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"Is that true?" Xiao Hongque was in disbelief. Baidu Search for t.i.tle + 800 Tale Net

"Yes sir!" Yue'er replied and even mewled a few times. Looking at her adorable appearance, she didn't look any better than them at all.

Chen Xiang looked into the distance. During the battle just now, there were waves of terrifying air waves being generated, and Xiao Yulan had relied on the Six Realms Ding to take on four first-grade Divine Kings and four Great National Master s. It could be seen that the Six Realms Ding had given her a very strong power.

"A fellow has already been killed. Princess Yu Lan is really powerful now!" Yue'er replied, "If this continues, we'll be able to determine the outcome after another eight or ten days of fighting."

Chen Xiang said: "Yue'er, do you think I can help you in the past?"

Yue Er thought for a moment and said, "We can try. Even if we can't help, we won't hold her back!"

"Are you really going there?" Imperial Concubine Lian was a little worried.

"Mm, you just wait here. We'll be fine!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he brought Yue'er along as he teleported.

After nearing the other seven, Chen Xiang discovered that Xiao Yulan was controlling a few Six Realms Ding s to crazily smash onto them. Every time they collided, they would release a very strong force, and those seven people would only be able to resist if they used very strong power.

Chen Xiang saw that there were many pieces on the ground, all of them were pieces of Divine Weapons and Ares-cla.s.s equipment, taken out by the eight people fighting with Xiao Yulan, but they were all destroyed by Xiao Yulan using his Six Realms Ding.


An old man bombarded one of the divine cauldrons, causing it to emit a powerful burst of light. The darkness that surrounded it lit up, creating a wave of true energy. Lightning flashed, and the divine cauldron also contained a powerful force that would erupt whenever it attacked.

Xiao Yulan floated in the air, her long hair and white dress dancing chaotically. The Six Realms Ding seemed to have merged with her, and was controlled by her as she pleased, transforming into seven, which were like her limbs. Following her will, she fought with the other seven people, carrying out fierce collisions time and time again, and even suppressed them down, which posed a great threat to the seven people.

"Xiao Yulan, don't think that we don't know about this. You are just holding on for your life now, for the divine cauldron to release such a powerful force, your body must have consumed a lot of energy! Let's see how long you can last. " A handsome, muscular man laughed coldly. He was very calm, even though a first-tier Celestial King had died on their side.

Xiao Yulan did not speak, she focused on controlling the divine furnace to attack, every time the divine furnace attacked, it would be blocked by them. If she stopped her attack, the seven of them would approach her, which would have a huge impact on her.

Facing the difficult and powerful divine cauldron, the seven of them did not dare let their guard down, because just now, one of them had been careless and wanted to attack Xiao Yulan recklessly. Instead of defending, their bodies were struck by the divine cauldron and exploded in an instant.

Chen Xiang was watching from afar, but neither Xiao Yulan nor the seven others noticed his arrival!

"How about using spatial imprisonment? Is it possible to lock down an expert with such strength? " Chen Xiang asked Yue'er.

"If you and I work together, we should be able to have some effect. Right now, Yu Lan is very focused on fighting, and she'll be able to keep an eye on these seven at any time. When that time comes, she'll definitely be able to a.s.sist us in our attacks." She also used the power of s.p.a.ce, condensing quite a few spatial Divine Deity.

"I, you are preparing to absorb my power of s.p.a.ce!"

Chen Xiang nodded. Yue'er's spatial energy had already entered his body, and Yue'er said, "I'm ready. I will release everything at once, and then fuse with your spatial energy.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath, then immediately felt Yue'er's powerful energy of s.p.a.ce rush into his body, fusing together with what he had released.

The instant they fused together, the power of spatial energy was exceptionally strong. Chen Xiang was quite surprised in his heart, Yue'er's power was actually much stronger than his.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to lock onto Xiao Yuanbing, but he saw that Xiao Yuanbing was the calmest out of them all. It could be seen that Xiao Yuanbing's strength was relatively strong, and then it would be those Great National Master s who were also very strong.

Therefore, he locked his target onto a middle-aged man who had a very serious expression and was drenched in sweat.

"It's you!" The moment Chen Xiang took aim, with a thought, he transmitted his thoughts to Xiao Yulan.

Xiao Yulan immediately accepted Chen Xiang's idea. At this time, she had already seen the middle-aged man's face change, he had already been confined by Chen Xiang's spatial energy.

In that instant, the Six Realms Ding that Xiao Yulan was controlling rushed over mercilessly and violently!


The divine cauldron violently smashed into the middle-aged man's body, shattering his defenses and striking his back, causing a loud explosion.

"Someone is plotting against us. It's a very strong power of s.p.a.ce." Xiao Yuanbing frowned: "Everyone be careful! An expert is helping him from the shadows! "

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and laughed, "Yue'er, prepare for the second wave!"

Xiao Yulan was also very surprised in her heart. She did not expect that this was actually Chen Xiang's spatial power, for Chen Xiang's spatial s.p.a.ce to actually be able to seal an expert with ninety Divine Deity. Although it was only a short instant, it allowed her enough time to blast him to death.

Right now, Xiao Yulan also didn't have much time to ask Chen Xiang what was going on. She needed to focus on dealing with the remaining six enemies.

Chen Xiang and Yue'er started to condense the second wave of energy. Just as they were about to release it, an extremely terrifying spatial ripple suddenly appeared.

"What's going on? Was it their rescue? This spatial energy is very terrifying! " Chen Xiang shouted in shock.

"Chen Xiang, is that your power?" Xiao Yulan felt that this power was great and was somewhat hard to believe, because this energy of spatial energy was simply too terrifying, as if it could tear apart everything.

"It's not me, be careful!" Because Chen Xiang had grasped the power of the spatial laws, he was able to sense the terrifying power of s.p.a.ce charging over like a mighty wave.

"That power is coming! Sister Yulan, don't resist me, I'll bring you here! " Chen Xiang released the condensed spatial energy and teleported Xiao Yulan to his side. After that, he brought Xiao Yulan and teleported to the Imperial Concubine Lian and Xiao Hongque's side.

Yue'er cried out in alarm: "Just now, that Sixth Brother guy was all gone? Killed? "

Xiao Yulan's face changed, and immediately asked: "Chen Xiang, can you teleport out of this place? That spatial energy should be the power of the Great Dao. This is the core of the earth, and anything can happen! "

"No, right now, the entire earth's core is enveloped by a wave of spatial energy, so we can only teleport here, unable to leave the earth's core." Yue'er said, "They're coming over. Be careful!"

That sudden spatial wave had already struck over, instantly submerging Chen Xiang and the rest. When that wave of energy rushed over, Chen Xiang only felt that his body was ice-cold, not in pain, but then his eyes lit up, as if he was teleported to another s.p.a.ce.

Chen Xiang lied on the ground. The piercing sunlight made it difficult for him to open his eyes. However, there were three suns here, so the sunlight was very intense! This was not a world he was familiar with!

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