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"This is a little difficult!" Liu Meng'er said: "We also need to find a new combination of Spirit grain … It would be better to strengthen the ring! "

"The Dark Dragon Ring has been strengthened?" Before, Chen Xiang had heard that it would be strengthened, because when he came back, he had put the few of them inside the ring. Now, they all had strong Divine Deity, and the ring was only at the Immortal Grade.

"En, as long as I enter the ring, the time inside will also follow the time of the wearer!" It was just that the ring was too fragile. If one cultivated inside it, they would need to absorb the energy from the outside, or the divine force released from within would be too great, causing it to collapse! Although it is called strengthening, it is actually equivalent to a new refining method. " Dongfang Xinyue said: "Although the difficulty is not small, it is a little easier than strengthening the Time Formation."

"How long will it take?" Chen Xiang now understood that Xue Xianxian and the others were really busy with refining teams, no wonder they did not have time to see him before.

He had a lot of things he had given them to do, such as repairing the profoundwu clothing, and now he was going to let them refine the ring again, so they needed to repair the Six Realms Ding as well.

Dongfang Jing said softly, "Big brother, once we have finished smelting this material, we will be able to help you refine it. "Don't be in such a hurry!"

Chen Xiang walked over and touched her pure and beautiful face: "Jingjing is so amazing, even big brother needs your help now!"

Dongfang Jing smiled sweetly. She was very happy to be able to help Chen Xiang.

Dongfang Xinyue laughed: "This girl was worried that she would implicate you!"

"Actually, ever since we started refining the ring, we were able to refine artifacts inside it while you were inside the Time Formation. This way, we would be able to buy more time." Xue Xianxian laughed: "I can even supervise this little scoundrel."

Chen Xiang laughed, "Then you guys must refine the Dark Dragon Ring even more. That way, you can let Xiang Yue and the rest to refine pills."

Chen Xiang planned to bring a large group of women to Huo Lin to receive their gifts. He felt that Huo Lin definitely had a lot more treasures.

The unlucky Huo Lin was still lying on the lawn bathing in the sun, completely unaware that Chen Xiang was plotting against him.

Chen Xiang took out all the useful things from the ring, and then gave the ring to Xue Xianxian.

"Brother, did you use four formation plates at the same time?" Dongfang Jing asked.

Then the Time Formation would only be used for the first level, which meant that outside of the Time Formation, one day was equivalent to inside for a month. If two levels were outside, then one day would be inside, and inside for a year, and the third level would be ten years, and the fourth level would be a hundred years!

Because the time difference was too huge, and because he would sometimes stay inside for a period of time, he would come out again. The large array had just absorbed a lot of energy and would have to stop for a while, so it would be quite expensive.

Moreover, he was worried that the Core would affect him, so he didn't use the ones that were at least ten or a hundred years old.

"I usually use a month or a year. Is there a problem?" Chen Xiang asked.

"If you use the 10 or 100 year old ones, it would be best if you use them at full capacity at once. These Time Formation s are the best if used at full strength for one day, it can maintain the problem. Of course, if you use the Month and the Year, then it doesn't matter. " Liu Meng'er said: "This Time Formation is also one of the more powerful array discs in the Heavenly Divine Lord, it just consumes a lot of energy."

"I understand!" Chen Xiang nodded his head, "I'll go look for Sister Qilian now, I'll come back in a month!"

Chen Xiang felt that it was about time, just as he was about to turn around and leave, he saw Lv Qilian walking over.

"It's all settled!" Lv Qilian nodded towards Chen Xiang, then asked: "Meng'er, can you break through the Time Formation?"

"No, if it's not enough, we can use the ring to change it …" Xue Xianxian told Lv Qilian their thoughts.

Right now, Chen Xiang needed a large number of Nine Yin and yang Dan. This kind of divine pellet could quickly condense Divine Deity and divine soul, and with the addition of the Time Formation, the Hundreds of Flowers Village's overall strength would increase by a lot very quickly.

Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian once again headed towards the Earth Core Realm. This time, they would be staying for a while, and Lv Qilian's current job was to condense a large amount of Nine Yin and yang Dan's medicinal ingredients.

"The Nine Yin and yang Dan's divine medicine is really miraculous, it doesn't need much Life Power to be able to be copied! When I condense a purple pearl, I can make a copy, which will allow me to make at least five copies a day. " Lv Qilian said: "How long are we going to stay here?"

Lv Qilian and Chen Xiang were already inside the Time Formation.

"This is the first month, and the first day outside!" As for Xianxian and the rest, they will need more than thirty days to finish refining You Yao ring.

"Doesn't that mean it's been thirty months?" Lv Qilian said.

"Yes, we want to refine a few more Shangpin bone level Dan!" Chen Xiang nodded.

To Lv Qilian, this was not a difficult task. Back then, in order to let Feng Yujie and the others have enough divine medicines, she had also frequently helped them copy the divine medicines! Furthermore, she was with Chen Xiang right now, so she didn't feel it was boring at all.

"So many women are really hard to raise!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"You know that too! I've helped you raise it for so many years, hehe! " Lv Qilian scoffed, "You only know how to throw it at me."

Chen Xiang hugged her, and laughed: "Aren't I going to make it up to you now?"

The rest of the time, Chen Xiang was in charge of concocting pills and Lv Qilian was in charge of replicating divine medicines. The two of them stayed together all day, flirting and flirting from time to time, leading a happy life.

Lv Qilian was able to replicate five sets of Nine Yin and yang Dan's divine medicine in a day, and Chen Xiang's speed of refining Nine Yin and yang Dan was also able to catch up. In just a thousand days, Chen Xiang had refined two thousand Nine Yin and yang Dan's and a thousand pieces of Shangpin bone level Dan's!

During this period, Chen Xiang had also trained for a period of time, and now he possessed ten Divine Deity, and stepped into the Super G.o.d Realm!

"Fortunately, I am with you. If I were myself, I would be very bored." Chen Xiang looked at the results of the past few days and laughed.

Lv Qilian kissed his cheeks: "Let's go out now! This is just the beginning. "

Chen Xiang understood that his current cultivation was too low, if he wanted to become stronger before the Divine Nations invaded, he would need a lot of time.

When Chen Xiang left, he did not see Huo Lin, but he knew where the array formation was! Huo Lin had also said before that he would usually search the depths of the Earth for treasures and that he would be able to hear him once he shouted when he entered. Huo Lin didn't even need to be in this place to bring him in.

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