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Xiao Yulan walked out first. After observing for a while and feeling that there were no more dangers, she let Chen Xiang and the others out.

When Chen Xiang walked out from the Six Realms Ding, he saw that it was completely dark and there was not a single bit of light. He could feel that his feet were stepping on the soft and wet soil and a bit of cold air was surging up from under his feet.

Xiao Yulan took out the Fluorescent Stone to illuminate her surroundings so that others wouldn't feel suppressed. Otherwise, it would make them feel uneasy in that darkness.

"This is the core of the earth? "Nothing at all!" Xiao Hongque bent over and grabbed a handful of soil and said: "The soil is very cold, why would there be cold Qi here?"

"I don't know. In short, this place is very strange. Be careful!" Xiao Yulan's expression became serious, she released her divine sense to sense around.

Yue'er was also on high alert as she came to this strange earth. She couldn't be at ease at all.

"There's someone here!" Yue Er exclaimed in a low voice. Xiao Yulan seemed to have sensed it too and immediately became cautious.

Sure enough, light also appeared in the distance. Someone was walking over with a fluorescent bead in hand. It seemed like it wasn't just a single person.

"It's Xiao Yuanbing and the rest!" Xiao Yulan said in a deep voice: "All of you, quickly retreat. Let me handle them!"

Xiao Yulan anxiously took out his Six Realms Ding, while Xiao Yuanbing and the rest of the eight realised that it was Xiao Yulan, after making some noise, they immediately attacked.

"All of you, quickly leave!" Xiao Yulan's strength was much stronger than Imperial Concubine Lian and Xiao Hongque's. And now that they have Six Realms Ding s, if she used all her strength, Chen Xiang and the others would only be affected.

Chen Xiang immediately pulled on Xiao Hongque and Imperial Concubine Lian, then used his spatial energy to teleport away. "Sister Yulan, I've already teleported them away.

Xiao Yulan and Chen Xiang both took mind pellets, and Xiao Yulan immediately transmitted what he wanted to say to her during his teleportation. Xiao Yulan could immediately hear what he said.

"Understood. You guys stay far away from here. I can do whatever I want to you guys." Xiao Yulan replied.

When Chen Xiang brought Imperial Concubine Lian and Xiao Hongque and distanced himself away from Xiao Yulan, he also saw that there were bursts of intense flashing light coming from afar. Those were all streaks of lightning, and were all the lightning powers Xiao Yulan used.

"Six Realms Ding are indeed powerful. If it was in the past, the princess would definitely not be able to hold them off for so long. But now, the princess does not seem to struggle at all." Xiao Hongque said.

Yue'er suddenly shouted, "Something is coming! It's a human! "

Sou sou sou!

A dozen people suddenly appeared here, their bodies all glowing with a white light. They surrounded Chen Xiang and the other two, brightening up the entire place.

"It's all of you!" The Imperial Concubine Lian said coldly: "Do you really think that you can get those treasures? Even though you are both from the Second Third Rank Divine King, in Xiao Yuanbing's eyes, you are just a bunch of dogs.

Chen Xiang immediately understood who these people were following, they were all Third Rank Divine King, and also Xiao Yuanbing's more powerful subordinates.

"We are loyal to the First Prince, and I am their loyal subordinate. They treat us very well, so you don't have to worry about it." One of the men sneered, "You guys, on the other hand, are like drowning dogs."

Xiao Hongque laughed coldly, "Don't tell me you still don't understand? Why did Xiao Yuanbing only leave you Third Rank Divine King s to follow him? The second tier Celestial King is much stronger than you guys, but not a single one of you are allowed to follow him? It's because they're worried that the second tier Celestial King will be hard to deal with, but it's very easy to deal with you! "

"Don't try to sow discord between us and the First Prince!" At this time, the big sized man saw Chen Xiang clearly: "This brat is the one that refined the Nine Yin and yang Dan that day, right? If we capture him and give him to the First Prince, he'll definitely be very happy. "

Seeing how Xiao Hongque and Imperial Concubine Lian were so calm when they talked about this group of Third Rank Divine King, Chen Xiang knew that they could handle it, so he was not too nervous himself. It was just that others thought that he did not have much strength.

What caused Chen Xiang to be even more shocked was that Xiao Hongque actually had the strength of the Third Rank Divine King as well. Now, he understood why Xiao Baifeng was so inferior to him earlier, it was because the gap between her and Xiao Hongque was truly large, but now that Xiao Baifeng had stayed in the Time Formation for a period of time, coupled with the help of a large number of Nine Yin and yang Dan and Bone level Dan, she had also become extremely strong.

"Just a moment and you'll be on your own. We can handle these guys. We didn't want to deal with these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds at first, but now we think that Yu Lan is fighting over there and that's why we're being lazy." After Imperial Concubine Lian finished speaking, he and Xiao Hongque rushed out together. They were very fast, and in addition to the darkness here, it was impossible to clearly see their movements.

"The three of you, go catch that little demon. Leave this place to the eight of us." They knew that Xiao Hongque and Imperial Concubine Lian were not weak, if not they would not have been able to live till now with Xiao Yulan.

Chen Xiang chuckled, and said: "You guys think too highly of me, actually using three Third Rank Divine King s to capture me!"

Yue'er had already entered the ring. She knew that Chen Xiang was able to deal with these three, that Chen Xiang had sixty Divine Deity s and fourteen Bones s. Third Rank Divine King was just too weak for him, it was not enough.

"You seem quite calm! Don't think that just because you're the Alchemist that we will be respectful to you. Although we won't kill you, we will still oppress you. " The one who spoke was a white-clothed man dressed in a very respectable manner.

"Oh? I want to see how you all are going to torture me! " Chen Xiang smiled faintly. The Divine Deity inside the Divine Sense Sea had already absorbed a large amount of Six Realms' Power, and after transforming this Six Realms' Power into an even more powerful divine power, it began to flow into his arms and legs.

Other than that, he also had his chest and back. The Bones in his chest and back was mostly used for defense, and when necessary, it could also be used to complement his arms and legs' Bones, providing a strong divine power for his Bones.

"Let me deal with this brat, the two of you stay here and watch!" The white clothed man laughed disdainfully, took out a long sword and rushed towards Chen Xiang.

Xiao Hongque and Imperial Concubine Lian were facing off against four separate Third Rank Divine King s, which could be considered rather strenuous. What made them more worried was that Chen Xiang actually did not use the power of s.p.a.ce to run away, but chose to fight instead!

If they hadn't seen the self-confident and calm expression on Chen Xiang's face, they would have definitely gone over to help him! They only knew that Chen Xiang had become stronger, but they did not know how much stronger.

Chen Xiang watched as the white clothed man stabbed at him with his sword, but didn't do anything. The white clothed man was also very surprised in his heart, but he still fiercely stabbed at Chen Xiang's chest.

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