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Chen Xiang didn't know where he was going now either. He felt that this place was the territory of the Black Stone Divine Venerable, and could only teleport in one direction, away from this region …

After three days, Chen Xiang felt that he was already far from the area he was in, so he stopped to rest. In these three days, he traversed many mountains and rivers, and encountered many powerful divine beasts.

At this moment, he was soaking in a small river. Although there were three suns in the sky, the water here was very abundant and had yet to dry.

"How cool." Chen Xiang was in the river, squinting his eyes at the three suns in the sky, watching, he suddenly cried out.

"The sun is moving." Chen Xiang shouted loudly. He realized that the distance between the three suns had changed, and they were slowly moving away, as if they were going down the mountain.

Yue'er immediately ran out. Being the most sensitive towards the stars, she could tell with a single glance that the three suns had really moved.

"Is there a night every once in a while?" Yue'er said: "I should have asked Lu Shaoying about the three suns earlier."

Chen Xiang frowned: "The speed of these three suns are not normal, it will be dark soon, I have a bad feeling, Yue'er, you enter the ring, I need to continue moving."

Before, he had thought that there was no night here, but now, the darkness had descended very quickly and very suddenly.

Originally, Xiao Yulan and the others were about to come out as well, but Chen Xiang allowed them to stay in the ring. At this moment, he had a feeling that the Black Stone Divine Venerable would come soon.

"This guy is called Black Stone Divine Venerable, maybe he has something to do with Hei Ye." When Chen Xiang saw the Black Stone Divine Venerable, he felt that the other party was evil, and was not some good person. Otherwise, he would not have been able to cultivate a disciple like Ah Hei.

Ah Hei's hostility was heavy, it was definitely due to the influence of the Black Stone Divine Venerable, but the Black Stone Divine Venerable restrained himself well, he did not reveal it, and this was what made Chen Xiang more worried. The more he restrained himself on the surface, the more violent his heart became.

The sky quickly darkened and the three suns moved far away from each other. Chen Xiang had already left the river and immediately teleported a large distance away.

There were no stars nor moon in the dark night. The world was shrouded in darkness, and the flowers, plants, and trees in the forest seemed to be enveloped in fear. It was a lifeless atmosphere.

"So depressing, I can't see any light." Chen Xiang floated in the air, looking around, as if he was trapped in a pitch black cage.

Rumble …

Suddenly, there was the sound of thunder, Chen Xiang's body trembled, and immediately teleported away.

Not long after, there was a sudden flash of light, but it was blood-red.

The dark sky was filled with thick, blood-red clouds. Waves of blood-red lightning struck down from the thick clouds, accompanied by claps of thunder, as if bringing this silent night to h.e.l.l.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang did not understand the situation. He did not dare to stay and continued to move forward.

"Hahaha …" Laughter filled the air.

Hearing that, Chen Xiang's heart sank, it was the voice of the Black Stone Divine Venerable.

"This guy really came." Chen Xiang continued to teleport, but realized that the s.p.a.ce had been locked and he could not break out of it.

"You won't be able to run away. I am an invincible existence in the dark. Haha …" Black Stone Divine Venerable's wild laughter carried a very strong sound wave force that shook the surrounding hundreds of mountains to the ground.

Just the sound of his laughter was enough to shake the earth and shake the mountains. The power of this Black Stone Divine Venerable in the dark night was truly terrifying.

"Brat, come back with me. I will properly refine you into a pellet. I will eat you, I will have you." Black Stone Divine Venerable had already appeared in front of Chen Xiang, and behind him were actually five other people wearing black robes and black masks.

The Six Realms Ding in her hand shone with a white light. When the divine furnace came here, it miraculously turned into a white jade and in the dark night, it released a strong white light.

"This is …" "No wonder I thought that brat was so terrifying. So that's how it is. Today, I will destroy this cauldron." When the Black Stone Divine Venerable saw the Six Realms Ding, his face revealed a trace of fear.

"You guys deal with this kid." Black Stone Divine Venerable swung the black whip in his hand towards Xiao Yulan.

The divine furnace in Xiao Yulan's hands immediately grew in size, blocking the whip's strike. After being whipped by the black whip, the divine cauldron exploded with a blinding white light.

The five black robed men brought by Chen Xiang and Black Stone Divine Venerable were blown away by the powerful energy wave that erupted from the white light.

"Be careful, those five black robed men all have over eighty Divine Deity. They're not easy to deal with." Xiao Yulan sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "I can at most suppress this Black Stone Divine Venerable."

Imperial Concubine Lian and Hongque also immediately came out of the ring, blocking the five black-clothed men. However, they could only block two of them, while the other three rushed towards Chen Xiang.

"Be careful." Chen Xiang had already seen how many times the Imperial Concubine Lian and Hongque had suffered from heavy attacks.

"Yue Er, make your move." Yue'er rarely made a move, and even if she did, she only used her power to help Chen Xiang.

Yue Er immediately appeared from within the ring.

"All of you, come in." Yue'er was currently standing on a triangular slab of stone. This was her Star-moon h.e.l.l. As the law enforcer of the Star Law Divine Realm, they all possessed such terrifying divine tools.

Star Moon h.e.l.l released three divine lights, shining on the three black-robed men who were chasing after Chen Xiang.

However, the three black-robed men did not immediately enter. They were blocking the absorption of the energy.

"It's Starmoon h.e.l.l, who the h.e.l.l are you?"

"Humph, your power is limited now, so you still can't take us into the Lunastron h.e.l.l."

"Everyone attack together, this kitten is very weak."

After the three black robed men joined forces, Yue'er's triangular stone platform suddenly trembled. She shouted out, "Don't underestimate me. Once I recover my strength, you will all be useless."

"All of you have to pay attention to that kid." A black-robed man shouted.

"Don't worry, that brat doesn't have much power. Otherwise, he wouldn't have run away. I never thought that he would have so many powerful guys by his side. Especially that woman with the cauldron; she's very scary. She can instantly kill us."

Chen Xiang suddenly flashed and arrived beside a black robed man, laughing coldly: "Do I really not have much power?"

With that said, Chen Xiang's hand flashed, and an ancient sword appeared.

In the darkness, the longsword in Chen Xiang's hand flashed with a cold light and exuded a murderous aura. Sensing the terrifying power of the longsword, a black-robed man immediately shouted, "It's the Heavenly magic sword!"

"Die." Chen Xiang slashed his sword at the black-robed man, using all of the power of the Divine Deity in his body.

Although the Heavenly magic sword did not have a sword tip, its power was still terrifying. The sword body absorbed the powerful Flame power that Chen Xiang had released, and then increased its power by several times.

Chen Xiang's Flame power was strengthened by many times, striking the black-robed man, and was instantly released.


After the black robed man was slashed by the sword, his body was flooded by the berserk Flame power and instantly burst apart into ashes.

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