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Due to the appearance of a refining team, Chen Xiang did not need to be so nervous about refining pills. He only used to refine pills for a few days, and then he started to cultivate. WWw. 8 00book.net All the words, faster, no windows! >

In order to not be too bored, Lv Qilian came out from the ring to accompany him. She also knew that if they spent a thousand years together, not a single person would talk to them, it would be extremely boring. Furthermore, they were husband and wife, if they stayed together, it would be even more carefree.

"Could it be that my Bones has reached a bottleneck?" Chen Xiang wanted to cultivate up to the Fifth Bones now, but he had eaten hundreds of Bone level Dan and failed to trigger the opportunity, causing him to waste a lot of time.

"You should cultivate first. Perhaps, to you right now, your Bones has already reached its maximum capacity. Perhaps, you might need an even stronger physical body in order to be able to contain more Bones." Lv Qilian comforted him.

"Mn, I shall begin to condense Divine Deity now! Sister Qilian, tell me, do I still need to condense Life-Killing Divine Deity? " Chen Xiang asked: "My main future direction is also to refine pills!"

"I think it's necessary, because Life-Killing Divine Deity are a bit special, the life and death force produced by the transformation is not weak at all! Furthermore, you specialize in fire, so you can also convert a strong power of Life and Death Divine Flame, which is better than your original fire Divine Deity! If I feel that it's possible, then turn your other fire Divine Deity into your Life-Killing Divine Deity. "

also thought the same. Not only did Life-Killing Divine Deity possess immense violence, it also had the attribute of creating a fire Divine Deity and it was also a flame Divine Deity.

It was because there were no Nine Yin and yang Dan before, that was why they were unable to form a perfect set of Life-Killing Divine Deity.

Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian both had a large amount of divine pellets as support, and also had top-notch divine arts, so it could be said that they could cultivate unimpeded.

The long thousand years were about to pa.s.s, Lv Qilian had already cultivated up to seventy Divine Deity, and all of them were Life-Killing Divine Deity. The purple pearls she condensed out possessed an even stronger replicating ability, and Chen Xiang only had sixty Divine Deity now.

The girls who were refining pills in the ring, had cultivated for shorter periods than Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian, because they were mainly refining pills, but they could still use forty to fifty sets of Divine Deity, and they also had three in each group.

"Yue Er, almost a thousand years, right?" Yue'er was extremely sensitive to time and had a very precise timing. But during this past year, she had made a great breakthrough and cultivated up to the Sixth Divine Deity, relying solely on the that the pill refining team refined for her. She loved Su Meiyao and the others to death right now.

"Ten days is more than enough!" Yue'er said: "Chen Xiang, the Six Realms Ding have already been repaired. At that time, we can give it to Xiao Yulan, and not much time has pa.s.sed for them!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head. Not only did Liu Meng'er and the others fix the Six Realms Ding, they also fixed the Five Elephant Divine Weapons on Chen Xiang's body, allowing him to become even stronger.

Of course, the most important thing was that he helped Chen Xiang refine a very strong pill furnace. Because it was a technique left behind by the Heavenly Divine Lord, it was named the Heavenly furnace.

"Husband, we've discovered a secret of the Five Elephants G.o.dly Weapon!" Xue Xianxian said, "When we were repairing the Five Elephant Divine Weapons, we had already thoroughly studied the structure of the Five Elephant Divine Weapons, and actually found out that these five G.o.dly Weapons can be fused together! It should be said that they were originally a whole, but for some reason, they were split into five parts. "

"Oh? "Then how can we reorganize it?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this, and wanted to see what the combination of the Five Elephant Divine Weapons would turn into. After all, these were the more powerful Divine Weapons that the Heavenly Divine Lord had left behind, and even the Divine Nations s were looking for them.

"I need to smelt it, but if I don't, it will all be wasted!" Liu Meng'er said: "Do you dare to try?"

"You dare, I believe you will succeed!" Chen Xiang said: "How long will it take?"

"I don't know yet, but the process is very complicated and will take a long time. However, I don't need any materials, because the materials used for the Five Elephants G.o.dly Weapon are already very good." Dongfang Xinyue said: "If you want to go to Divine Cauldron Nation to exchange for Six Realms Ding, it would be best if you can wait for us for a while and combine the Five Elephant Divine Weapons."

"That's not a problem. We need to go out and rest. A group of battle maniacs will come in and train." Su Meiyao laughed.

If he lost the Five Elephant Divine Weapons, it would be a huge loss to Chen Xiang. However, he wanted to see what would happen after the fusion. He felt that he still had a Six Realms mirrors, and this thing was also very strong, he had researched it many times over the past thousand years.

The most powerful thing about Six Realms mirrors was that it had many powerful formations! After Liu Meng'er and the others a.n.a.lyzed and researched it, they knew that there were many uses of the Six Realms mirrors, but they were unable to copy it because the Six Realms mirrors was not made from human beings, but was naturally nurtured by the Great Dao.

Six Realms mirrors s were powerful existences, but they could use Six Realms mirrors s to shine through large formations, and could be directly imprinted inside Six Realms mirrors s. This was the reason why Six Realms mirrors s had so many powerful formations.

Furthermore, Six Realms mirrors could record many images and it could even radiate powerful attacks! It was not as simple as nurturing a Six Realms' Power, it was also a very strong killing tool.

Now Chen Xiang understood why the six Divine Lord s back then could be called emperors. With this treasure, it was hard to not be powerful, but in the end, it was still difficult to fight against four opponents. After being surrounded, the Six Realms mirrors s were heavily injured, causing the six Divine Nations s to be destroyed.

After cultivating for a thousand years, Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian finally walked out of the Time Formation. Only ten days had pa.s.sed outside!

When they walked out of the Qilin Hall, both Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian were a little surprised. Originally, the outside of the hall was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vitality.

"Huo Lin, I am truly sorry for making this place become like this." Chen Xiang shouted guiltily, because Huo Lin wasn't here right now.

It was also because of the excessive use of the Time Formation that caused this place to become like this.

Huo Lin suddenly appeared and giggled: "It's fine, Core Earth also knows how to protect yourself, so it has sealed off a lot of its energy, and it was not completely absorbed by you. It will become better after a few days, Core Earth is very strong. "After all, this is the energy source that maintains the laws of this world. How could something happen to your array formation?"

"Really? You scared me to death! And here I thought the core of the earth was finished. " Chen Xiang also laughed.

Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian arrived at the teleportation formation and asked, "Huo Lin, if there is another formation like this, can I come in the next time I come in?"

"Of course, but only the Earth's Core Divine Spirit can lay down this array! Of course, if you guys have experts in setting up the array, it would also be possible to take some time to break the Spirit grain. " Huo Lin nodded.

Chen Xiang laughed, held Lv Qilian's hand and floated high up in the air. Then, he shone the Six Realms mirrors in his hand onto the Transmission array, with a thought, this Transmission array would be copied inside the Six Realms mirrors.

"Next time, I'll be able to teleport here. I don't need to trouble you!" Chen Xiang laughed as he teleported away with Lv Qilian. WWw. 8 00book.net All the words, faster, no windows! >

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