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"On the sun?" Xiao Hongque did not dare believe it, because it would not be easy to reach the sun.

"It must be the earth's core!" Yue'er replied, "This is the middle of Divine Cauldron Star. At the heart of these stars, there is a very hot core, and that is the core of the Earth, the root that keeps the Divine Cauldron Star afloat. The energy sources on the Divine Cauldron Star are all from this core."

"This kitten is so powerful, it actually knows about these things." That place is very dangerous, even if Xiao Yuanbing and the others want to find it, it would not be easy. "

Chen Xiang had a rather good understanding of Earth Core, because Huo Lin was his brother and he had also stayed in Earth Core for a lot of time.

"The greatest danger should be the Earthly beast. The Divine Cauldron Star is the Earth-stage Stars, and the Earthly beast is more terrifying, at least ninety percent of Divine Deity. Adding the fact that he can control the power of the core, even if the Divine Lord comes, he probably won't be able to do anything to him! But from the looks of it, Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord must have been there before, and his relationship with the Earthly beast was not bad, that's why he placed the treasures there. " Yue Er said.

"What is the background of this kitten?" It's not simple at all! " Xiao Yulan reached out and rubbed Yue'er's little head.

"I am a kitten from Star Law Divine Realm …" "Meow meow!" Yue'er called out to Xiao Yulan a few times, telling him that she knew about the Star Law Divine Realm, and that she understood him a little because the Star Law Divine Realm was a very large world. Originally, there was hope for this place to become a large world like the Star Law Divine Realm, but now that the Nine G.o.ds Nation had become like this, it would be stagnant for a very long time.

"Little Cat, do you know how to enter the earth's core?" Xiao Hongque gently caressed Yue'er's head and asked with a smile.

"Entering through the volcano's crater is rather dangerous. One has to have a certain level of strength to do so!" Yue'er replied, "However, it should be easier for Princess Yulan to have a Six Realms Ding!"

"Then let's go now! Head towards the nearest volcano. " Xiao Yulan said: "I wonder if they have made their move yet?"

"Your royal father definitely knows the fastest way to reach the center of the earth. The Imperial Concubine Lian said.

"Let's leave this Beast Wasteland first, I feel that this place is rather dangerous." Chen Xiang said as he used his spatial energy to open up a spatial tunnel: "You guys can go in, and leave this place immediately."

"What a strong power of s.p.a.ce, just how long did you train in Nine Heaven World? The Nine Heaven World will merge with this place very soon, the time there should be around the same as here. In such a short period of time, you were able to become so powerful, you must be using the Time Formation. " Xiao Yulan could immediately tell that at this time, Xiao Hongque and Imperial Concubine Lian had already entered the spatial tunnel.

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded, "Sister Yulan, quickly go in. The longer I open it, the more energy I'll consume."

Xiao Yulan made a "En" sound, then gently flew in, leaving Yue'er behind as well.

After exiting the spatial tunnel, they arrived outside the Beast Wasteland, where they could see a desert.

"I remember there's a volcano nearby. It should be in that direction!" Xiao Yulan took out a Jade Lotus Frisbee, turned it into a huge plate, and let Chen Xiang and the others up.

Chen Xiang really wanted to contact Huang Jintian, wanted to know where they were. If he had their help, it would definitely be easier to obtain the Divine Nations's treasure.

The Frisbee flew very fast, and before long, they saw the huge volcano.

And at this time, Chen Xiang and Yue'er were suddenly shocked, because they felt a spatial fluctuation.

"Is it starting to merge?" Chen Xiang looked into the distance. That was the direction where the Super G.o.d Realm was located, and that strong spatial fluctuation was coming from.

"It should be, but merging will take time, not to mention two s.p.a.ces of this size!" When fusing, the hardest part should be fusing with the earth's core! " Yue'er said, "Maybe we won't even be able to completely fuse them by the time we return."

The Nine Heaven World was a world that had just been integrated into. Xiao Yulan and the others were very curious about this newly born and powerful world, they wanted to see how strong this fusion would be.

When the Frisbee flew to the top of the volcano, Chen Xiang and the others looked down.

"This volcano has not erupted for a long time. If it does not erupt, it will take a lot of energy to go down. How about detonating this volcano?" Yue'er laughed.

"Let me do it!" Imperial Concubine Lian's jade palm condensed a ball of blue energy and shot it downwards. That ball of blue light shot down like a beam of light.

Xiao Yulan immediately controlled the flying discs to stay far away, and at this time, the volcano erupted into a "Boom" sound, as the entire volcano was enveloped by the blue light!

Chen Xiang said in shock: "Imperial Concubine Lian, that volcano was destroyed by you! I didn't think that the power you used would be this pure thunder and lightning energy. "

"Do you know how amazing I am?!" Imperial Concubine Lian laughed. "It's fine, the volcano is gone, but the pa.s.sage to the center of the earth has already been opened by me! "Look, the heat is already coming out!"

Yue'er shouted, "Something has come out!"

After the blue light disappeared, Chen Xiang and the rest only saw b.a.l.l.s of fire shooting towards them at breakneck speeds.

"It's the Earth Flame Bee!" Xiao Yulan said seriously: "Be careful!"

There were a lot of Geocentric Fire Bees, about four hundred thousand of them. When they flew over, they were like a burst of violent fire.

Xiao Yulan waved her hand, the sky suddenly darkened and dark clouds billowed. Streaks of lightning frantically struck down, and violent lightning that was denser than a torrential rain continued to descend, enveloping an area of 100 li.

In an instant, a large area of the Geocentric Fire Bee was chopped into ashes!

This was the first time Chen Xiang saw Xiao Yulan make a move. Like Imperial Concubine Lian, she also used the Thunder power. At this moment, the Thunder power that she released was extremely terrifying.

"There's still a lot left!" Yue Er said.

Sure enough, a group of them had just been exterminated. A large number of Geocentric Fire Bees had rushed out of that huge lava hole, and their bodies were still dripping with fire.

"Looks like the source is here!" Xiao Yulan gently waved his hand again, summoning a dense wave of lightning that instantly struck down from the sky. The dense lightning covered the entire ground, and the light that flashed out in that instant caused Chen Xiang's eyes to become piercing bright, as he was unable to see anything clearly.

He destroyed another wave of the Earth Flame Bee!

"There should be more!" Xiao Yulan frowned, she saw that in the air above the giant hole, a huge whirlpool had appeared, with all the black clouds concentrated there.

"All of you, get out of my way!" Xiao Yulan's clear voice resounded throughout the world, and a gigantic purple bolt of lightning suddenly fell from the vortex, entering the huge hole in the ground.


The earth shook violently, and with the giant hole as the center, cracks of varying sizes appeared in every direction. Magma flowed into the cracks, forming rivers of lava.

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