. Xiao Yulan said.

"Mn, let's split up now and search. See if we can find that Chuangshi artifact before the 9 star fusion takes place! Our six divine tools are all related to Chuangshi artifact, so the chances of finding them are even greater! Also, let my master calculate whether or not you can find out where it is. "

Chen Xiang still had another concern. which was to give up on the nine Divine Lord s!

These nine Divine Lord s had ruled the nine planets for many years and also possessed peak strength, so they definitely knew something. Although they were going to look for the path to longevity, it was rather sudden for them to leave.

When the nine stars collided with each other, it would definitely cause a destructive catastrophe. Even if they were Divine Lord s, they would still be unable to stop the power of this great dao.

"Could it be that all of Nine G.o.ds Nation's Divine Lord s are here?" When Chen Xiang thought of this, his heart became even heavier. nine Divine Lords was not a good thing at all.

"Sister Yulan, let my master and the others calculate first whether or not the nine Divine Lord s are all here. I suspect that they have long since come here to search for Chuangshi artifact. Chen Xiang immediately transmitted his voice to Xiao Yulan.

Hearing Chen Xiang say that, Xiao Yulan was shocked, it was not impossible, they, the nine Divine Lords s were the ones who understood the nine stars the best, and might already know a few things, they might even want to keep it for themselves and not let the Great National Master know, so that they could create some treasure and let the Great National Master door fight them, and then they would be able to go and look for the Chuangshi artifact in peace.

"I'll let them calculate it right now!" Xiao Yulan said.

Chen Xiang came to a quiet place and took out the Six Realms G.o.d Cup and Six Realms mirrors. He wanted to use these two Six-Daos Divine Equipment to sense the location of the Chuangshi artifact …

Several hours later, Xiao Yulan transmitted news: "It's just as you guessed, nine Divine Lords is indeed here, sigh!"

She was very clear about Chen Xiang's personality. At that time, Chen Xiang would definitely want to fight with her father for the Chuangshi artifact. Her Six Realms Ding was only repaired after Chen Xiang and the others helped her. If her royal father asked for it back from her, she did not know whether she should return it or not.

Chen Xiang heard Xiao Yulan sigh, and said: "No need to think too much, when the time comes, you just have to hide, and let Yue'er hide you, as long as you don't see her, there's no need to make any difficult decisions."

"Did they figure out where the Chuangshi artifact were?"

"It can't be calculated, because that thing is outside of their range of power. It can't be calculated!" Xiao Yulan said: "I don't plan on continuing my search, Yue'er and the others should hide together with me. I'm also very tired these past few days."

After all, she still had a little feelings for her royal father. Xiao Yulan had already dispersed the effects of the Mind Connecting Pill, and she had already decided not to partic.i.p.ate in this matter, waiting for the Chuangshi artifact to be born, for the nine stars to fuse, and then leave this place.

"Looks like only the appearance of the Chuangshi artifact is able to leave this place. I wonder how it is going outside!" Chen Xiang sighed and continued to use the Six Realms mirrors s to sense.

After a few days, a weak roar suddenly came out of Chen Xiang's mind, as though something was calling for him!

"Could it be that the Chuangshi artifact is calling me?" Chen Xiang opened his eyes. He was overjoyed, and then, he calmed himself down, and carefully determined the direction of the sound. After that, he left the cave and teleported in the direction of the sound.

Chen Xiang was extremely excited along the way, because he also wanted to see how powerful the Chuangshi artifact were. Right now, he had two Six-Daos Divine Equipment and all six of them had very strong abilities. As for Chuangshi artifact, they were stronger than the Six-Daos Divine Equipment, so they were definitely not that much weaker.

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