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Chen Xiang felt that this Ah Hei was extremely strange. He actually had the temper to become the Black Stone Divine Venerable's disciple … Although he was serious, he was completely different from Ah Hei.

"This Black Stone Divine Venerable is indeed very powerful. I don't know what his pill cultivating techniques are, but Ah Hei didn't use any pill formulas. Could it be that he's using the same kind of Heavenly Alchemy as me?" Chen Xiang wondered.

Ah Hei had been looking at Chen Xiang with hostility all this while, wishing to use his eyes to chop Chen Xiang into pieces. However, when he saw that Chen Xiang was the same as him, who threw all the divine medicine into the pill furnace, he became even more surprised.

Black Stone Divine Venerable was only not too surprised as a hint of surprise flashed through his eyes earlier …

Lu Shaoying, who was watching from the side, was extremely shocked. He wished he could ask Chen Xiang what technique he was using right now.

"You … Ah Hei was currently a little unconfident in his heart. Previously, he felt that the reason he was so powerful was because his alchemy skills were different from other people's, but now, he saw that Chen Xiang also had some unique alchemy skills that left him unsure.

Chen Xiang smiled blandly, "You've grown up in this world since you were young. You've never seen the outside world that is grand and gorgeous, right? Your world is too small …"

As he spoke, Chen Xiang's pill furnace trembled slightly. Ah Hei seemed to know what was going on inside Chen Xiang's furnace and could not believe it.

Chen Xiang had just put in the divine medicine and started to condense the pill …

Ah Hei himself would need at least an hour to complete the task, but right now, he could tell that Chen Xiang's progress was much faster than his own in just a few moments …

At this moment, he still had a winning rate in his heart. He thought that the quant.i.ty and quality of his pill production would definitely surpa.s.s Chen Xiang's. Because he had also fought against many Alchemist who had mistakenly entered this place.

It was also because of this reason that he looked down so much on those Alchemist s who had mistakenly entered this place, especially those Alchemist s with low Divine Deity. That was why he looked down on Chen Xiang so much before this.

"I've completed it," Chen Xiang laughed.

"Impossible! You must have cheated!" Ah Hei immediately shouted out. It was difficult for him to accept this fact! In the past, he had always been the one who had caused others to lose miserably, but now, it was him! He absolutely could not accept it!

Chen Xiang could not wait for him to strike such a person down. It was one of his pleasure to open the pill furnace and take out six Bone level Dan s.

Lu Shaoying took a deep breath. The six high quality Bone level Dan made it hard for him to believe it was true! This speed was indeed shockingly fast, much faster than Ah Hei's. Ah Hei had only taken out four or five pills, and the quality was only a little bit worse.

Black Stone Divine Venerable was also very surprised, but he did not express it.

"Very good!" Black Stone Divine Venerable only said two words as he looked at the six high-grade Bone level Dan.

He retrieved the Bone level Dan and the pill furnace and said, "Are you using the Heavenly Alchemy?"

Lu Shaoying exclaimed. "It's actually the Heavenly Alchemy! No wonder …"

"That's right," Chen Xiang nodded his head. Since the fact that the Black Stone Divine Venerable was a powerful expert of the Divine Lord level had already been seen through, he did not try to hide it.

"Since you have the Heavenly Alchemy, then you don't need to take me as your master anymore. I have nothing to teach you. In the future, your level will definitely not be any lower than mine. Do you have any other goals?"

"The Black Stone Divine Venerable asked with a cold expression," I don't like people using schemes and tricks on me.

"This... "Alright, I want to know the use of the Spirit seed. After that, how do we leave this place?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The role of the Spirit seed is indisputable. To leave this world is something that I have been doing for many years," the Black Stone Divine Venerable replied. He had also guessed that Chen Xiang was going to ask about these two things.

The Black Stone Divine Venerable was actually trapped here as well! Chen Xiang sighed inwardly, it seemed like this d.a.m.ned place had existed for a long time and was not made by the nine Divine Lord s!


Ah Hei's pill furnace had actually exploded! Because Chen Xiang had surpa.s.sed him, he was very unwilling, but was unable to focus on refining it.

"Why would a person like Master be keeping him alive? Since he can't be used by you and he has mastered the Heavenly Alchemy, it would be a huge threat to you. Why not kill him?" Ah Hei said as he glared at Chen Xiang with hatred in his voice.

"I'm going to kill you!" Black Stone Divine Venerable took out an array disc and said, "Are you still not going to leave? Do you really think you're his match?"

Although Chen Xiang only had sixty Divine Deity, he guessed that Chen Xiang definitely had a lot of Bones s. Although Ah Hei also had Bones s, he only had a pitiful amount because of the limited number of Bone level Dan here.

"I don't believe I can't beat him!" Ah Hei's pride was thwarted and he was filled with anger as he rushed towards Chen Xiang. Just as he was about to punch him with his fist, Chen Xiang's foot had already kicked his abdomen heavily, sending him flying.

"Come back!" Black Stone Divine Venerable grabbed Ah Hei and used the formation plate to teleport away.

Lu Shaoying walked over with a frown. "This Ah Hei's hostility is really strange. Even if he's jealous, he shouldn't have such an expression."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "This must be related to the environment in which he grew up. I have to guard against the Black Stone Divine Venerable a little.

The Black Stone Divine Venerable was the most terrifying one that did not make much noise at all! Furthermore, he had a powerful strength!

"It's better for me to leave this place as soon as possible. To be honest, this Black Stone Divine Venerable is truly a good thing. The disciple he coaches will definitely not be that unrighteous," Chen Xiang patted Lu Shaoying's shoulder and gave him some Shangpin dan's medicine.

"Thank you, Chen Xiang! Take care on your way out! If you can find a way out, you have to let me know!" Lu Shaoying's alchemy skills had dropped by a lot due to the lack of divine medicines.

Chen Xiang saw Black Stone Divine Venerable but did not reap anything from it. He hurriedly left Qingle Town and teleported in a direction to leave.

High up in the air above the town, Black Stone Divine Venerable and Ah Hei stood on top of the formation plate. Ah Hei said indignantly, "Master, look! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d ran away. You should have made a move earlier!"

"What do you know? This guy's hiding an extremely terrifying power? I can only sense a bit … I've been so cautious for so many years, otherwise, I wouldn't have survived until now …" The Black Stone Divine Venerable was referring to Xiao Yulan and the Six Realms Ding in the ring.

"Don't worry, he won't be able to run away! He's an extremely good divine medicine! Once he's refined into a divine pill, I'll be able to obtain his Heavenly Alchemy!"

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