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Chen Xiang stood behind Xiao Yulan. Just now, he could clearly see how terrifying the hidden strength within this delicate body in front of him was! The Core Fire Bee did not come out again, it had been killed by Xiao Yulan's attack just now.

"It's quiet now. Can we go in now?" The Imperial Concubine Lian said.

"En!" This time, when Xiao Yulan took out the Six Realms Ding, she made it big.

"You want to go in?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course we need to go in, only this Six Realms Ding is able to resist the high temperature in the earth's core, although we don't know what's below, but right now we need to go down to the bottom first before we know." Xiao Yulan had already entered the Six Realms Ding and Imperial Concubine Lian and Xiao Hongque followed closely behind her.

Chen Xiang also jumped in, it was pitch black inside, the walls of the cauldron were all made of bronze, with many small Spirit grain carved on them, and after he entered, Xiao Yulan released the lid.

Inside the pitch black s.p.a.ce, Chen Xiang took out a Glowing Stone, making the inside even brighter. Xiao Yulan and the other two girls sat opposite to him, and he was currently staring at the three women's beautiful faces while laughing.

"Yu Lan, this little scoundrel is really bad. You have to be careful, I've already suffered before." Imperial Concubine Lian giggled.

Xiao Yulan controlled the Six Realms Ding to fly to the top of the giant pit, and then sink into the Flame Essence, entering the center of the earth.

Six Realms Ding did not fear high temperatures, and could resist very strong heat temperatures. At this moment, Chen Xiang and the others inside the divine cauldron, did not feel any heat at all.

"What exactly is beneath the earth's core? Even though I have heard about it, I have never been there. I once asked my royal father, but he didn't tell me too much, he only told me about the earth's core and the dangers. Xiao Yulan said.

"Earth-stage Stars's Core is indeed very dangerous. Although I have been to the Core, every Core is different. Some Core is just a world, while some Core is just darkness! However, the core of the stars all have a common characteristic, which is that they are wrapped in this sh.e.l.l, so it looks like a big fireball. " Yue'er said: "The core of Divine Cauldron Star should already have Earthly beast! If Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord truly has put the treasure deposit here, then it means that he is very strong. "

Chen Xiang had also been to the Core of the Earth before, but he felt that the Core of the Earth he was currently heading to was different from the Core of the Nine Heaven World, so he didn't say anything more.

The core of Nine Heaven World had an Earth Core realm, he felt that this Divine Cauldron Star should have one too!

"Earthly beast were all bred by the Earth's Core Divine Spirit, then who exactly are the Earth's Core Divine Spirit s? To think that a powerful Earthly beast would be born from so many earth core! " Chen Xiang had asked Huo Lin before, but Huo Lin wasn't sure either. He only knew that the Earth's Core Divine Spirit was very powerful.

"I don't know either. This has always been a mystery!" Yue'er shook her head.

"The speed of the descent is very fast now, and it's getting hotter. I wonder when I'll be able to reach the earth's core!" Xiao Yulan herself was connected to the Six Realms Ding, so she could sense the change in the environment outside.

"Xiao Yuanbing and the rest must have already set out. If they are faster than us, then they must have met with Earthly beast first. If they can't even deal with the Earthly beast together, we can't do anything about it." Xiao Yulan took out two pills and gave it to Chen Xiang.

"What is this?" Chen Xiang took a whiff, although there was a scent of medicine, he could not recognize what kind of divine pill it was.

Xiao Yulan chuckled: "Such a powerful Alchemist like you can't recognize this divine pellet? This was even a mind pill, a superior pill! I got you to make it for the Imperial Advisor. Eat one pellet that can last for ten days! "

"So it was even the Mental Energy Pill!" Chen Xiang also had this kind of divine pill formula. Back then, Feng Yujie had gotten this from the Dan Heart Pavilion, but he did not refine it.

"How far can it be maintained?" After Chen Xiang received them, he dripped his blood on the two Conjoined Mind Pills. Only by dripping blood on each other could a heart-to-heart connection be formed.

After dripping his blood, he gave two mind pellets to Xiao Yulan, who also dripped blood on them.

"This is a Taipin Dan, not limited to s.p.a.ce! However, the medicinal effect is limited, and can only be sustained for ten days! " Xiao Yulan said: "Let's eat them now, just in case something happens, we can use this method to communicate."

Chen Xiang said, "It's only been ten days, isn't that a bit too short?! Can you get more? I need to maintain it for a bit longer. "

"Alright! I still have eighteen pills, and we'll each drip blood on them. When the time comes, we'll each have ten pills, and can last for a hundred days. That should be enough! " Xiao Yulan said.

Chen Xiang nodded, then started to drip blood. He was also worried that something might happen in the depths of the earth. After all, this was the core of the Earth-stage Stars, and there were still eight experts with at least ninety nine Divine Deity inside.

Chen Xiang and Xiao Yulan both consumed a Spirit Pill respectively. Right now, they only needed to think about it and they could tell each other what they wanted to say.

"We're ready to go to the end!" Xiao Yulan did not know why, but he suddenly tensed up: "Weird, it's not hot down there!"

"Not hot?" Yue'er hurriedly asked, "Are you still feeling a little cold?"

"Yes, you can sense it?" Xiao Yulan nodded.

"It's over! Weird, the lifespan of Earth-stage Stars should not be so short, the energy inside its inner core actually ran out, that means this Divine Cauldron Star will become a dead star before long. " Yue Er's voice was very serious, "Generally speaking, this kind of state of the earth's core is quite dangerous! The reason for this is that the inner core is compressing itself. It's just like how a Core Formation stage is compressing a huge amount of energy together. "

"Right now, this is the situation in the earth's core!" Yue'er looked at Chen Xiang, "You should know how dangerous this is!"

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, "When the core was compressed to a certain degree, it could no longer continue, and would explode! the entire Divine Cauldron Star will be blown up! "

"Yes!" Yue'er said: "But Divine Cauldron Star is a very young Earth-stage Stars, they shouldn't die so quickly. There must be a reason behind it."

"Can we go out now?" Imperial Concubine Lian asked.

Xiao Yulan closed her eyes, and through her own practice with the divine cauldron, she was able to sense the situation outside. Not long later, she opened her eyes and said: "That's enough, outside is darkness, and it is extremely s.p.a.cious.

Yue'er asked, "The inner core is missing?" Even if it were to compress itself, the inner core would definitely release its aura.

Xiao Yulan shook his head: "This place is completely dark, other than a little cold, there's no other aura."

"What a strange core. Let's go out and take a look!" Yue Er said.

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