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"This is really complicated!" Chen Xiang frowned: "I don't know if I should tell Big Brother Canghai about this. If he knew, he would definitely blame himself."

"I hope he can get away with it! After all, Xiao Yuanbing has hated the Ninth Heaven's Divine Nations for a long time, and it was not because of Jiu Canghai. " Xiao Yulan said: "And Xiao Yuanbing is also my enemy now."

Xiao Hongque coldly snorted, "It's this b.a.s.t.a.r.d who attacked us so heavily. Now that they have teamed up, a total of four forces have joined hands. They are the First Cla.s.s Celestial King and the Great National Master!"

"Xiao Ping and Xiang Hongdao have also been attacked, and are already heavily injured." Chen Xiang said: "I was able to find this place because of what Xiang Hongdao and the others told me."

"This is not strange! They were also worried that Xiang Hongdao had other plans, but just in case, they decided to make their move on Xiang Hongdao! Xiang Hongdao is indeed the strongest State Grandmaster, yet he actually managed to bring Xiao Ping along to escape after receiving a joint attack from the eight of them. " Xiao Yulan kept the Six Realms Divine Palace well and asked: "Did the Divine Cauldron Imperial City receive heavy injuries?"

"There are no more Divine Tripod Imperial City and Imperial Nine Palace!" Chen Xiang said as he gave a bitter laugh, "Those guys don't care about the throne at all, they only care about the Divine Nations's treasures. They plan to go to the Star Law Divine Realm together after dividing up the treasures."

"It's fine if the Divine Cauldron Nation doesn't exist, but there's no need for this kind of Divine Nations. It's fine if it's eliminated!" When Xiao Yulan was being attacked together, she hated the Divine Cauldron Nation. All these years, she had been living in this kind of oppressive environment, and if she did not keep her heart and mind safe, she would have become a kind of evil demon that would kill people without blinking an eye.

"I don't want the Divine Nations's treasures either, but I can't let those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds get even a single drop!" Xiao Yulan said: "Even if we die, we can't let them succeed!"

"That's right, Big Sister Yulan!" How in the world did he obtain the Divine Nations's treasure? What was in it? And according to what criteria? " Chen Xiang was extremely confused by this.

"I'm not sure what's inside the Divine Nations's treasure trove, but those Great National Master must know. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so desperate!" Xiao Yulan said: "The secret to the Divine Nations's treasure trove is hidden in the Imperial Nine Palace's Imperial Palace, which is also the Dragon Throne that royal father often sits on."

"However, the dragon throne can only be taken away after a certain time, and that was also the time when the battle broke out, and it is already in their hands, if not they would not dare to destroy the Imperial Nine Palace."

Chen Xiang said: "Then is there still hope now?"

Imperial Concubine Lian laughed. "Do you want it too?"

"Of course I want to. There must be something good inside. It's better that I get it than those guys!"

Chen Xiang suddenly thought of Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian. If they were here, maybe he could let them think things through.

When he thought about Huang Jintian and the others' Heaven extended method, Chen Xiang looked at the charming Imperial Concubine Lian. This Imperial Concubine Lian was one of them, and one of them was a Sky Spill Master.

In other words, the calculation abilities of the Imperial Concubine Lian were not bad!

"Imperial Concubine Lian, you should be able to calculate where the Divine Nations's treasure deposit is, right? Now that Sister Yu Lan has a complete Six Realms Ding, her power must have risen by a lot. There won't be a problem in dealing with those guys. " Chen Xiang said: "Who knows, maybe we will still have a chance to obtain that treasure deposit … Of course, if you don't give it to me, I won't have any objections. I'm just curious about what's inside.

Xiao Yulan looked at Imperial Concubine Lian, as if she was considering whether or not she should let Imperial Concubine Lian calculate the location of the Divine Nations's treasure. If she really did get it, she wouldn't refuse to give it to Chen Xiang.

"I'll listen to Yulan!" Imperial Concubine Lian laughed as she stuck out her tongue at Chen Xiang, then stood behind him.

"I don't know what the treasures are right now, but they are definitely good stuff. Otherwise, those Great National Master would not have broken the rules!" Xiao Yulan said: "I currently don't have any feelings for the Divine Cauldron Nation, after all, my royal father is also like this before he left, if not he would not have let us fight on purpose, he definitely would have guessed that if we were to fight, we would not be far from the destruction of our country."

Yue'er ran out from the ring and asked, "Is there any news from the other Divine Nations? If the other Divine Nations s are also fighting with each other very fiercely, then this is indeed a great opportunity for us. "

"Little kitty, what chance are you talking about?" Seeing that Yue'er was only as big as a palm and that she was so cute, Imperial Concubine Lian couldn't help but to ask in a low voice as he reached out to hug her.

"Big Sister Yulan, if you don't have any feelings for Divine Cauldron Nation, would you like to join another force … If you ally with that power, it will be of great help to you in the future. Furthermore, that place is very united, and there won't be any internal conflicts! Right now, Jin'er is living very well inside. " Chen Xiang said.

"Is it to join Jiu Canghai?" Xiao Yulan asked.

"No, it's a force formed by a woman. It's now called Hundreds of Flowers Village, and all of them are women!" Chen Xiang said: "Right now, they are worried that when the Nine Heaven World is merged with the Super G.o.d Realm, they will be attacked by other Divine Nations s or powerful forces. This is because the Nine Heaven World is extremely vast, and at that time, anyone would want to occupy it."

Xiao Yulan thought for a while, then said: "I am not sure if I want to join or not, I need to see the leaders of the Hundreds of Flowers Village! However, I have decided right now to s.n.a.t.c.h the Divine Nations's treasure. Even though I have ninety-three Divine Deity, levelling up is already very difficult, and I hope that the Divine Nations's treasure can help me increase my strength a little. "

Xiao Hongque said: "I have already investigated, and the internal conflict in the other Divine Nations s are also very intense. If we can join another force and quickly rise in power, it would also be a good opportunity. In the future, we would need more resources.

Xiao Yulan nodded: "Let's talk about this after I've been to the Hundreds of Flowers Village! Imperial Concubine Lian, try and figure out where the Divine Nations's treasures are located. "

Imperial Concubine Lian took out an array disc, which had over ten circles on it. She turned the circle, and wrote some words on it with her blood that could not be seen. Not long after, many Spirit grain s on the array disc started to shine with red light.

"Is this the Heaven extended method?" Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"Yes, but it's different from those two seniors. They have their own Sky Spill Algorithm, I have mine, but their cultivation methods are all the same." The Imperial Concubine Lian had a serious expression on her face as she chanted a spell, causing rain to fall. The circle on the round plate also started to spin, and the word "blood" started to form together.

An hour later, Imperial Concubine Lian shouted lightly. The center of the disc suddenly lit up and turned into a huge fireball.

"It's actually here!" Imperial Concubine Lian was surprised.

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