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After entering, Chen Xiang saw a pale Xiang Hongdao, who was currently recuperating by the side of a well. The well looked extremely complicated, actually releasing waves of golden mist for him to absorb.

"Greetings, senior." Chen Xiang immediately bowed.

Xiang Hongdao nodded his head. Both he and Xiao Ping were very surprised that Chen Xiang had returned so quickly.

"No one else followed." Xiang Hongdao's voice was very low, he was currently very weak.

"Senior, don't worry. The people who are chasing after you are still searching for you there." Chen Xiang said: "Just what happened? Weren't you guys neutral? Don't get involved."

Xiao Ping said angrily, "That group of people actually conspired to deal with us long ago. They were worried that my master would help me s.n.a.t.c.h the throne away, so they attacked us instead. There were a total of four first-rate Divine Kings and four Great National Master s, and they did not plan to take the throne.

"Hmph, this group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, even if they run to Star Law Divine Realm, I will not let them off, they actually sneak attacked us." Xiang Hongdao's voice was cold.

"A huge battle had already occurred in the Imperial Nine Palace. Two first-tier Divine Kings died, and several Great National Master died as well, all because of the joint attack of these eight fellows. As for the royal sisters, they were the first to be harmed. Xiao Ping said.

"Oh right, Chen Xiang, you should be staying in your Nine Heaven World. Coming here is too dangerous." At this time, Xiao Ping already saw Chen Xiang as a friend. "Those people are really concerned about your Heavenly Alchemy, once they obtain the treasures of the Divine Nations, you will be in trouble."

"I'm not afraid of them. I'm in the Divine Cauldron Star right now, but they don't even know I'm here." Chen Xiang laughed and asked: "Prince Ping, do you know where Princess Yu Lan is?"

Xiao Ping looked at Xiang Hongdao, who nodded at him.

"We only know that she is inside the Beast Wasteland. At that time, they escaped inside, and those fellows did not dare to chase after them." Xiao Ping said, "It's very dangerous inside. You have to go find her."

"Well, I have to find her." Chen Xiang nodded: "Can you tell me where Beast Wasteland is?"

Xiao Ping then told Chen Xiang the specific location and even briefly explained the situation inside, it was truly a very dangerous place, where many powerful beasts gathered. In the past, many of the stronger beasts had been forced into desperation by the humans, and in the end, they all hid in a dangerous place, and after a long time, they became places where divine beasts hid, so there were very powerful divine beasts inside.

"What are your plans now?" Chen Xiang asked.

"For now, I don't know. Let's talk after my injuries have healed." Xiang Hongdao took a few more golden pellets. Although he was heavily injured, he was still a strong pill G.o.d.

"I might be going to the Star Law Divine Realm. How is the current situation in the Divine Cauldron Nation …" Xiao Ping sighed helplessly.

Right now, Chen Xiang couldn't help them in any way, so he could only comfort them with a few words before leaving the village to look for Xiao Yulan.

"The change in the Divine Cauldron Nation is truly fast. What exactly is the treasure deposit in that Divine Nations? It actually made them so insane that they didn't even want the throne anymore." Chen Xiang was very curious about this.

"I wonder how it was decided. It can't be that it's enough to win, right?" Yue'er was also very curious about this.

"We'll know when we find Princess Yulan." Chen Xiang used the s.p.a.ce wind and after an hour, he arrived at a large desert.

"This is the Beast Wasteland. It looks very desolate and lifeless." Chen Xiang floated into the air and looked towards the distance, but he did not see anything green. He then used his Dao heart Eye and saw a ball of black Qi, but he did not know what it was.

Chen Xiang took out a message talisman and sent a message to Xiao Yulan. This would require a certain amount of distance to send it to him, so he decided to give it a try first to see if there was enough distance.

"Princess Yu Lan, the Six Realms Ding has already been repaired. Where are you?

After Chen Xiang sent the message, he patiently waited for them to come out. If they could come, that would be for the best, so he wouldn't have to go in.

Not long later, the Communication jade Symbol paper began to sway: "We're inside the Beast Wasteland … "But you must not come in. This side is very dangerous. We'll talk about it after we leave."

Xiao Yulan's voice carried a trace of excitement, because the Six Realms Ding was her only chance to counterattack.

"When will you come out?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I still don't know. Just wait patiently." Xiao Yulan replied.

Chen Xiang frowned, and said: "Tell me where you are, I will go in to look for them, and if they are slow, what happens if they obtain the Divine Nations's treasure?"

"You are too weak. If you enter, you will die." Although Xiao Yulan knew that the time in Nine Heaven World was different from the time in here, he still didn't think that Chen Xiang would be that powerful.

"Princess Yulan, trust me." Chen Xiang didn't have anything to be afraid of. Using the s.p.a.ce wind, it would be too easy for him to enter, and he felt that it would be faster for him and Yue'er to go in and bring them out.

"Okay, after you enter, you must first find a river, and then follow this river all the way down to an oasis." Okay, after you enter, you must first find a river, and then continue to follow this river, and then go along with it. "You must be careful of those spiderwebs, the strongest of which is a group of spiders."

"I know."

Chen Xiang used the Heaven Tour and then used a spatial teleportation to send this divine soul deep into the Beast Wasteland. In just a few moments, this divine soul found that piece of ancient forest, and the trees inside were all extremely huge.

"Is this the place? Yue Er, let's go." After Chen Xiang found Yue'er, he hugged her and used the s.p.a.ce wind.

He was about to take out the jade talisman to pa.s.s on the message when he suddenly saw a graceful woman quickly walking past in front of him. Behind her was a wildly laughing man chasing after her.

"It's the Imperial Concubine Lian." Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart, and then, he shouted loudly, "Imperial Concubine Lian, I am Chen Xiang."

Imperial Concubine Lian was running frantically when she suddenly heard Chen Xiang. She immediately looked over, and saw that Chen Xiang was smiling and waving at her. At the same time, she was getting further and further away from Chen Xiang, because of her fast speed.

"This little idiot, did he become stupid after staying with Jin'er for too long, yelling out loud in this place." Imperial Concubine Lian cursed in his heart.

Sure enough, just as she was worried, the big sized man who was chasing her, immediately rushed towards Chen Xiang after hearing his voice.

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