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Huo Lin chuckled, "The divine lotus is a divine tool, and it was birthed from a great Dao. She recognized it by herself!"

"In my Divine Sense Sea, we can release very strong life energy! Thank you, Huo Lin! " Lv Qilian said with grat.i.tude.

Chen Xiang was also very happy that he got such a good thing. He asked: "Huo Lin, how did you get hold of this thing?"

"This is the Core Area of the Earth Core Realm, the Nine Heaven World. I found it while I was out playing with it." Huo Lin laughed: "Only I can come and go freely in this Core, otherwise, not only will I get lost, I will also be killed by the Earth Core Fire Spirit, so big brother, you better not run around!"

"If you have anything suitable, remember to leave it to me. We'll go cultivate first." Chen Xiang patted his shoulder, then pulled Lv Qilian along and ran into the Qilin Hall, into the secret underground room.

Lv Qilian walked in and saw the pool of fire. He exclaimed, "So that's how Nine Heaven World's core is, then what's going on with Huo Lin? I never knew that you knew such a powerful guy! "

"I am his savior!" Chen Xiang explained about the Earthly beast briefly and Lv Qilian quickly understood.

Chen Xiang took out the array disc of the Time Formation, and went in with Lv Qilian.

"Sister Qilian, how good is that Divine Lotus of All Living Things?" Chen Xiang was extremely curious.

"How so? In short, I feel that if the Earth Core Lotus were to grow, it would at least increase my Divine Deity by ten more rays of Divine Deity. Lv Qilian laughed: "Are you jealous?"

"A little!" Chen Xiang touched her face, then gave her a kiss. "I'm going to start refining the Nine Yin and yang Dan now.

Lv Qilian also kissed him, then closed his eyes and started to cultivate, familiarizing himself with the Lotus of All Living Things.

As Chen Xiang was still unable to control his later stages of refining the Nine Yin and yang Dan, he was unable to refine the Nine Yin and yang Dan for the third time.

Just like last time, he refined it in six hours. Lv Qilian who was initially cultivating heard the rumbling sounds and opened his eyes to look, and asked in shock: "What is this?"

"Pill tribulation is nothing!" Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, a bolt of lightning struck the black and white Nine Yin and yang Dan …

"Completed!" Chen Xiang pa.s.sed the Nine Yin and yang Dan to Lv Qilian: "Sister Qilian, after you eat it, you should know how to refine it, I will continue to refine it!"

Lv Qilian nodded his head: "If it is successful, I will need to acquire more of these Nine Yin and yang Dan, especially Yu Jie and the rest, who will need to cultivate more Life-Killing Divine Deity! If possible, it would be best if the original Divine Deity within their bodies were to be completely transformed into Life-Killing Divine Deity. "

Chen Xiang continued to refine pills, and at the same time, observed Lv Qilian.

"Sister Qilian, don't be surprised, after the first eight transformations, the last time was when your body underwent the transformation and finally managed to condense the Yin and Yang energies." Chen Xiang said.

"I got it!" Lv Qilian very quickly felt the change in power. She herself was also very surprised, but Chen Xiang found it strange.

Just like him, after the nine transformations, she would be covered by a hard black sh.e.l.l, and Lv Qilian had now begun to merge the yang energy into her first Divine Deity. It would be a success in no time, and the extra yin energy would be absorbed by the Lotus of All Living G.o.ds, as well as allowing it to contain the Lotus of All Living G.o.ds.

In less than half a day's time, she had finished refining the pill. At this time, the black sh.e.l.l outside of her also left, revealing her beautiful and perfect body.

Seeing Chen Xiang's bad hand reaching over, Lv Qilian patted it and laughed: "Little scoundrel, you want to come again!" After she finished speaking, she put on her clothes and kissed Chen Xiang on the lips.

"Success, one of my Life-Killing Divine Deity has finally been completed." Lv Qilian was very happy, she then opened her jade palm and used her life force to condense a purple pearl. It seemed that the quality of the purple pearl was a little better than the one that Chen Xiang had condensed.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I can refine a Nine Yin and yang Dan too, continue to eat!"

Lv Qilian nodded her head and accepted the Nine Yin and yang Dan but she did not immediately eat it. Instead, she said: "Right now, both you and I have a piece of Life-Killing Divine Deity, I wonder if it will still have any miraculous effects after us dual cultivating using the life and death energy?"

"Won't you know once you try?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"You want to do something to her again!" Lv Qilian giggled, then gently took off the clothes on his body.

The two cultivated for more than two hours before they were able to form a bead, and it was a purple bead.

"It seems like Duo Cultivation's effect isn't very obvious! After all, our Life-Killing Divine Deity already contains the power of yin and yang. " Lv Qilian looked at the purple pearl carefully: "However, the quality is still quite good."

In the following half a month, Chen Xiang refined a total of thirty Nine Yin and yang Dan s, and Lv Qilian succeeded in completing the thirty Life-Killing Divine Deity in his body. In these past few days, Chen Xiang was also living an extremely happy life, spending the entire day with Lv Qilian.

"Alright, now I can go back and tell those girls about this news. Tell them to hurry up and cultivate their Life-Killing Divine Deity!" Lv Qilian was also comforted by Chen Xiang to the point that she was even more beautiful.

"Remember to help me copy a little more of the Nine Yin and yang Dan's divine medicine. I'm really lacking these right now." Chen Xiang said.

Lv Qilian did have thirty Life-Killing Divine Deity, so her speed of copying was very fast.

"How about this, I'll hand over the matters outside to Hui Shan and then accompany you in cultivating. How about that?" Lv Qilian gave a sweet smile, "It's also been a long time since we last cultivated together!"

Chen Xiang immediately nodded, and laughed: "If only there were more people entering this place!"

"Let's go back and have Meng'er transform. Let's get out of here first!" Lv Qilian nodded his head. This Time Formation was indeed easy to use, they had been inside for so long, not even half a day had pa.s.sed outside.

Leaving the Core Realm, Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian returned to the Hundreds of Flowers Village. He went to look for Xue Xianxian, while Lv Qilian went to look for Feng Yujie and the others.

Chen Xiang and the others arrived at their group's Villa with the light carriage as they were already familiar with the route, and the moment he entered, he saw the few girls smelting the materials.

"What's the matter?" Xue Xianxian lifted his eyelids, looked at Chen Xiang, and asked doubtfully: "Didn't you go to cultivate? "Why are you here?"

"Are you guys repairing that cauldron?" Chen Xiang saw that the things inside the furnace that were being smelted were extremely st.u.r.dy and asked.

"Mm, Sister Yulan needs this cauldron!" Xue Xianxian said.

"Xianxian, do you have any way to modify the Time Formation? "We can add a few more people!" Chen Xiang said: "Right now, only Qilian and I can cultivate inside."

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