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Chen Xiang was in that sea of flowers earlier, so he could remember the direction and position.

"I'll be there immediately." Chen Xiang came to a place devoid of people, then teleported there …

In the blink of an eye, he appeared in the sea of flowers and saw Xiao Yulan and the other two …

"How did you guys arrive so quickly? It seems like the distance between you and me wasn't that far before, huh?" Chen Xiang laughed and then told Xiao Yulan about the matter of the Black Stone Divine Venerable.

The Imperial Concubine Lian said: "Xiao Yuanbing and the rest are definitely here too, it's just that we haven't met them yet. It looks like if we want to clarify the situation here, we have to start from the Black Stone Divine Venerable."

"It seems like not only Xiao Yuanbing and the others from the other Divine Nations must have come into the Nine G.o.ds Nation from the core of the earth … This is definitely not a coincidence that there is some powerful force causing trouble here …"

"Xiao Yulan took out her Six Realms Ding and examined it once." My divine cauldron seems to have changed a little when it came to this place. "

Xiao Yulan did not know that the Six Realms Ding was actually made of bronze but it was now like white jade.

"How is this some sort of change? It's basically completely different! I thought it was your jade cauldron …" Chen Xiang said in shock.

"My jade cauldron is here." Xiao Yulan took out another small jade cauldron. Her jade cauldron was green jade, and the current Six Realms Ding was white jade.

"Why don't you enter my storage ring? Tell the truth! You three beauties are very eye-catching with me!" Chen Xiang raised the ring on his hand.

"Is that kitten hiding inside?" Imperial Concubine Lian asked. "Remember when Jin'er was inside before?

Xiao Yulan and Xiao Hongque also nodded their heads before they followed Chen Xiang and entered the ring.

Chen Xiang teleported outside of the town, entered the little town, and strolled for four hours before heading towards Lu Shaoying's villa. The moment he stepped into the villa, he sensed a very powerful aura.

Many servants' faces turned pale with fright

Chen Xiang did not think much of it. He only felt that the person who emitted this Qi was extremely powerful, and it was just as Lu Shaoying had said. His strength was much stronger than the Great National Master's.

"This aura... This was something that could only be released after cultivating a Hundred G.o.ds level and nine Divine Deity. This was a Divine Lord, "Yue'er said in surprise." This Black Stone Divine Venerable is a Divine Lord that needs to be handled with caution. "

This was Chen Xiang's first time meeting such a strong opponent. Originally, he thought that since Xiao Yulan came, even if he fought with the Black Stone Divine Venerable, he would still be able to contend against it. But since the opponent was an Emperor Level Xiao Yulan, it would definitely be very difficult for him to fight with the Six Realms Ding.

"Be careful!" Xiao Yulan exhorted Chen Xiang. She could also feel the Qi from outside from the Dark Jade Ring. She knew this type of power the best because the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord was a similarly strong expert.

When Chen Xiang entered the hall, he saw a black clothed middle-aged man sitting on a large chair. He was dressed entirely in black and he held three black beads in his hand.

This Middle-aged Man in Black Robe was none other than Black Stone Divine Venerable.

"Shaoying, are you talking about him? Is he also a Alchemist?" The Black Stone Divine Venerable asked with an extremely ice-cold voice.

Standing beside Black Stone Divine Venerable was a handsome man. He was also sizing up Chen Xiang and from the aura he could tell that Chen Xiang was not very strong.

"Yes, he can refine high quality Bone level Dan." Lu Shaoying said. He had a good impression of Chen Xiang and also hoped to make friends with him. After all, he was too lonely here by himself and could not communicate with those mortals.

"Yes," Lu Shaoying nodded.

"Greetings Hierarch, I'm Chen Xiang." Chen Xiang hurriedly stepped forward and said. This Black Stone Divine Venerable was much worse than he imagined, especially that kind of att.i.tude.

"It's also because I accidentally entered this place during this period of time. There really are quite a few people who have accidentally entered this place." The Black Stone Divine Venerable asked. "You can refine pills and want to join my sect?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head. Lu Shaoying and his master had been in this world for so many years, yet they had yet to find a way out. Therefore, if he wanted to leave, he had to get a clear understanding of the world.

"You think it's not good for you to refine pills just because you want to join us and look at yourself, right? It's not like we can just recover just because you can't concoct pills! Lu Shaoying, refining pills is not bad, but you still can't meet our standards!" the man in black beside Black Stone Divine Venerable said coldly.

Lu Shaoying had mentioned before that this man was Black Stone Divine Venerable's powerful disciple, Lu Shaoying, who had never defeated him before.

"You can't say things so absolutely. What do I need to do to pa.s.s?" Chen Xiang asked.

"You first have to defeat me, and then pa.s.s my master's trial." The black clothed man walked in front of Chen Xiang, crossed his arms, and sneered.

"Ah Hei will compete with him in refining the high grade Bone level Dan. I will produce the divine medicine!" Although the Black Stone Divine Venerable's expression was stern, he did not underestimate Chen Xiang.

"Master has wasted a whole set of divine medicines. His Divine Deity can't even compare to Lu Shaoying's! He's definitely worse than Lu Shaoying's!" This Ah Hei really looked down on Chen Xiang and Lu Shaoying.

Lu Shaoying who was at the side did not have any expression on his face. However, Chen Xiang could tell that he was very angry in his heart, and had gotten used to it.

Chen Xiang coldly said. He did not want to give Ah Hei a good look, "Since you think you're so powerful, then why don't you bet with me? If you lose, then just call me father."

"What are you talking about? You're courting death!" Ah Hei's expression changed greatly as he yelled in fury. His body exploded with a wave of berserk hot air.

"Why? You don't dare to gamble?" Chen Xiang laughed lightly and ridiculed, "You're only so-so, aren't you?"

"Then you lost! How about you? Even if you use your life to bet with me, I won't care about your lowly life!" Ah Hei had never met someone who dared to talk back to him and look down on him in such a manner

"Don't say it, Ah Hei! Since when did you become so c.o.c.ky?! If you think he's not as good as you, just use your strength to prove it, not your mouth!" Black Stone Divine Venerable's reprimanding voice was very strict, causing Ah Hei to not dare to speak anymore.

This also made him hate Chen Xiang even more.

Black Stone Divine Venerable took out two sets of Shangpin bone level Dan's divine medicine and gave it to Chen Xiang and Ah Hei respectively.

"I don't believe you can win! I humph!" Ah Hei put all the divine medicines into the pill furnace. When he was refining the pills, he did not actually follow the pill formulas …

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