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Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and jumped into the mysterious crack in the ground that was filled with darkness.

"The medicinal power of the Heaven grade divine medicine and Ah Hei's strength should be able to help me condense two or three Divine Deity!" While Chen Xiang was descending, he channeled his Star Shifting Technique to refine it. Because he did not eat Nine Yin and yang Dan, he was unable to condense his Life-Killing Divine Deity, and could only condense spatial Divine Deity or Celestial Divine Deity.

He was condensing spatial Divine Deity, but it was not that fast. It was because he could not condense profound energy wholeheartedly, so his speed was extremely slow.

After landing for a while, Chen Xiang suddenly felt a scorching Qi rushing towards him! He immediately used his Spatial Barrier to protect himself. He was worried that this Nine Star G.o.d Realm Earth Core was too strong for him to handle.

"I should be able to confirm that this is the heart of the earth of the Nine Star G.o.d Realm. What kind of secret is it hiding? Ah Hei's memories said that the Black Stone Divine Venerable is the guardian of this place, could it be that the Black Stone Divine Venerable is a Earthly beast? " Chen Xiang guessed that it was very possible. Only Earthly beast were that scary.

Previously, Huo Lin had told him that if the Core and Core of the Earth fused, both of the Core of the Earth would have Earthly beast s, and a fight would break out. The winner would obtain the opponent's territory and if the opponent did not die, they would become a slave.

When Chen Xiang thought about this, he immediately thought of those black-robed men, who were all extremely powerful. If Yue'er had not used Star Moon h.e.l.l along with his Heavenly magic sword, it would have been difficult for them to deal with them.

"I understand, the Black Stone Divine Venerable is a Earthly beast!" Chen Xiang had experienced the terror of Earthly beast, especially that Black Stone Divine Venerable. It was unexpectedly able to control this world in broad daylight, and it even possessed a very powerful strength.

"If it's really as I have guessed, then the Divine Nations's treasure also exists! It was just that because the Core fused, it disappeared, and Nine G.o.ds Nation's nine Earthly beast were all defeated by the Black Stone Divine Venerable … The Nine G.o.ds Nation's treasures are all here. "

Chen Xiang's heart suddenly jumped. According to Ah Hei's memories, the Black Stone Divine Venerable already possessed a large number of divine medicines and all kinds of treasures! This meant even more that Black Stone Divine Venerable had obtained the Nine G.o.ds Nation's treasure.

"No wonder that black-cloaked man from before recognized my Heavenly magic sword. It seems like they were originally all at the core of the earth, but they were all defeated by the Black Stone Divine Venerable and became his servants." Chen Xiang was even more excited now.

"Big sister Yulan, what's the situation like now? I have to stall that Black Stone Divine Venerable for a while. I have a rough idea of his secret, so I will tell you in detail after I confirm it. " Chen Xiang said: "Right now, I am only guessing, but my guesses are correct."

The more he got down there, the more terrifying the heat would be. Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors, and stood on top of it while releasing an array formation on top of it to form a protective shield to protect him.

The formation inside the Six Realms mirrors was still very effective. Chen Xiang no longer felt any heat right now, so he sat on top of it and started to condense his Divine Deity.

Not long after, Chen Xiang felt that he had descended to a red area. There was red fire energy everywhere, just like the center of Nine Heaven World.

"Are we almost there?" Chen Xiang laid on the side of the array and looked down. Using his Dao heart Eye, he was able to see the Flame Essence not far away.


The Six Realms mirrors sank into the lava and continued to dive deeper!

"Ah Hei has never been to this place before. How do I find out the secret behind the Black Stone Divine Venerable's existence?" On top of the Six Realms mirrors, Chen Xiang was protected by an array, so even if he sank into the extremely hot Flame Essence, he would not feel the heat.

Just as Chen Xiang was thinking of a way, he suddenly sensed that the Six Realms mirrors was trembling, as if it had discovered something.

Previously, when the Six Realms mirrors and the Six Realms Ding met, they had this kind of reaction!

"Can it be that there are six divine artifacts here?" Chen Xiang was shocked. The six divine artifacts were naturally formed divine weapons, possessing extremely powerful and mysterious powers. His current Six Realms mirrors s and Xiao Yulan's Six Realms Ding s were all six divine artifacts.

He immediately tried to sense the aura in this place. This place was filled with the power of fire, so it was not easy to sense other energies here, so he needed some time.

"I saw it!" Using the Dao heart Eye, Chen Xiang saw that six faint wisps of mist appeared in one direction, which was a little far from him, but he could still vaguely see them.

"He should be one of the six divine artifacts!" What was going on? Could it be that the Nine G.o.ds Nation's treasure trove contained six divine artifacts? If that's the case, Black Stone Divine Venerable will never be able to discover it! " Chen Xiang was very suspicious, this kind of six divine tools was the best if he could keep it by his side.

He increased the speed of the Six Realms mirrors, and flew towards that direction!

"This is …" Chen Xiang suddenly b.u.mped into a barrier and was repelled by the force of it. The barrier was transparent and fire essence could not enter, he could see that outside the barrier, there was a huge green mountain, and on the mountain side, there was a gigantic cave.

"It should be here. This barrier won't trouble me!" Chen Xiang unleashed his spatial energy with all his might, and teleported in.

After he entered, Chen Xiang turned into a wisp of smoke. He was sure that this was the true lair of the Black Stone Divine Venerable and that there was something guarding this place.

He turned into red smoke and floated towards the cave at the mountainside. After entering, the Six Realms' Power's aura became denser and denser, if he obtained another six divine tools, it would be the biggest treasure to him.

In the depths of the cave, he saw a jade table, on it was a small cup. The small cup was white, and it looked just like Xiao Yulan's Six Realms Ding.

"Can it be that these are the six divine artifacts?" Chen Xiang didn't dare believe it, because the six divine artifacts were just small cups, and were much smaller than the Six Realms mirrors and Six Realms Ding he had seen before.

However, the dense Six Realms' Power was truly released from this small cup. He turned into a human and let out a drop of blood.

As the fresh blood fused into the small white jade cup, Chen Xiang immediately had a reaction with the small white jade cup.

"How did he succeed so easily?" Chen Xiang quickly came into contact with the small cup. The small cup was called the Six Realms G.o.d Cup, and its main function was to speed up the growth of the plants.

Chen Xiang held the Six Realms G.o.d Cup in his hand and looked inside. He was immediately ecstatic, because there were a few high grade divine medicines, high grade ones, King grade s, and heaven grade ones! It was just that it was not much, now he knew the use of the Spirit seed, it was equivalent to fertilizer.

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