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What Chen Xiang was suspicious of was why his Life-Killing Divine Deity was so easy to condense, and why Lv Qilian should have also known that he had done so, but she had never mentioned it. He felt that Lv Qilian definitely had thought of this, but did not succeed, that was why he did not mention it.

After fusing with the divine soul, Chen Xiang's new Divine Deity could be considered to have been successfully completed.

"Hurry up and test the effects." Yue'er shouted in antic.i.p.ation.

Chen Xiang nodded, activated the Alive Slain Method, and controlled his Life-Killing Divine Deity to absorb the large amount of Six Realms' Power, quickly transforming the Six Realms' Power into a life and death force.

Not long after, Chen Xiang's palm released a pale purple light, and after a while, the purple light became even stronger. His palm was filled with purple mist, and after spinning for a while, it gathered together, and condensed into a purple bead.

Seeing the purple pearl, Yue'er said, "Isn't this the purple pearl condensed from your dual cultivation with them? You can do it yourself now, and the quality seems to be much better."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "Yes, and I haven't finished it yet." He continued to circulate his Qi. Very quickly, the life and death force he released was no longer able to be absorbed by the purple pearl. This meant that this purple pearl had already reached its peak, unable to further enhance its quality.

"It's only been two hours. It's pretty fast, isn't it?" Yue'er replied, "How can I test it out?"

Chen Xiang said: "I need to go and ask Sister Qilian before I know. Only she knows about the Purple Beads, and needs to leave the Earth Core for a trip."

… ….

Chen Xiang brought Yue'er through the Transmission array of Huo Lin's Qilin Hall to the surface, then he used an array disc to head to Hundreds of Flowers Village.

After arriving at the Hundreds of Flowers Village, Chen Xiang felt that this place was extremely deserted and there were at least a few beautiful girls chattering away in the past.

"Little Lizhi." Chen Xiang suddenly saw an exquisite figure appear in front of him. She seemed to be in a hurry.

Hearing Chen Xiang's shout, Little Lizhi immediately turned her head over. She looked like she had something urgent, but she still walked over quickly.

"Chen Xiang, didn't you go back to cultivate? Little Lizhi asked as he walked over.

Chen Xiang looked at her while grinning. He did not see this pet.i.te beauty before.

Little Lizhi was dressed in black tight clothes, as though she was going to fight.

Just as she finished speaking, Chen Xiang reached out his hand and touched her face. If it was anyone else, she would have definitely cut off her opponent's face with one strike, but she could not do anything to Chen Xiang when he touched her face. She could have avoided him originally, but she did not.

"I'm going to find Sister Qilian." Chen Xiang giggled and retracted his hand: "Did you see Elder Sister Bai Feng? She is a woman that is very similar to you, you two should be able to get along well with her right?"

"Yes, we did, and I don't know why." Little Lizhi nodded his head: "I just so happen to be going to look for Asgard Mistress, let's go together."

Chen Xiang nodded and even pulled her jade hand. She did not refuse and brought Chen Xiang over to Lv Qilian's house with quick steps.

"Why is it so quiet here? Where did all those girls go?" Chen Xiang asked curiously. After walking for a while, he still did not see anyone.

"Some of them went to the Heavenly Divine Palace and received guidance from them." Little Lizhi said: "I had stayed there for a period of time before. At that time, I was responsible for guiding us, and Hannya is also there now."

After all, the Great Divine Lord is the strongest existence in the Nine Heaven World. Chen Xiang nodded her head: "You guys must work harder, and help Qilian to complete her great undertaking in Divine Nations."

"Of course." Little Lizhi brought Chen Xiang to Lv Qilian's residence and immediately opened the door and entered.

Lv Qilian was in the secret room, but Little Lizhi did not inquire any further. He gently opened the stone door of the secret room and brought Chen Xiang in.

Lv Qilian was sitting cross-legged on a jade lotus throne. She opened her eyes slightly, and when she saw Chen Xiang and Little Lizhi, she softly asked.

"Little Lizhi, you go first." Chen Xiang hugged Yue'er, and directly sat on the side of her larger lotus seat. Lv Qilian spat out lightly, and then moved his body, allowing Chen Xiang to enter.

Little Lizhi had already known that Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian had cooked raw rice until they became ripe, so he was not surprised by it at all.

I was originally together with Xue Yi, but she didn't know why she suddenly mentioned that she wanted to go to Super G.o.d Realm. She said that the All-beast Divine Lord there needed her help, so she went there. Little Lizhi said: "She asked me to tell you that the things she is responsible for will need to be arranged differently."

Chen Xiang said: "I haven't even come back to see this Little Naughty Dragon, what are you and her so busy with?"

"Collect the materials for setting up the formation. Meng'er and the others told us to make these materials a long time ago. We've only collected half of them." Little Lizhi said.

"Go find Baifeng and see if she's good in this aspect." Lv Qilian said, "If she's willing, then let's go together."

"He's definitely good. When I was in Divine Cauldron Nation, she was the one who bought the divine medicine for me." Chen Xiang laughed. "She and Little Lizhi are like two sisters, they will definitely be compatible. I had told Elder Sister Bai Feng before, and Elder Sister Bai Feng also said that she was my little wife."

Little Lizhi spat softly before turning around and leaving the secret room.

When Little Lizhi left, Chen Xiang immediately smiled and revealed Lv Qilian's delicate body. "My beautiful female emperor, you've missed me to death."

Lv Qilian snorted lightly, and then looked at Chen Xiang with a gaze that was as gentle as water. At this moment, she was also hugged by Chen Xiang, and raised her head slightly to kiss Chen Xiang.

Yue'er speechlessly replied, "You really don't take me seriously. I'm still here."

An hour later, Lv Qilian's beautiful face slowly tidied up her clothes. It had been a long time since she had received Chen Xiang's warmth.

"All of you have finished your work. It's about time to get down to business." Yue Er smiled.

Lv Qilian's jade face slightly flushed, and asked: "You little scoundrel, didn't you say that you would cultivate for many days? It's only been two or three days, what exactly do you want to return for?"

Chen Xiang took out a purple pearl and gave it to Lv Qilian, saying, "Sister Qilian, take a look."

Seeing the purple pearl, Lv Qilian immediately frowned: "How did you get it, you are dual cultivating with a woman who cultivates Alive Slain Method and is extremely strong at that." When she said this, she was full of jealousy.

Chen Xiang pinched Lv Qilian's slightly bulging jade face, and laughed: "I made this myself, you are extremely proficient with Alive Slain Method, and for powerful women, other than you, I don't think Sister Feng's grasp of Alive Slain Method is as good as yours."

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