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After returning to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, there weren't any changes here because they had only been gone for ten days.

Lv Qilian immediately took out his Communication jade Symbol paper and summoned all the battle maniacs that he had to train!

Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang were naturally elected, and then it was Long Huishan. Long Huishan had to be in charge of training them! , Jiu Hanrou, Lv Qinlian, Little Lizhi, Xiao Baifeng!

The seven women of the pill refining team and Lv Qilian would be switched out, so there were only eight spots!

These eight women were all chosen by Lv Qilian, so Lv Qilian had a better understanding of them. They were all the girls that could be beaten the most, the girls that could be beaten the most!

Originally, Chen Xiang had planned to let Xiao Jin'er and Shui Bingyan in as well, but after thinking about it, he decided to let them in again the next time. Chen Xiang did not want to affect the precious purity of their hearts.

"I shall be named Super Invincible and sweep through the world of the three realms as the strongest team!" When Leng Youlan found out that he was added into a team that specialized in battles, he was extremely excited and immediately thought of a name.

Chen Xiang was instantly speechless. It was obvious that the Inherent Skill needed to pa.s.s this t.i.tle down to the White Dragon bloodline.

"It's too long, let's call it warG.o.d team!" Chen Xiang smiled and patted her head, "I'll be going in in two days. I'll be waiting for Sister Qilian to distribute the divine pellets."

Chen Xiang did not know how many divine pills there were, although he had refined quite a few himself, the pill refining team had refined even more! Right now, they were mainly refining a large amount of divine pellets, so they did not try to attack the Jingshen Dan. They felt that this kind of task could only be accomplished perfectly by Chen Xiang first.

Two days later, other than Long Huishan, the rest of the seven girls entered the ring!

Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors and after saying his goodbyes to Lv Qilian, he brought the Transmission array that Long Huishan had copied from the Six Realms mirrors and entered the Earth Core Realm.

Only after being here for two days, Chen Xiang saw that the place had regained its vitality. He did not see Huo Lin, and instead brought Long Huishan into the secret room.

Liu Meng'er and the others, as a refining team, were still refining. Right now, they planned to refine another ring and give it to Lv Qilian so that he could bring them into this place to cultivate in the future.

"Sister Hui Shan, don't you have a lot of Bones now?" After Chen Xiang entered the Time Formation, he asked.

"There are only two Bones s. After we leave, there should be a little more, right?" Long Huishan also understood the importance of Bones, so she asked while smiling: "Kid, how much do you have?"

Chen Xiang stretched out four fingers. "More than you!"

Actually he had eight Bones, because every time he condensed Bones, it was Double bone level, which also caused it to be even more difficult the further he went.

So this time, he did not plan on continuing his Divine Deity cultivation in seclusion! He already had sixty Divine Deity, of which fifteen were spatial Divine Deity, fifteen were Celestial Phenomenon Divine Deity, and the remaining thirty were all Life-Killing Divine Deity.

"So many! However, if I train for a thousand years, there should be that many as well! " Long Huishan laughed: "I will be going in first, and give some missions to the two little girls. Other than You Lan and Qianxiang, she doesn't need me to worry about her."

Only Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang were relatively young, and Jiu Hanrou, Lv Qinlian, Bai Ziqian, Xiao Baifeng, and Little Lizhi, these few women, were all sly old foxes, all of them had their own systems for cultivation.

Xiao Baifeng had interacted with Little Lizhi outside for a while and she found out from him that all of the women by his side had those kinds of feelings. And although the ones with her here right now weren't completely Chen Xiang's people, they all had deep and complicated feelings for him.

Chen Xiang had to cultivate his Bones this time around. He had prepared many Bone level Dan and high quality divine medicine, if the high quality Bone level Dan could not satisfy him, he could only refine them according to his own needs.

"This is still a thousand years. In these thousand years, you will all become extremely powerful!" Chen Xiang said, then ate the Bone level Dan and began to refine the medicinal power.

In the blink of an eye, nine hundred years had pa.s.sed. After Chen Xiang felt a tremor, he asked Yue'er: "How long has it been?"

He could sense that the Time Formation was moving, which meant that something was wrong with the Qilin Hall.

"Nine hundred years!" Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang mainly trained in Divine Deity. Even though nine hundred years had pa.s.sed, he had only cultivated Bones three times, and every time, he would cultivate Double bone level, with his left leg, back, and chest respectively. Of course, he spent a lot of time refining Bone level Dan. Because it was not only him, Long Huishan and the warG.o.d team also needed to refine the Bone level Dan according to their own circ.u.mstances.

"We need to go out and take a look. We should be able to stop it now!" Chen Xiang asked.

"That's enough, I already have sixty-five Divine Deity, five of them, my strength has increased by a lot!" Long Huishan said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, following that, Leng Youlan and the others also reported on their own cultivation, and with the help of a large number of pills, they all levelled up quickly! Especially Xiao Baifeng, he actually managed to cultivate up to seventy Divine Deity and five Bones.

As for the other women, they at least had sixty-five Divine Deity and each of them could reach five Bones.

In order to raise their overall strength, Liu Meng'er and the others' refining team all had sixty Divine Deity s and four Bones s, because when necessary, they could also go onto the battlefield.

Of course, the most important thing was that they had already a.s.sembled the Five Elements Divine Weapons.

After combining forces, it turned out to be a longsword with a broken tip. Although this sword looked very ordinary, it was filled with an ancient air. Moreover, it didn't have a sword tip, but the sword aura was very threatening!

With Chen Xiang in his hand, even Long Huishan, who was standing beside him, did not dare to walk in.

"This is …" The Heavenly magic sword! " It was precisely because of the damage done to the Heavenly magic sword that the strength of the Heavenly Divine Lord had declined by a lot. It was one of the important reasons why the Ninth Heaven's Divine Nations was destroyed.

"It's still broken. We are still unable to repair it, but it can still be used!" Liu Meng'er said: "We have already recorded down the Spirit grain s in the span of a few hundred years. Next, we will study how to repair this sword … It must be because Heavenly Divine Lord was in a hurry to repair his own Six Realms Ding back then, that he didn't have time to fix his own divine sword. "

When Chen Xiang and Long Huishan walked out of the Time Formation, sure enough, the outside was trembling and it was extremely violent!

After walking out of the Qilin Hall, Chen Xiang saw Huo Lin pulling a pet.i.te and cute girl. This girl was dressed in purple, and when she saw Chen Xiang and Long Huishan, she immediately hid behind Huo Lin and tightly hugged onto his arms.

"Ziqi, he's the big bro I always said!" Huo Lin laughed, he was startled when he saw Long Huishan: "This must be sister-in-law!"

"Brother, sister-in-law, how do you do!" Although she was still a bit shy, she still revealed a sweet smile.

Long Huishan was a little embarra.s.sed from being called out, because she and Chen Xiang had not reached that level yet. Although she had tacitly agreed that Chen Xiang was her man, she nodded her head now and smiled: "Little sister, no need to be courteous, we are all family."

Chen Xiang could already tell that this Zi Qi should be the purple Qilin that Huo Lin was looking for.

"Huo Lin, what happened?" As Chen Xiang was speaking, another wave of violent shaking could be heard.

"The two Geocentric Edicts are mutually beneficial. No matter who wins, in the end, they will merge together! I am also prepared to have my own battle! " Huo Lin said with a serious expression on his face, "Core of the Earth is the first to integrate with the other Core of the Earth, and I need to defeat the other Core of the Earth's Earthly beast. As long as I win, Core of the Earth will continue to be my territory."

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