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Chen Xiang's legs were bound by the flame chains and he was unable to use the Bones inside. He could only use his physical strength as he wriggled his body and arrived beside a divine fruit.

His mouth was also sealed. He could not open and close it at all, or else he would definitely eat this Heaven grade divine fruit! There were very few high grade divine medicines, and King grade above the low grade were even rarer. And the ones here were all Heaven grade, even if they were not refined into pills, it would still be of great use to eat them.

"d.a.m.n it, you guys are underestimating my Chen Xiang, just you wait!" Although Chen Xiang was currently being burned by the intense flames, he did not feel uncomfortable.

"I wonder what method that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d used to seal all of the Bones in my body. I can't even use the Bones in my eyes." Chen Xiang leaned towards the Heaven Ranked Divine Fruit, waiting for the Divine Nations to be refined. Although he couldn't open his mouth, he could still breathe!

These Heaven Grade Divine Fruits had been specially treated by the Black Stone Divine Venerable and could be refined very easily. Under Ah Hei's crazy burning, the Divine Fruits had already started to burn and release the medicinal qi.

"Absorb!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath and completely absorbed the medicinal aura into his body. He did not know what kind of divine fruit this was, but it would not be harmful to him in the least.

Once Chen Xiang took a deep breath, he absorbed the medicinal aura released by the Heaven grade Divine Fruit into his body, causing his body to feel warm and there was a current of air flowing from within his body.

"My mouth is sealed by itself. First, I have to break the seal on my mouth!" Although Chen Xiang was sealed, he could still control the medicinal energy that was entering his body.

After being absorbed into his body, it sank into his dantian. He used his mind to control the medicinal energy and rushed into the power sealing his mouth.

The medicinal energy rushed up, but it did not succeed. Its strength was too weak!

The interior of the pill furnace was not very big. At this moment, all of the Heaven grade spirit medicines here were gradually producing their own medicinal energy. He used his nose to suck in the medicinal energy into his body.

A moment later, an extremely terrifying medicinal energy gathered in his body.

"What is that guy doing outside?" Didn't he notice me moving around in here? " Chen Xiang felt that it was a little strange. What he did not know was that Ah Hei was currently burning him crazily, causing Chen Xiang to think that his fire was too violent. was burning it until it was like a shrimp dancing in the hot pot.

"I must break through this time!" Chen Xiang controlled the ball of condensed medicine Qi and struck the seal on his mouth.


Chen Xiang suddenly felt pain in his head, but his mouth was moving, the seal had already been broken.

"Great, what's next is my body and the Divine Sense Sea!" Chen Xiang had to hurry, he had to leave the pill furnace before Black Stone Divine Venerable returned.

Although all the Heaven Grade Divine Medicines here released their medicinal Qi, they were not completely refined. Chen Xiang wiggled like a bug, moving his body to the side of the Divine Medicinal Herbs and eating them all into his stomach.

"This is troublesome. I can't refine these divine medicines, and I can't make them emit their power!" Chen Xiang suddenly became anxious, but he quickly thought of a solution, he opened his mouth and swallowed the flames in large gulps.

His body was not afraid of flames, so eating someone else's flame did not affect him. The flame entered his body and burned the Heaven grade divine medicine in his stomach, quickly emitting an intense medicinal energy.

Not long after, the seal on his body was quickly broken by the berserk medicinal energy. Right now, he could already move his hands and feet, and his Bones could also be used.

"The medicinal effect is too terrifying. I need to hurry up and refine it or else I'll be in trouble myself!" Chen Xiang didn't want a portion of the medicinal power to seep out of his body, or else he would explode.

Now that his Bones could be used, Chen Xiang could also control his Bones to release power and digest the medicinal power.

"Why is it so quiet?" Ah Hei looked inside the pill furnace and saw that Chen Xiang was sitting there without moving. His body was still in good condition, but he was releasing the power of the medicine.

"Where's the divine medicine? Did he eat them all? Impossible, this guy has already been sealed by Master. When I hit him earlier, he couldn't even call out. " Ah Hei couldn't really see inside, because there was the Black Stone Divine Venerable's flames inside the pill furnace. These flames were very strong and would affect his consciousness.

"I can't let this b.a.s.t.a.r.d be comfortable inside!" Although Ah Hei could not see the situation inside the pill furnace clearly, he knew that Chen Xiang was very calm at the moment, which meant that Chen Xiang did not suffer any pain.

When he was desperately burning Chen Xiang just now, she was actually fine at all. This caused Ah Hei to be instantly enraged in his heart.

Chen Xiang was in the middle of refining the medicinal force, but he suddenly heard a weak voice from above. His heart skipped a beat: "Could it be that madman is going to open the lid now?"

Ah Hei was indeed opening the lid, but he was extremely cautious. With a spear in his hand, he prepared to stab downwards at any time!

The moment Ah Hei opened the lid, he used the spear in his hand to stab downwards fiercely. However, he did not expect his spear to be caught by Chen Xiang.

"Come down! "Haha …" Chen Xiang grabbed onto the long spear, used his Bones's power, and pulled forcefully. Ah Hei and the long spear were pulled down from the ground outside.

Ah Hei was startled. He trusted the power of the Black Stone Divine Venerable very much, so he believed that Chen Xiang must have been sealed.

But right now, Chen Xiang was still using a very strong power to get him inside!

After Chen Xiang brought Ah Hei in, he immediately used the Meteor immortal power and ruthlessly punched Ah Hei's head dozens of times, with a loud explosion being heard. Every fist that landed on Ah Hei's head released sparks, causing Ah Hei to scream out in pain.

"I asked you to hit me!" Now is the time for you to have a taste of this. " Chen Xiang was completely disoriented after dozens of punches.

Chen Xiang stood up inside the large pill furnace, and fiercely stepped on Ah Hei's body!


Chen Xiang used the berserk Meteor immortal power on each of his legs, trampling on the pill furnace until it started to fiercely tremble. One must know that Chen Xiang's body had the berserk medicinal power, and those heaven grade divine medicines also had all kinds of power!

Although Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea was still sealed at this time, the power of the medicinal power was still extremely violent. Every time he stepped on Ah Hei's body, he could hear the sound of Bones shattering.

As Chen Xiang vented the anger in his heart, the medicinal power of more than ten Heaven grade divine medicines clashed against the seal on his Divine Sense Sea. In that instant, Chen Xiang released all of the power and pressure of the sixty Divine Deity s from the Divine Sense Sea, filling Ah Hei's heart with fear.

After Chen Xiang beat Ah Hei half to death, he used Devouring magic kungfu and Soul Absorbing Devil Spell! He hadn't used these two moves in a long time, but he was still skilled in them.

In the end, Ah Hei died from the pain of being devoured, his soul scattered everywhere!

Ah Hei's power had been completely devoured by Chen Xiang, and the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell had also let Chen Xiang know of Ah Hei's memories, which were extremely useful to him!

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, just you wait!" His Divine Sense Sea was not sealed. If he were to use the Heavenly Alchemy, it would not be difficult for him to refine the power of the Heaven grade divine medicine in his body and the power that would devour Ah Hei.

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