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Chen Xiang rushed out of the furnace, took out his Heavenly magic sword and started chopping at the furnace!

He found out from Ah Hei's memories that this pill furnace was made from Black Stone Divine Venerable's flesh and blood, and was equivalent to a part of Black Stone Divine Venerable. If it was damaged, it would have a huge impact on Black Stone Divine Venerable.

The pill furnace was very strong, if it wasn't a part of the Black Stone Divine Venerable, Chen Xiang would definitely take it!

He stopped for a moment, acc.u.mulating his power, waving the Heavenly magic sword, fiercely slashing at it a few times, causing some damage, and his Heavenly magic sword was not inferior in the slightest, as it was able to cause a great deal of damage to such a st.u.r.dy pill furnace.

Dang, dang, dang! Chen Xiang waved his sword and kept slashing at the same place, and after a few hundred slashes, he finally cut the pill furnace in half! The moment the pill furnace broke, it turned into two pieces of black bones. These were the bones of his legs.

"It really is a part of the Black Stone Divine Venerable's body!" Chen Xiang repeatedly struck his palms towards the two pieces of bones, causing the Meteor immortal power to explode and shatter the broken bones into pieces.

Chen Xiang was now more clear of the Black Stone Divine Venerable's strength, it was definitely not something he could handle with his current level of strength. Just a pill furnace had already cost him a lot of effort to destroy.

"According to Ah Hei's memories, this should be a place within a mountain. This is also the place where the Black Stone Divine Venerable lived for a long time!"

Chen Xiang walked out of the cave and floated high up into the sky. He then activated a Heavenly dragon seal on this huge mountain.

"It's time to leave, Black Stone Divine Venerable must have known what happened here! Strange, why is it that the Heart Connecting Force of Yu Lan and I has lost its effect? Could it be because I ate too many Heaven grade Divine Medicines, the medicinal power got washed away? Or was there a problem when I was being confined? "

Chen Xiang swallowed another mind pellet, and then, he left this place. From Ah Hei's memories, he already knew what kind of world this was — Nine Star G.o.d Realm!

The Nine Star G.o.d Realm was a world born from nine stars, and the Black Stone Divine Venerable was the guardian of this world. However, he was not willing to follow the rules, so he took on the human form to control the world. In order to prevent him from becoming powerful, the night would disappear and he would be able to unleash his strongest power.

But later on, when he controlled the night, he was no longer restricted by the rules here!

The reason why the dark night appeared before was to capture Chen Xiang. As long as it was night time, Black Stone Divine Venerable would be able to find out where Chen Xiang was any time!

The Black Stone Divine Venerable had always wanted to escape from this place to see the outside world, because he possessed extremely strong powers. However, he was the only strong one here and his resources were extremely scarce, making him feel that the Nine Star G.o.d Realm was like a cage, and they were the villains imprisoned here.

"This guy will find me soon!" "He knows a pill refining technique that can turn a person into a pill. After eating it, he will be able to obtain everything about that person. Thus, he is trapped here and knows a lot of things about the outside world." When Chen Xiang thought back to how he was almost eaten by the Refinement Pellet, he felt a lingering fear. If the Black Stone Divine Venerable refined him himself, he wouldn't be so lucky.

Chen Xiang learned the important secret of the Black Stone Divine Venerable from Ah Hei's memories. Every time Black Stone Divine Venerable summoned the night or went to get a precious high level divine medicine, they would go to a certain place and didn't let Ah Hei go with them!

Ah Hei couldn't follow them, and could only wait for the Black Stone Divine Venerable outside. Therefore, Ah Hei had a very deep impression of that place.

Chen Xiang now followed Ah Hei's memories and headed towards that place quickly. He wanted to find the secret of Black Stone Divine Venerable turning the sky dark, because at night, Black Stone Divine Venerable was the most terrifying place. If he did not want Black Stone Divine Venerable to catch him, then the sky would have to brighten.

"I wonder how Sister Yulan and the others are doing. With Yue'er there, Imperial Concubine Lian and Hongque should be safer!" Chen Xiang was a little worried. Previously, Black Stone Divine Venerable had said that he would go find Xiao Yulan. It was because Xiao Yulan's Six Realms Ding posed a great threat to him.

"This guy was too careless, he underestimated me!" Moreover, he trusted Ah Hei too much. Otherwise, he wouldn't have allowed me to escape! I have to brighten the sky as soon as possible. If I succeed, Big Sister Yulan can use her Six Realms Ding to suppress the Black Stone Divine Venerable. " Chen Xiang activated the power of fifteen spatial Divine Deity and teleported to that secret location in the Black Stone Divine Venerable.

After consuming so many heaven grade divine medicines, he had even swallowed Ah Hei, but Chen Xiang did not have the time to refine them. In the dark night, Black Stone Divine Venerable was everywhere, and yet they had not come to find him.

"There's a reaction!" Chen Xiang had just eaten a mind pellet before, and now he finally had a reaction. He immediately asked Xiao Yulan: "Sister Yulan, how are you guys now?"

Your Master and Senior Master are both here. Fortunately they joined us, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to fend off this guy! I don't know why, but this guy suddenly went crazy and kept scolding you. " Xiao Yulan replied.

Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian are actually here too! Chen Xiang thought about it, and he was not that surprised, because they had already mentioned before that they were extremely interested in Divine Nations's treasures.

"Where's Yue'er, Imperial Concubine Lian and Sister Hongque? Imperial Concubine Lian and Sister Hongque were both injured previously, are they alright?! " Chen Xiang asked again.

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xiao Yuanbing also brought people here. I was fighting with them, your master and senior is really powerful, actually suppressing the Black Stone Divine Venerable. " Xiao Yulan said.

Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian are both Undead Divine Race s, after living for so many years, they must have decent strength!

"Sister Yulan, I have already escaped and even killed Ah Hei, that's why Black Stone Divine Venerable went crazy earlier! You send a sound transmission to my master, telling them to stall the Black Stone Divine Venerable no matter what. As long as it's night time, that guy can easily find me. " Chen Xiang said: "I am currently rushing to a place that has secrets related to him. Maybe I can bring him back in the day, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's strength in the dark of the night is extremely terrifying."

"Alright, I will definitely delay him!" The moment Six Realms Ding came to this place, for some reason, she became even more powerful. " Xiao Yulan replied: "I'm stronger, you don't have to worry about me."

After learning about Xiao Yulan's current situation, Chen Xiang could feel at ease to explore the Black Stone Divine Venerable's secret. However, he couldn't waste any time, he needed to hurry up and make a move.

Not long after, he teleported next to a fissure in the ground.

"It's here!" Chen Xiang stood by the side of the crevice. It was now night, and this crevice was so deep that one couldn't see the bottom, as he didn't even know what was underneath. Ah Hei had come here several times, but each time, he would only stand on this side.

"Could this be the core of the earth that leads to the Nine Star G.o.d Realm? The nine Earth-stage Stars s of the Nine G.o.ds Nation were all empty, and if they entered the earth core, they would be teleported to this place! Could it be that the core of the Nine Star G.o.d has already been fused and is wrapped around the bottom of this Nine Star G.o.d Realm? " Chen Xiang suddenly came up with this idea. He had a better understanding of the Core of the Earth, and would frequently devour each other, and with the Nine Heaven World constantly devouring other worlds, that was why he had this thought.

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