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Chen Xiang had been together with Yue'er for a long time, recalling all sorts of strange powers she had, but none of them could scare him to death. He had admitted that Yue'er's abilities were not small, but now, he felt that she was exaggerating.

"Is it true? Why have I never seen you use that kind of frightening power before?" Chen Xiang laughed, his face had a look of disbelief.

Chen Xiang suddenly thought of Yue'er's other power, which was that every once in a while, the power of the stars and moon would descend upon her. This could also be considered as a strange power, but this wasn't the power of her Cat Race, it was triggered by the power of her bloodline, the bloodline of the stars and moon.

Chen Xiang thought about it carefully. Up until now, he and Yue'er had indeed not seen her use the power of the Cat Race, and she had only become a little kitten.

Yue'er raised her head, and snorted: "I won't tell you. In short, I just need to use a certain amount of Divine Deity to use my bizarre power."

Chen Xiang was truly curious, he hurriedly rubbed Yue'er's small belly, causing Yue'er to giggle and shout, "You're not going to tell me, I'm going to let you keep me in suspense."

"Big brother, it's actually not like that. The Cat Race's strange powers are very mysterious and would normally not tell anyone else. Even those that you trust a lot would not tell you." Huo Lin laughed.

"Exactly." Yue'er escaped from Chen Xiang's grasp and flew over to his head.

Chen Xiang did not pursue the matter any further. After all, this matter concerned Yue'er's secret.

"Huo Lin, can you help me get a set of fire attribute divine soul? Chen Xiang said. He had just condensed his Bones and needed to integrate his divine soul.

Huo Lin nodded: "Of course there is. It is very easy to produce powerful fire divine soul from the core of the earth. These are the ten fire attribute divine soul I gathered before.

Chen Xiang was very happy that there were suddenly ten sets of powerful fire divine soul. To Huo Lin, divine soul was not something precious, he could go to the center of the earth to search for them whenever he had the time, and it would be very easy to find them.

After Chen Xiang obtained the divine soul, he immediately returned to the secret underground room and entered the Time Formation to cultivate.

"After fusing, my arms are considered to be balanced." Chen Xiang had wanted to let his right arm possess Bones and divine soul since a long time ago, and now that his Bones was not only used to fight, it could also be of great help to him in refining pills.

The Bones condensed out from his right arm was also a Double bone level. This time, he had fused with two extremely strong fire divine soul, so the strength of his right arm was slightly stronger than his left arm.

The fourth condensed Bones had already been completed, and next, Chen Xiang ate another Zhongpin Dan. This was the last pellet, and he only had one mid-grade Bones pellet, while the rest were all pellet of the Shangpin bone level Dan.

"Chen Xiang, do you really want to know what that bizarre power of mine is?" Yue'er suddenly asked with a smile.

"I am indeed curious, but this is your secret. If it is leaked, it might have a great effect on you." Chen Xiang said.

"If my enemies knew, it would indeed have a great effect, but for a bizarre power like mine, I would need seventy Divine Deity to use it even a little, and even a little would make me very powerful. It's just that I did not reach seventy Divine Deity back then, otherwise, I wouldn't have been ambushed by those fellows from the Divine Nations." Yue'er tenderly snorted.

"He actually needs seventy Divine Deity to use it. He's really powerful." Chen Xiang replied: "Is this innate strength."

Yue'er nodded her head, "It's innate strength. That kind of ability is mainly to make my body reflect any kind of power, and the strength it reflects will be increased by ten times, or at most, ten times. I should be able to reach the peak of my power."

"Is this for real? You've never used it before, how do you know you have this ability?" Chen Xiang was very shocked. This was indeed very terrifying, no matter what power it was. .h.i.t at, it would always reflect back, and the highest would increase by ten times.

If she didn't know, then it would be suicide to use her strongest power to attack her. No wonder she kept this kind of ability a secret from him, but Yue'er telling Chen Xiang now meant that she trusted Chen Xiang a lot.

"When I was born, I already knew about my innate strength. Back then, I was only a bit away from cultivating to seventy Divine Deity." Yue'er sighed. "It will take some time before I can recover."

Chen Xiang touched her, and laughed: "I am a Alchemist, it is very easy for you to become stronger if you want, but the prerequisite is that you have to wait for me to become stronger. Aren't you lacking Bones?

Yue'er nodded her head: "It's rather hard for me to eat Bone level Dan in Star Law Divine Realm, especially high-grade Bone level Dan. Even if I can buy one, its quality is not suitable for me.

In the time she had with Chen Xiang, she had discovered that condensing Bones could actually be that easy. It wasn't just easy for Chen Xiang, even the people around him were like this.

"Let me refine this Bone level Dan and take a look." What Chen Xiang had previously eaten was also a middle ranked Bone level Dan, after condensing the fourth set of Double bone level, he didn't know what kind of Bones was more suitable for him.

It had only been four hours, Chen Xiang had already refined the medicinal force, and previously, before he managed to condense the fourth Bones, it had taken more than six hours.

"What's going on? I only cultivated the Fourth Double bone level, and my body already became so strong. I didn't even feel it myself." Chen Xiang was very suspicious.

"It's not strange, if you condense Double bone level four times, that would make a total of eight Bones. Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang could only refine high quality Bone level Dan now, Xiao Ping had given him a hundred batches of Shangpin bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients, he had given Feng Yujie and the others fifty batches, and he himself had left half of them.

Bone level Dan were originally easy to refine, especially for Chen Xiang. He could easily refine low and middle graded Bone level Dan, so he did not feel any pressure when refining high ranked Bone level Dan.

He quickly refined one furnace, and he felt that if he refined a few more batches, he would be able to use the Bones in his eyes to instantly form the pellet.

It was the same as the lower middle graded one, as he could produce six pills while refining the Shangpin bone level Dan.

Chen Xiang and Yue'er ate one pellet each, and then refined the medicinal power together.

"Yue'er, can your body cultivate Bones now?" Chen Xiang was curious about this.

"Of course you can. I am already in the Cat Race, and my cat form does not affect my ability to unleash my power, not to mention that this is my main body." Yue'er laughed: "Let's compete to see who can condense Bones first."

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