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Lv Qilian still found it hard to believe that Chen Xiang had cultivated it himself. It was indeed just as Chen Xiang had said, other than the fact that she and Chen Xiang had dual cultivated together, the other woman had no way of cultivating this kind of purple pearl with Chen Xiang. But during this period of time, she had only been doing it with Chen Xiang just now, and they had not dual cultivated either.

"The quality is not bad. It can copy four different Zhongpin medicine!" Lv Qilian estimated, "But it will be difficult to replicate the Shangpin medicine."

"Sister Qilian, how many purple pearls does it take to copy a Shangpin medicine? For example, Bone level Dan s! " Chen Xiang immediately asked, as he currently lacked a Shangpin bone level Dan's divine medicine.

"I need at least 30 pills!" Lv Qilian sighed: "So right now, Shangpin medicine is our quality, and Zhongpin medicine is relatively easier for us to obtain!"

"Oh right, how did you do that?" Lv Qilian leaned in Chen Xiang's embrace, and played with the purple pearl. "You little scoundrel, you wouldn't possibly have a woman hidden inside your Youcai ring, right?"

"Of course not!" Chen Xiang laughed: "I was condensed out using my Divine Deity, I just managed to cultivate out a Life-Killing Divine Deity, it's just that this Life-Killing Divine Deity is a bit strange, it's actually fire attributed, and can also be used as a flame type Divine Deity."

Lv Qilian suddenly left Chen Xiang's embrace, and looked at him seriously: "Can you let me see your Life-Killing Divine Deity?"

"Of course you can, you can enter my Divine Sense Sea and I will release you." Chen Xiang also wanted to know why the Life-Killing Divine Deity he condensed were so strange.

As Lv Qilian's divine soul entered Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea, he immediately saw that silver Life-Killing Divine Deity, which was around the same color as Chen Xiang's fire Divine Deity from before.

"Sister Qilian, you mainly cultivate Alive Slain Method, so logically speaking, you should also be able to condense Life-Killing Divine Deity, and then directly condense purple pearls!" Chen Xiang said: "Your Divine Deity must be quite a lot now, if you had a lot of Life-Killing Divine Deity, the purple pearls that you condense would definitely be even more powerful."

"I already have thirty Divine Deity now. I mainly cultivate a single set of Divine Deity, my innate divine ability should have been a Life and Death divine ability! However, I don't know why, but I was still unable to unleash my strongest power from the very start, and was even unable to condense a purple pearl like you did. " Lv Qilian said: "You wanted me to find a way to break through the Alive Slain Method and condense an even stronger purple pearl, I have been working hard but to no avail! Initially, I had thought that condensing Life-Killing Divine Deity was the only way out, but it had failed on my side. "

Chen Xiang frowned, and said: "Sister Qilian, Life-Killing Divine Deity requires the combination of Yin and Yang, if you are a woman, then you are yin! So, when you were condensing your Divine Deity, you were only halfway done, causing your Divine Deity to be incomplete! "

"Could it be that I need you to dual cultivate while I condense my Divine Deity?" When Lv Qilian said this, his face was red.

"That's right, hehe!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Little Scoundrel!" Lv Qilian spat softly, "Who told you not to be by my side and make me make such a huge mistake? How do I make it up to you? But what about you, this Life-Killing Divine Deity of yours is complete! "

Lv Qilian left Divine Sense Sea and lightly pinched the flesh on's chest as he looked at him reproachfully.

"My queen, I was wrong! I have already found a way to make up for it! " Chen Xiang laughed: "That Life-Killing Divine Deity I condensed was made from Nine Yin and yang Dan. Nine Yin and yang Dan already possess the power of Yin Yang, so my Life-Killing Divine Deity is complete!"

"Now, you just need to eat thirty Nine Yin and yang Dan s, and when you refine the medicine, refine the Yang energy inside your Divine Deity. You just need to handle the extra Yin energy yourself, it won't affect you in any way." Chen Xiang rubbed Lv Qilian's chest, making Lv Qilian moan repeatedly.

"I'll refine the Nine Yin and yang Dan for you right now. The thirty pellets will be completed soon! Once your Life-Killing Divine Deity is complete, you will be able to help me copy a large number of Shangpin medicine. " Chen Xiang said: "Don't go busy yourself these two days. I'll be back soon."

Yue'er suddenly said: "Chen Xiang, can't you just bring Sister Qilian along? I just need to stay here, and only two creatures can enter that Time Formation, so you two can save a lot of time. "

Chen Xiang patted his head, and laughed: "Why didn't I think of it?"

"Sister Qilian, let's go!" Chen Xiang pulled Lv Qilian's hand. Lv Qilian didn't know where Chen Xiang was taking her, but she didn't ask.

She took out a jade talisman and told Long Huishan some things, then they used an array disc to teleport out of the Hundreds of Flowers Village.

Then, Chen Xiang used the s.p.a.ce wind and brought him to the bottom of You Ming Deep Abyss.

"You Ming Deep Abyss?" Lv Qilian didn't really understand what was going on below.

"Mm, my secret place of cultivation!" Chen Xiang brought her to the bottom, pa.s.sed through the stone door, and entered the tunnel.

"Huo Lin!" Yue'er was not here, so he could not bring Lv Qilian deeper in. He felt that if he were to stay here, Huo Lin would be able to bring him into the Qilin Hall.

Sure enough, not long after he finished shouting, he and Lv Qilian suddenly disappeared, and then appeared on the gra.s.s in front of the Qilin Hall's entrance.

Lv Qilian also didn't know where he was. He only felt that this was an independent and stable s.p.a.ce, and it was filled with dense energy, as if it was inside a dragon's vein.

"Brother, is this eldest sister-in-law?" Huo Lin laughed as he walked out.

"That's right, I brought her here to cultivate together with me!" Oh right, when you first met your eldest sister-in-law, didn't you give her any gifts? " Chen Xiang chuckled: "Sister Qilian, this is Huo Lin, a pretty good kid, he's a Fire unicorn!"

Huo Lin curled his lips: "These are all gifts from the elders to the juniors, how can any of the juniors give them to the elders?"

Lv Qilian chuckled: "He's joking, don't listen to him!"

Huo Lin also laughed, "Sister-in-law, I really do have a present for you!" As he spoke, he took out a snow-white lotus flower.

"This is called the Divine Lotus of All Living Things. I can sense the Life Power that Sis cultivates, so I think it should be more suitable for you!" Huo Lin pa.s.sed the lotus flower to Lv Qilian.

"Brat, you actually didn't give it to me. You're too ungrateful!" Chen Xiang scolded with a smile as he received the Lotus of All Living Things and stuffed it in Lv Qilian's hands. He was very clear on the background of this Huo Lin, since the Core of the Earth was the treasure of the Nine Heaven World, so he definitely had a lot of good stuff on hand.

When Lv Qilian saw this divine lotus, he had felt a trace of Qi from it and felt that he liked it a lot. However the moment she touched the divine lotus, the divine lotus's radiance blossomed and then disappeared!

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang was shocked. "Sister Qilian, what about the divine lotus?"

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