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Chen Xiang chatted with the old man on the way there and asked him a few questions. He also found out that the old man's name was w.a.n.g Qin and that he was a lonesome old man. He once had two sons, but they both went out and never came back.

Now, Chen Xiang also knew this town's name, it was Qing Le Town. He had immersed himself in this town for many years, and what made him more interested was that there was a very famous "G.o.d Lord" here, who could refine divine pellets, cure all illnesses, and bring the dead back to life.

But the prerequisite was that he had to buy a large number of Spirit seed in order to obtain the divine pellets!

The Spirit seed were all grown in the wilderness deep in the mountains, and if they went to harvest them, they would easily encounter danger. For example, there were poisonous bugs, poisonous snakes, or ferocious beasts.

Now, Chen Xiang understood that the reason why Spirit seed were used in this town was because of the "G.o.d".

"There are more than 10 villages near this town, and every 10 days you will enter the town to sell all kinds of things." There more than 10 villages near this town, and every 10 days you will enter the town to sell all sorts of things. He brought Chen Xiang to the place where he lived. This was a very dilapidated part of the town.

But w.a.n.g Qin's place was pretty good, because he had a small yard with several fruit trees growing inside.

Those delicious fruits were grown from these fruit trees.

w.a.n.g Qin broke off a branch for Chen Xiang and smiled: "This is for you. As long as you stick it into the ground, you can grow it, and wait patiently for a few years, you can turn it into a big tree. Here, as long as you have a courtyard, basically, every household has it, but I understand these fruit trees the best, so my fruit trees can often bear fruit."

"Thank you, Old w.a.n.g!" Chen Xiang kept the branch, and then pa.s.sed a small bag of Spirit seed to w.a.n.g Qin. He was worried that w.a.n.g Qin wouldn't accept it, so after stuffing it to w.a.n.g Qin, he teleported away.

Chen Xiang already knew where the "G.o.d Lord" was. To have the whole town and the surrounding villages gather this kind of Spirit seed for him, this G.o.d Lord must be the most powerful one here.

He was just curious, so he went to take a look. It was because the other party was also a pill refiner! Furthermore, he wanted to know what use that Spirit seed had. He had used the Dao heart Eye to look for it, but had not found any energy contained within.

Chen Xiang used his divine soul to look over it, occupying the best place in the town. Furthermore, there were a lot of houses inside, so it was obvious that the G.o.d had also been cultivating his own strength.

When he arrived at the entrance of the manor, the guard at the entrance stared at him. Seeing that he was different from the people here and had a more refined demeanor, he asked, "Are you here to buy supreme dan beads?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Yes, at the same time, I would like to see G.o.d's glory, would there be such a chance?"

"You have come at the right time today. G.o.d Ye has just come out of seclusion. If you buy too many supreme dan beads, he might meet you." The guard laughed.

Chen Xiang nodded and walked in. Then, the guard asked again, "Are you from another town? "Although there are G.o.d Lords in other towns, our town's G.o.d is the strongest."

"Yes sir!" Chen Xiang replied. After entering, he immediately had his servants lead the way, and now he knew, it was not just Qing Le Town, the other small towns also had Masters.

Then those Spirit seed must be very useful, because other towns must also be using this kind of thing, otherwise it would not circulate.

"This guest, how many Spirit seed are you planning to offer to purchase the divine pellets? If the Spirit seed has anything more to say, we can get G.o.d to meet you right away! " The people here were very polite to their big customers.

"I'm from another town, I still don't know the price of the supreme dan beads!" Chen Xiang had already been brought into a small hall.

The servant hurriedly brought over a small book and said with a smile, "The divine pills are already on it. The price and usage are all written on it. Take your time to read it!"

Chen Xiang took a look inside and could not help but curse in his heart. What kind of divine pellet was this, it was basically a low level pellet, not even a pellet!

Even the most ordinary Longevity Pill costs more than ten thousand Spirit seed!

He flipped to the very end and finally saw a decent looking pellet. It was a sacred pellet, and its main function was to give ordinary people a strength of one hundred thousand jin after eating it. At the same time, it also had a lifespan of a thousand years, and its appearance would remain unchanged for a thousand years.

This G.o.d Tier Pill was the most expensive pill in the booklet, it required ten million Spirit seed to buy one!

Chen Xiang didn't have ten million Spirit seed now, and under Yue'er's nurturing, he only had a few tens of thousands.

Those Spirit seed were easy to grow. As long as they diluted the spirit pearls into a large piece of water and used the water to water it, it would quickly take root and sprout.

Chen Xiang had many spirit pearls, and Yue'er was also growing them quickly.

"One hundred thousand!" Yue'er said, "I'm so busy!"

"I want to buy about a hundred thousand Spirit seed pellets. I want four of them. I wonder if I can see the G.o.d with my own eyes." Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, I will go and ask the G.o.d! One hundred thousand is a huge number! " The servant hurriedly ran out.

The Thousand Energy Pills that Chen Xiang had purchased, was only able to increase one's strength by one thousand kilograms. In total, he could only eat ten pills, and after eating ten pills, there would be no effect.

"The pills that this guy concocts are pretty helpful to ordinary people. Although they are a bit expensive, they are very practical." Chen Xiang looked at the little booklet, from the beginning to the end, this kind of pill was not suitable for cultivators, but after ordinary people ate it, they would be able to obtain their strength quickly.

For example, a Thousand Strength Pill could give one 4000 jin of strength after consuming four pills. At the same time, it could also strengthen one's body! With enough strength, it would be safer to go out and search for Spirit seed s.

Chen Xiang also realized that the poison antidote and poison proof pellets on the pellet were all very cheap. He could buy them with just a few dozen Spirit seed, and from this, it could be seen that G.o.d was worried that someone would go out to search for the Spirit seed. There were too many people who died, which was why he put the price of the poison antidote pellets at such a low price.

Soon enough, the G.o.d of Heaven arrived. He wore a clean and tidy robe, and although he had long white hair, his appearance was extremely young. He had a faint smile on his face, giving off an unfathomable feeling.

"Very strong, this guy actually has over seventy Divine Deity!" Chen Xiang was extremely shocked in his heart. All the people in this town were mortals, but this G.o.d was actually this powerful?

He suspected that this G.o.d might be the same as him. He might have been brought here by some mysterious spatial wave, and he might have come here for a very long time.

Although the opponent had over seventy Divine Deity, Chen Xiang was not afraid. He himself already had enough strength, and he felt that even if he couldn't defeat the opponent, he wouldn't be killed.

"Seventy Divine Deity, your brother's cultivation is so profound!" Chen Xiang laughed. Originally, "G.o.d Ye" still had a smile on his face, but when he saw Chen Xiang point out his cultivation level, his face changed.

"Who are you?" The G.o.d's face and voice became serious. He looked at the servant and gestured him to leave.

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