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Wu Qianqian thought of something and said softly: "His eyes are very strange. Last time, he used those eyes to refine a batch of Bone level Dan s in an instant."

"Not with your eyes! If I look with my eyes, hehe. I can see more of you! " Chen Xiang could directly see someone's Divine Sense Sea with his eyes, and if his defense was insufficient, he would even be attacked by him.

"It's even stronger than the Source Spirit Eyes!" "It's a bit hard to cultivate." After Chen Xiang opened the lid, the five Nine Yin and yang Dan floated up. The Pill Calamity arrived in a flash, and a few bolts of lightning struck the Nine Yin and yang Dan.

After the Nine Yin and yang Dan pa.s.sed through its Pill Calamity, Chen Xiang extended his hand out to receive it. Looking at the quality, there was not much difference between the quality he had refined and it.

"When did you learn it?" Chen Xiang asked: "Looking at you guys, refining it is very easy! If that Great National Master from Divine Cauldron Nation knew about this, he would definitely vomit blood! "

"It took us ten days to succeed. This is our third batch!" Feng Yujie said: "Compared to you, we are still lacking a lot. If we were to refine it ourselves, it would be a bit more difficult!"

"Then how long will it take for you all to craft this furnace together?" Chen Xiang asked again, "Although your seven souls are more powerful, you shouldn't rely too much on them, unless you guys can refine it on your own at a very high level. If you use it together, the effects will definitely be better."

Su Meiyao nodded his head: "We will use the refinement of the seven spirits, the fastest we can refine five pellets in an hour and a half, and we will also need to use five sets of Nine Yin and yang Dan s as medicinal ingredients! If we were to forge it alone, it would take at least eight to nine hours. "

"Chen Xiang, how much time do you need to refine a batch of Misty Rain River South?" Du Yanyao asked.

"Around four hours. If I were to use my full strength, two hours shouldn't be a problem!" The difficulty that I am currently unable to overcome is the later stage! You all should know that when you condense your cores later on, it's all naturally formed. I can't control it, so it's very difficult for me to break through my limits. " Chen Xiang sighed.

"This... You still want to break through your limits? " Ji Ling'er was extremely surprised, her mouth wide open, "What other limits is there to break through?"

"Spiritual Light!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Refining a Nine Yin and yang Dan with spirit light is definitely very difficult! And this is only my current goal, I have a higher goal in the future! "

All the girls were shocked by Chen Xiang's words. Refining the Spiritual Light was indeed difficult, and they needed to concoct the medicine, but they could not control the Nine Yin and yang Dan at all! It was almost impossible to refine a Spiritual Light!

"Is there anything higher than Spiritual Light?" Hong Xia thought for a moment, then shook her head: "The spiritual light should not appear on the Nine Yin and yang Dan, right?"

Feng Yujie nodded his head: "This Nine Yin and yang Dan is already very mysterious, divine medicine isn't something that's very rare, but the divine pills that are refined are actually this powerful, I think that this is already the limit, we are unable to refine any spirit lights, we need to follow the laws of nature."

Su Meiyao pinched Chen Xiang's face, and said with an enchanting smile: "Little Scoundrel, you must have made a breakthrough, are you hiding it from us? And then he was going to hit us again, wasn't he? "

Chen Xiang laughed, "Of course not! I've already said it before, I still have no way to break through the second slash! Although this is the power of nature and contains the power of law, since this is the power of law, then it can still be broken! "

"Oh yeah, you all should have refined Tianhuo Dan, right?" Chen Xiang took out a Tianhuo Dan.

"Yes, the Tianhuo Dan was easily refined. It was a success." Wu Qianqian nodded, then she took out the Tianhuo Dan she refined for Chen Xiang to see.

There were two Tianhuo Dan in Wu Qianqian's palm. One of them was a normal high quality Tianhuo Dan, and the other was a Tianhuo Dan that had a spirit light.

"Not bad, a Tianhuo Dan that can already refine Spiritual Light!" Chen Xiang laughed, and touched Wu Qianqian's jade face, causing her to wrinkle her nose at him, the smile was extremely sweet and gentle.

"Why do you ask?" Feng Yujie said: "We can all refine Tianhuo Dan with Spiritual Light!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "The Tianhuo Dan I refine is extremely terrifying. It far surpa.s.ses you Spirit Soul Tianhuo Dan, and is close to the existence of Jingshen Dan."

"Impossible!" Feng Yujie spoke with determination. She knew a lot about divine pellets, so she had naturally heard about the Jingshen Dan s before. "Jingshen Dan s usually only appear with their divine pellets, or even with their divine pellets! The power contained within the Tianhuo Dan's divine medicines is simply unable to crystallize. "

When Chen Xiang taught them his experiences before, he did not tell them this part because he did not succeed in refining a Jingshen Dan either. Although he had almost succeeded, in his opinion, it was a huge failure.

All of the Tianhuo Dan that he had competed in the Divine Cauldron Nation with Xiang Hongdao had been given to him, and Xiang Hongdao said that he wanted to conduct research on them! Therefore, he didn't have it right now, but he planned to personally refine a batch.

"Qilian is outside, I'll open the door!" Ji Ling'er immediately opened the door.

When Lv Qilian entered and saw that Chen Xiang and the girls were discussing something, and was even serious, she was extremely curious. After asking, she also found it difficult to learn that Chen Xiang was actually going to use Shangpin medicine s to refine Jingshen Dan.

Without saying anything, Chen Xiang took out the pill furnace and laughed: "I will refine one for you all to see, but let me explain first, I was just a step away from success, I am still unable to pa.s.s the last step, although it is only an incomplete pill, but it proves that I might have succeeded."

As he said that, Chen Xiang had already begun to put in the Tianhuo Dan's divine medicine, and then began to refine!

At the beginning, he quickly entered the final stage of fusing the medicinal liquid. It was the same as before, what he refined was also mutated!

"It's the critical moment!" Chen Xiang immediately circulated the Eight Day Sea Suppressing Orb, preparing to suppress the changes that occurred inside the furnace.

At this moment, the purplish-gold medicinal liquid had already been split into six, and he poured sufficient Fire G.o.d Power into each of them.

"Begin!" Chen Xiang used his six strongest Fire G.o.d Power to drive the six b.a.l.l.s of medicinal liquid forward.


The pill furnace shook and the inside of the furnace exploded, but the pill furnace only moved slightly!

Su Meiyao said with furrowed brows, "Why would it move? Had he collided with something? But the noise is too small! "

Feng Yujie said: "The more berserk you are, the more powerful the medicinal liquid you will create will be, but your movements are too small, it doesn't seem as though it is berserk enough, how can you condense a Jingshen Dan at such a level?"

Chen Xiang did not say anything. The impact just now was extremely powerful, but he had used the Eight Heavenly Layers Sea to suppress it. Otherwise, the pill furnace would have suffered a great deal of damage.

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