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Chen Xiang had also eaten a Jingshen Dan, the medicinal power was extremely strong! If those precious and very useful Shangpin dan were to be refined into Jingshen Dan, then they would be able to obtain an even more powerful effect. Baidu Search for t.i.tle + 800 Tale Net

This was also what Chen Xiang had always been pursuing. He continuously broke through his limits to refine even higher quality pills, and deeply excavated the potential of these divine medicines.

"Are you all ready? Go into the ring to refine pills, that way we can enter the Time Formation to buy more time! " Chen Xiang said, "Xianxian and the others, this refining team is already inside."

Lv Qilian now also mentioned the matter of her cultivating Life-Killing Divine Deity. She had thirty Divine Deity, so she could quickly duplicate divine medicines! The Nine Yin and yang Dan that Chen Xiang had refined previously, were not all given to Long Huishan. They still kept some, which was enough for Feng Yujie and the others to cultivate Life-Killing Divine Deity.

"Of course not, this will buy us more time. As long as we become stronger ahead of time, we can make the Hundreds of Flowers Village more stable." Feng Yujie said.

Su Meiyao said: "Only refining pills isn't enough for us, right? For example, Ziqian You Lan and the rest. "

At this time, Liu Meng'er said from within the ring: "Looks like it won't work. Under normal circ.u.mstances, no matter how many people enter the ring, it won't be a problem. But if it's inside the Time Formation … I'm afraid it won't do, there is a certain limit! Moreover, Chen Xiang will be using the hundred year old Time Formation! "

"One day outside, we will be inside the Time Formation for a hundred years!" Chen Xiang said: "Because we still have a lot of things to do, we have to speed up! How about this, we'll stay inside for a thousand years, and it's only been ten days outside, then we'll trade you and Youlan in! "

Lv Qilian nodded his head: "Then let's not waste any time, let's go quickly!"

After that, Feng Yujie and the others placed the big pill furnace into the ring, and Lv Qilian followed them in!

Chen Xiang immediately headed towards the Earth's Mind Realm, and Huo Lin had also returned. Originally, he had planned to let the woman in the ring come out and receive a present or something, but he was worried that he would scare Huo Lin, so he decided against it.

"Big brother, is sister-in-law not here this time?" Huo Lin asked curiously.

"He's here, but inside this ring …" And it's not just a sister-in-law, do you want to meet all of them? " Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

Huo Lin was startled, then laughed: "Big brother, you are worried that they would come out to ask for my presents, so you hid them inside your storage ring, right?"

"I was just worried that you would be embarra.s.sed. The last time you gave Sister Qilian a Divine Lotus, I felt a little embarra.s.sed." Chen Xiang laughed.

"What's that?" That G.o.d's Lotus is only a small toy to me. As the Earthly beast, I am the Underground Autarch, can't I give it back? "Hurry up and get us all out of here, don't look like I'm too stingy." Huo Lin said very straightforwardly.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Since you said that, then I won't pity your things anymore …"

After that, he asked the refining and refining teams to come out. Adding Lv Qilian to that, there were twelve people. Huo Lin had thought that there would only be a few of them previously, but he didn't expect there to be so many.

"Sisters, you're all like me, all of you practice fire, this is much easier!" Huo Lin took out eleven fiery-red lotuses: "These are all Earthen Spirit Lotuses, and are all good items that are bred by the Earth's Core. They have all been picked by me long ago, but they're not suitable for me to use, and only women can use."

Xue Xianxian and the others thanked them with a smile. Right now, they felt that Huo Lin was like Big Brother Chen Xiang, normally only the elders would give gifts to the juniors, but now, Chen Xiang actually had the cheek to ask this little brother to give them such valuable gifts.

"He's my brother, not my husband!" Dongfang Jing said with a red face, but she did not receive the Spirit Earth Lotus.

"Then you're my big sister, so I'll give it to you as a gift." Huo Lin was extremely happy as he laughed.

Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud were not Chen Xiang's women in the first place, but Chen Xiang still gave them the mind lotus.

After receiving the gifts, Chen Xiang allowed them to enter into the ring.

"Big Brother, why don't you let them go around for a while? Would it be fierce to stay inside the Storage magic treasure? " Huo Lin said.

"That's not it, because I want to go into the Time Formation to cultivate with them, so the Time Formation can only stay for two people, so I can only use this method! Right, you have enough energy in this earth's core, right? The Time Formation that I am using can turn into a hundred years in one day, and the amount of energy required to do so is extremely huge. " Chen Xiang said: "I'm worried that I will empty the energy in this earth's core."

"Based on the current quality of the s.p.a.ce, the energy required to turn one into a hundred years is indeed enormous. However, the core of the earth can still withstand it, but it cannot continue! Big Brother, you better use it once every once in awhile. This way, you can give the earth's core some s.p.a.ce to recover! " Huo Lin thought for a while, then said: "You will stop every ten days, and if you give Core Lu a day or two, he will be able to recover."

Chen Xiang said: "Alright! Oh right, Huo Lin, are you looking for some treasure that you wander around in the underground world all day? "

Huo Lin laughed: "Big brother, to be honest, I am looking for my future wife! Before Earth's Core Divine Spirit left, he told me that his other half in the heart is also a Qilin. It seems to be a Purple Qilin.

"So it's like this, then you have to put in more effort!" Chen Xiang patted his shoulder, and laughed: "I'm going to cultivate, my current strength is still very weak, I need to become stronger when Nine Heaven World devours Super G.o.d Realm."

"Alright, Big Brother, you have to work hard too!" Huo Lin said.

Chen Xiang went into the cultivation room and opened four levels of Time Formation. After entering, the Time Formation was frantically absorbing the energy from the fire liquid pond beside it.

"Ten days outside will be a thousand years!" Chen Xiang had already planned to stay here for a thousand years. During this time, he would be able to let them refine many divine pellets, which would be enough for him to obtain a lot of power.

In the pill refining team, only Feng Yujie and Su Meiyao were battle-type, but they did not intend to develop in this aspect. They had already decided to focus on refining pills, instead of enjoying violent power like Chen Xiang! Xue Xianxian and the others, on the other hand, were not very fond of fighting.

But if they were to join forces, it would allow them to nurture many powerful War G.o.ds! G.o.dly pills and G.o.dly weapons were very necessary for warG.o.ds.

Although Lv Qilian cultivated in the Alive Slain Method, not only could she replicate the divine medicine using her life and death powers, she could also use it to kill people as well. As for what methods she had right now, Chen Xiang was also not sure, because he had not seen Lv Qilian make a move for a long time.

"Qilian, wait until a thousand years have pa.s.sed, then we will be able to get another group of berserkers. We will be refining pills for a thousand years, which is enough for Hundreds of Flowers Village and Nine Heaven School to use for a long time!" Feng Yujie said: "It's impossible without powerful warG.o.ds, only with divine pellets and powerful divine tools."

Lv Qilian nodded: "I understand, this thousand years is enough for me to cultivate many Divine Deity … And there's even Bones! "

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