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Seeing Imperial Concubine Lian coming over, Chen Xiang laughed and shouted, "Imperial Concubine Lian, you're not dead yet! "I'm so worried. If a beauty like you died, my heart would really ache for her."

Imperial Concubine Lian immediately scolded: "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you still have the face to say that I'm going to be killed by you, you little b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Don't yell at me in this place."

Chen Xiang immediately teleported to the side of the Imperial Concubine Lian. Then, he wrapped one arm around the Imperial Concubine Lian's slender waist and teleported to a place far away.

Chen Xiang had cultivated up to fifteen spatial Divine Deity, so this kind of short teleportation was completely easy for him.

She did not expect Chen Xiang to become so powerful now, to be able to control the power of s.p.a.ce so freely. Now that she was being embraced by Chen Xiang with her slender waist, she felt that Chen Xiang had no intention of letting go, and that hand seemed to be moving slightly, as if he was eating her tofu.

"Little devil!" Imperial Concubine Lian snorted: "Hurry up and release me!"

Chen Xiang leaned close to her charming face and fiercely kissed it.

Imperial Concubine Lian immediately shouted: "That guy is here!"

Chen Xiang brought Imperial Concubine Lian and teleported to a large tree, then concealed his presence. Now that Imperial Concubine Lian was in his arms, he could really laugh.

Imperial Concubine Lian only struggled a little. She did not dare make any big movements, as she was afraid of alerting the divine beast that had transformed into a burly man.

"d.a.m.n brat, you're really reckless!" Imperial Concubine Lian scolded with a sound transmission and then touched the place where she was kissed by Chen Xiang just now.

"You scoundrel, have you ever tried to kill Jin'er?" The Imperial Concubine Lian looked at Chen Xiang's face that was full of evil smiles and asked him with a voice transmission.

"Didn't you marry Jin'er to me? She's already my wife, and I can do whatever I want with her. " Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly, then pinched her charming face that was filled with grief.

The Imperial Concubine Lian pouted and let out a light snort, but what happened next was unexpected to her, was that Chen Xiang actually dared to forcefully kiss her little mouth.

"Don't think so badly of me. Your daughter is currently very happy. I can't have any bad thoughts towards a pure and innocent girl like her. As for you, elder sister, you are always making it hard for me to control you." Chen Xiang smiled mischievously, and then, he grabbed Imperial Concubine Lian's small hand and gently stroked it. Imperial Concubine Lian only pouted his lips and did not resist.

The big sized man below lost the scent of Chen Xiang and Imperial Concubine Lian and had no idea where they were. He let out a few furious roars and ran in a certain direction.

"What is this?" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he once again kissed Imperial Concubine Lian's cheeks. Imperial Concubine Lian merely thumped his chest once, and did not say much.

"That's a divine beast. It's very powerful, with eighty Divine Deity! After Yu Lan found out that you were here, she told me to look for you. After Imperial Concubine Lian was put down by Chen Xiang and left Chen Xiang's embrace, she actually felt that Chen Xiang hugging her really comfortably just now. She really wanted to be hugged like this by Chen Xiang.

"It's a good thing that I didn't attack him earlier, otherwise I definitely wouldn't have been able to beat him!" Chen Xiang had indeed wanted to help just now.

"I'm not completely afraid of this thing, but because there are too many of these divine beasts with seventy to eighty Divine Deity here. If I attract a group, I'll die for sure." The Imperial Concubine Lian giggled, "I didn't think that you would have so many tricks up your sleeve, you actually have such a powerful spatial power."

"So you're saying that Sister Imperial Concubine Lian is very powerful too! to actually not be afraid of these divine beasts with eighty Divine Deity! " Chen Xiang's face was filled with surprise, and then, he caressed Imperial Concubine Lian's smooth jade-like face.

"Of course, big sister is amazing! If you dare bully me again in the future, I won't be lenient anymore. " Imperial Concubine Lian felt that he had suffered a little as he reached out to pinch Chen Xiang's handsome face.

"Let's go find Princess Yu Lan. Where is she?" Chen Xiang laughed, a big hand was already placed on the Imperial Concubine Lian's waist.

The Imperial Concubine Lian told Chen Xiang the approximate distance between them and he teleported to the side of a huge tree.

The trees here were all very thick, like pillars that reached the sky. If they were hollowed out, each tree would become a tall building.

"It's inside this tree!" Imperial Concubine Lian held Chen Xiang's hand and walked to the side of the tree. After activating an array, an array pattern appeared on the surface of the tree trunk.

Soon after, Imperial Concubine Lian dragged Chen Xiang into the tree trunk. Inside was a s.p.a.cious hall, where Xiao Yulan was sitting in the middle of the hall. When she saw and Imperial Concubine Lian enter, she immediately stood up and asked in shock, "Why are you two so fast?"

Chen Xiang looked around, only seeing Xiao Yulan and Xiao Hongque in the hall. Adding Imperial Concubine Lian, there were only three of them!

Xiao Yulan, such a huge power, actually only had the three of them remaining!

"Princess Yu Lan!" Chen Xiang greeted.

"I'm not some princess anymore. Even the Divine Cauldron Nation is gone." Xiao Yulan was a little haggard now, and sighed. Right now, she looked a little down and out. Her clothes weren't that gorgeous anymore. Although she didn't have the aura of an Emperor, she still gave off an elegant and n.o.ble feeling.

"The Six Realms Ding has already been repaired. I wonder what secret the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord has left inside!" Chen Xiang handed over a small bronze cauldron to Xiao Yulan.

When Xiao Yulan received the Six Realms Ding, her lily-white hands lightly trembled: "royal father left this precious thing with me, what exactly did he do it for? Based on your strength, the Venerable One is definitely not mine! "

Previously, she wasn't too clear about the origins of this cauldron, but Chen Xiang was the one who told her about it later on, so she now knew just how powerful this cauldron was.

"Drop some blood and see!" Chen Xiang replied, "This is a Great Way of the G.o.d Equipment, so dripping blood might not be effective."

Xiao Yulan nodded his head, and started dripping a drop of blood on top of the Six Realms Ding, the divine cauldron suddenly flickered with a green light, and released a ray of green light that shot into Xiao Yulan's forehead, as though it was transmitting a message.

A moment later, the brilliance from the divine furnace vanished.

"Princess, did you fuse with a Six Realms Ding?" Xiao Hongque asked anxiously, this Six Realms Ding was their hope of turning the tables around.

"Yes, but …" This fusion is not a true fusion, although I can use this Six Realms Ding, I am unable to unleash its true power, which means to say that the Six Realms Ding does not approve of me, but due to some sort of emotion, he will give me strength. " Xiao Yulan sighed: "As expected, I am not worthy to be called an emperor."

Chen Xiang asked again, "Is there anything about the Heavenly Divine Lord?"

Xiao Yulan nodded: "Yes, the secret about Heavenly Divine Lord's broken divine sword was not leaked out by my royal father, it was … Our Divine Cauldron Nation's First Prince, Xiao Yuanbing! Because when my royal father went there, he brought him with me, so he didn't tell Heavenly Divine Lord about this matter. "

"Later on, he also felt very guilty, but he really loved Xiao Yuanbing, so he didn't punish her! The reason why Xiao Yuanbing leaked this information, was because of the enmity that Jiu Canghai had defeated him back then! "

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