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When Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian returned to the Hundreds of Flowers Village to look for Xue Xianxian and the others, it was just as they had said.

Chen Xiang took the ring and looked inside, the s.p.a.ce inside was even larger, but he was unable to enter. Inside the ring, there was still a huge mansion, and his spirit sense could not penetrate inside, it was the same as before, if not Chen Xiang could see what was going on inside!

"The s.p.a.ce inside has already been newly refined. Because we are already familiar with those Spirit grain, we were able to create it so quickly." Seeing Chen Xiang's surprised face, Xue Xianxian laughed: "Did you get scared?"

"It's indeed impressive, the s.p.a.ce inside is very stable! I reckon even Yue Er can enter! " Chen Xiang said. At this time, Yue'er also flew over.

"I'll try!" Because of her previous self, she had been unable to enter the ring. But now that the ring had been strengthened so much, there shouldn't be any problems.

Chen Xiang tried it and successfully let Yue'er enter the ring!

"Haha, I'm coming in!" Yue'er flew around inside. "It's not bad here, it's equivalent to refining a small world! I'm just very curious, why did you bring so many spatial materials? If you want to maintain this level of spatial stability, just having Spirit grain s is not enough, you will need very special and rare spatial refining materials. "

"When we were in Divine Cauldron Nation, we got Yu Lan to help us collect them. This is the reward that she promised us, we wanted a lot of it at that time." Liu Meng'er said: "Let's go in and see how it goes!"

Although Liu Meng'er and the others had refined it before, they had never used it before. Only after Chen Xiang had dripped blood on it to confirm his ownership did they enter, and even though they had refined this ring before, it still held a lot of significance to Chen Xiang. Liu Meng'er and the others all knew the meaning of this ring's name.

"Chen Xiang, go find Yu Jie and the others first, I will pa.s.s these divine pills to Hui Shan to distribute." Although she and Chen Xiang had a lot of Nine Yin and yang Dan s to refine in the Time Formation, they didn't need that right now.

In the future, they would be able to get even more, because Feng Yujie and the others, this Pill Refining Team, would also be able to get in!

Lv Qilian was very clear that her Hundreds of Flowers Village could not always rely on Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang had only helped her to establish a position, in the future, they would still have to rely on themselves.

The Youyao Yugong inside the ring had also been expanded and reconstructed by Liu Meng'er and the others. This was because their refining team needed a relatively large secret room, and it was the same for hot Feng Yujie and the others' refining team.

When Chen Xiang came to their villa, he immediately felt a trace of hot air coming out from the ground. He immediately knew that Feng Yujie and the others were concocting pills in a secret underground room!

He tried to sense the secret underground room. The security there wasn't very tight, so he teleported immediately to this secret room. and the other seven girls were surrounding a two man tall big pill furnace, concocting pills together.

"Is this the Seven Souls Art?" Chen Xiang immediately released his Dao heart Eye and looked at the big pill furnace and his surrounding. He could see the shape of the energy flow.

Feng Yujie and the others were very serious, they did not notice Chen Xiang's appearance here!

"A very uniform output of Fire G.o.d Power!" Chen Xiang could see the seven girls' uniform divine fire power slowly being released, finally turning into flames of the same intensity and entering into the Great Pill Furnace.

He followed the flow of the fire divine power and looked at the interior of the great pill furnace. He could only vaguely make out some things and could not see any changes within the pill furnace.

Furthermore, when he was refining pills, in order to prevent the Qi inside the furnace from leaking, the Alchemist had also set up a barrier. This way, it would be difficult to find any changes within the pill furnace.

"They are actually refining Nine Yin and yang Dan? That is to say that they have already successfully refined it previously? " Chen Xiang was still a little doubtful, because Nine Yin and yang Dan were not that easy to refine, even though he had already guided quite a few of them.

If we were to talk about Heaven G.o.d fire Dan s, Chen Xiang did not doubt them at all. These seven women all cultivate Heavenly Alchemy s and have acc.u.mulated a lot of experience over the years.

"He's really refining Nine Yin and yang Dan!" Chen Xiang could vaguely see several b.a.l.l.s of black and white yin and yang energy mixed together inside the pill furnace.

This caused Chen Xiang to be extremely shocked, because these seven women were refining a few Nine Yin and yang Dan s at the same time! Even though Chen Xiang had that thought, up till now, he still did not know what he should do!

"Could it be that this Seven Souls Refinement is really powerful? It could actually allow them to refine many Nine Yin and yang Dan s at the same time! " Chen Xiang was very curious, and wanted to know how they did it right now. That way, he could learn something from it.

This was because when he was refining Nine Yin and yang Dan, he could only refine one furnace at a time and could only produce one pill at a time. This caused him to refine these pills very slowly.

Chen Xiang could only wait patiently, he knew that he wouldn't have to wait too long, because the Nine Yin and yang Dan had already entered the later stages of the natural pill condensation phase.

Sure enough, Chen Xiang had only waited a short while before Feng Yujie and the other girls opened their eyes at the same time.

"You scared me!" Su Meiyao scoffed, "How long have you been in here?"

"Not long!" Seeing you beauties concocting pills at the same time is also a type of enjoyment! " Chen Xiang laughed, he had already arrived by the side of the big pill furnace and floated: "Can you open the lid of the pill furnace now?"

"Do you know what pill we are refining?" Hua Xiangyue smiled charmingly: "You guessed right, I will give you some rewards!"

"Nine Yin and yang Dan! And it's even five pills. " Chen Xiang said confidently. Although he couldn't see everything clearly, he could still catch a few things.

Hua Xiangyue laughed tenderly: "Amazing, one kiss!" With that, she gently floated to Chen Xiang's side and kissed his cheeks.

Chen Xiang opened the lid of the pill furnace and said, "Five Nine Yin and yang Dan, I wonder what the simultaneous Pill Calamity will be like?"

Feng Yujie asked: "How do you know that we are refining Nine Yin and yang Dan? And it can even be said that it's five pills! "

Not only Feng Yujie, Su Meiyao and the others were also very curious, because when concocting pills, it was best to not reveal any of it. Furthermore, Feng Yujie and the others thought that when they were using the Seven Souls Refinement Method, they had already done so to not leak any of it, but Chen Xiang could still see through it.

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