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The Bone level Dan Chen Xiang and Yue'er had eaten were of the same quality, and both he and Yue'er were going to undergo their fifth set of Bones condensing as well, so the comparison was extremely fair …

Very quickly, six hours had pa.s.sed. Yue Er was the first to refine the medicinal power, but she did not trigger the opportunity to condense her Bones. She giggled: "Seems like you are a lot slower than me."

Chen Xiang frowned, and said: "Seems like I need eight hours to refine the Shangpin bone level Dan's power, is my body not as strong as yours?"

"Of course, I have been through a hundred tempering, and my Cat Race is also a relatively strong divine beast with a strong fleshly body, although its body is quite small." Yue'er smiled and said, "I've taken my second pill."

Yue'er used her small tongue to pick at a Bone level Dan in the jade box, then opened her mouth wide to bite its owner, raising her head and swallowing it into her stomach.

Just as he had guessed, it would take nine hours. This meant that his body was simply too weak, and if his body was slightly stronger, then it would allow him to finish refining the Bone level Dan within the next six hours. That would be the best stage to trigger the opportunity.

Chen Xiang looked at Yue'er who was lying on the ground. He really did not think that this little thing's body was actually stronger than him, capable of refining Shangpin bone level Dan s in six hours.

Currently, Bone level Dan were not suitable for Chen Xiang. Of course, he could also compress the quality of Bone level Dan, but that would weaken the Bones that he had condensed.

Only by increasing the strength of the body or the quality of the Bone level Dan would it affect the quality of the Bones that were condensed.

When Yue Er refined his medicinal strength, he refined another two batches of Shangpin bone level Dan and placed them in that jade box for Yue Er to eat.

Yue'er did not succeed in refining the second pellet. The further she went, the more required she would need to eat more Bone level Dan in order to trigger the opportunity of condensing Bones. Hence, two pellets failed, and Yue'er felt that it was very normal.

"I've refined the Nine Yin and yang Dan, eat the Nine Yin and yang Dan, I should be able to condense another set of Divine Deity, and at the same time, strengthen my fleshly body, when that time comes, eating this Shangpin bone level Dan will be very suitable." Chen Xiang said.

"Yes, these ten pills are enough for me to eat for a while." Yue'er replied: "When I condense the fifth Bones, I'll have to head out for a while. The power of the stars and moon will descend, and at that time, I'll be able to recover more or less of my strength."

Yue'er's recovery was also something that Chen Xiang was looking forward to very much, because once Yue'er recovered her strength, she would be an expert with a Divine Deity approaching seventy. Adding that she had the five Bones, her strength would be comparable to that of the Third Rank Divine King s.

Chen Xiang was very worried that he was the same as Xiang Hongdao, who was unable to refine another Nine Yin and yang Dan.

Chen Xiang had always been worried when he was refining the pill, but in the end, he discovered that there was no need for this worry, because his progress was extremely smooth. He felt that Xiang Hongdao's failure was possibly related to his refining skills, he used the Heavenly Alchemy, so such a thing shouldn't happen.

The Three disasters destroy flower quickly underwent nine tribulations, transforming into black death aura. After throwing the merciful G.o.d fruit into it, he began to refine it and quickly entered the latter natural stage.

Just like last time, when two divine medicines' Spirit blood s came into contact, he did not need to control them himself to fuse them into a pill naturally. This allowed him to once again see the natural scene of the two divine medicines.

"This time, it's going to be very fast. We'll be refining Nine Yin and yang Dan in six hours." Yue'er replied, "I remember that the pellet you refined previously had some kind of Pill Calamity, but this pellet didn't. Could it be that it's in the center of the earth, and that this is the Time Formation?"

Just as she finished speaking, a dense black cloud suddenly condensed in the s.p.a.ce of the Time Formation, slashing down a strange lightning bolt that struck the divine pellet.

"The power of the Great Dao is everywhere. There is no way to avoid it." Chen Xiang laughed: "But Nine Yin and yang Dan are not afraid at all, and after experiencing the Pill Tribulation, they can be considered to have truly succeeded in condensing a pill."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't let me surpa.s.s you, maybe once I eat this Nine Yin and yang Dan, my physical body will level up, and then I'll be suitable to eat high grade Bone level Dan, and maybe I'll be faster than you."

Yue'er tenderly snorted. "I don't believe it, I'm definitely the fastest."

After eating the warm Nine Yin and yang Dan, Yue'er did not make a fuss this time because of what she had experienced previously. However, after seeing Chen Xiang experience eight other changes, she still felt that it was extremely mystical.

After the final transformation of his fleshly body, Chen Xiang began to condense his Divine Deity. This time, he wasn't condensing the Divine Deity of fire, nor was he condensing the Divine Deity of s.p.a.ce and constellations. He was going to condense the fourth innate ability, Divine Deity, because it would be very useful to him and he wasn't sure if it would be the same as he expected.

"This is the only way now." Chen Xiang activated Alive Slain Method, he wanted to cultivate up a set of Life-Killing Divine Deity, then at that time he would be able to use the Life and Death G.o.d Power to replicate the divine medicine.

If one Life-Killing Divine Deity was not enough, he would condense two, and if two was not enough, he would condense three, and condense four … In short, this was of great use to him. Right now, he only had fifty sets of Shangpin bone level Dan, which was not even enough for him and Yue Er.

"I don't know if Qilian's thinking is the same as mine, starting from condensing Life-Killing Divine Deity, if you want to do it, you have to first have a very good understanding of Alive Slain Method. Sister Qilian is so familiar with Alive Slain Method, what does she not have, does she have no condensing Life-Killing Divine Deity, could it be that it is impossible to condense?"

Chen Xiang had his doubts before, but he always forgot to ask Lv Qilian.

Very quickly, in less than three days, Chen Xiang had activated the method to gather power in the Alive Slain Method, and condensed a piece of Life-Killing Divine Deity. The process was actually this simple, and it was even hard for him to believe.

"This Life-Killing Divine Deity is actually of the fire attribute. Is this even a Life-Killing Divine Deity?" Chen Xiang took a closer look at that Life-Killing Divine Deity, and discovered that it had a very strong fire energy, it didn't seem like it could replicate a divine medicine's Divine Deity.

"Did something go wrong?" Chen Xiang also noticed that this Divine Deity was slightly different from his previous flame Divine Deity, and was a little weaker.

Even if it isn't Life-Killing Divine Deity, I still wouldn't suffer much of a loss. This Divine Deity merging into the fire divine soul, is also about as strong as the other fire Divine Deity. "" So what?

Chen Xiang still had eight fire divine soul, so he didn't know what kind of divine soul was suitable for him. After all, the power of the Life-Killing Divine Deity was biased towards flames, so he had decided to use fire divine soul to fuse them.

Yue'er was also very much looking forward to Chen Xiang condensing the new attribute Divine Deity, so she naturally knew that the amount of Shangpin bone level Dan and divine medicine in Chen Xiang's hands was not even enough for the two of them.

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