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After consuming the Nine Yin and yang Dan, Chen Xiang immediately felt his body being struck by the medicinal power. Surprisingly, his body became extremely cold.

"My body has to undergo nine transformations?" Chen Xiang felt that his body was incomparably cold, but he didn't feel very uncomfortable.

"Your body is emitting a terrifying cold energy. This Nine Yin and yang Dan is not simple indeed!" Just as she finished speaking,'s body fiercely spewed out flames.

Chen Xiang was engulfed in flames, but he didn't feel like anything was wrong, "My body is only warm, I can still endure it. Now it's my second transformation!"

Yue'er watched from the side. Her speed of change was quite fast, which meant that her medicinal strength was very strong and her performance was very good.

"It was hot and cold just now! Now is Righteousness! " Chen Xiang said, "After the heat, I felt that my body had suddenly become very strong, just like an iron fist. Then, it became very soft again, like soft."

Yue'er nodded. "It's already been four transformations. How do you feel?" She had just finished asking, when she suddenly cried out in alarm.

Because she saw Chen Xiang had suddenly melted, little by little, as if he was a wax that was being burned by a big fire, and turned into something on the ground.

Yue'er was frightened, and just as she was about to do something, she melted but Chen Xiang slowly changed back into her normal form.

"The sixth and seventh forms have been completed. Melting and solidifying are the complete opposite. It might be the corresponding Yin and Yang forms!" Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, his body suddenly started to shrink.

Seeing this, Yue'er's eyes turned round as she shouted in alarm, "What change is it now?"

"I'm getting smaller!" Chen Xiang's voice also became tender, and in the blink of an eye, he had turned into a very small child.

After Yue'er saw it, she flew over happily and circled above his head. "Little guy, brat, haha … …" You were pretty cute when you were young, I really want to pinch you! "

She had already nuzzled Chen Xiang's face with her little face.

"Little thing, I've just become smaller, and I'm about to become bigger. Hurry up and leave!" Chen Xiang laughed, after he said that, he started to get bigger again, and his body started to swell up, in a few blinks of an eye he had turned into a giant, his clothes were also swollen till they were torn apart.

"Previously, it was hot and cold, but now it has been melted and solidified. Now it has been changed in size. It has already changed eight times. What is the final change?" Yue'er was extremely curious, looking at the giant Chen Xiang.

"The final change is, of course, metamorphosis!" Chen Xiang could clearly feel it himself.

Sure enough, right after he finished speaking, his body suddenly turned black. At this moment, his entire body, including his eyes and hair, was wrapped in a layer of black, hard skin, as if he was burnt.

"My body has become stronger, and my Divine Sense Sea has already condensed this kind of Qi, I can now condense my Divine Deity, this Nine Yin and yang Dan is truly powerful!" Chen Xiang immediately used his Star Shift to cultivate the spatial Divine Deity.

Yue'er watched the pitch black Chen Xiang from the side, patiently waiting for him to break the "sh.e.l.l". Suddenly, she wanted to try this Nine Yin and yang Dan as well.

After two days, she suddenly heard a cracking sound, and the layer of black sh.e.l.l that wrapped around Chen Xiang started to crack. Chen Xiang shouted loudly, and shattered all of it.

"Get dressed!" Littlemoon covered her eyes with her two little paws.

Chen Xiang laughed and anxiously put on his clothes, then said: "I have condensed a Divine Deity, this Nine Yin and yang Dan not only can condense a powerful Divine Deity, it can also strengthen my fleshly body, I feel that after eating the Zhongpin bone level Dan, I can refine it for a good six hours, I can go condense the Bones now."

Every single time Chen Xiang would condense Double bone level, and if he condensed eighteen Bones nine times, these eighteen Bones would be as powerful as twenty or thirty times, which would be able to increase his strength tremendously.

"Where is your divine soul?" Yue'er asked: "Aren't you going to give your new Divine Deity first?"

Chen Xiang laughed complacently: "No need, the Nine Yin and yang Dan have already been formed for me!" After he finished speaking, he ate a Zhongpin bone level Dan.

Right now, his eyes, left arm and right leg all had Bones, and had already congealed three times. He could still condense six more times, but he did not know whether he would still be able to condense Double bone level next.

The Zhongpin bone level Dan's medicine had already been refined, and it took six hours, and it was just right! Right now he no longer had a middle tier Bone level Dan, but it was easy for him to refine. He used his eyes to release the fire in his eyes and instantly formed six pellets.

"I don't believe that I can't condense it!" Chen Xiang took one pellet, and refined the medicinal power of the pellet …

The more Bones he had, the harder it was to condense. He ate more than three hundred pills, and after half a year, his right arm finally had a feeling. After that, he very calmly channeled all of his energy towards his right arm.

After two days, he had successfully condensed the fourth position, the Bones, at the right arm. At this time, his left and right arm already had the Bones.

"You … I only have four Bones now, how could you finish it so quickly?" Yue'er muttered: "How do we deal with your Bones?"

Chen Xiang laughed and said: "I use fire as the main element, and in this heart of the earth, I am not worried about natural divine soul without fire attribute, I just need to ask Huo Lin."

"That's true!" Yue'er nodded, as long as it was a strong flame divine soul.

Chen Xiang and Yue'er walked out of the Time Formation and left the underground secret room.

Knowing that he had exited the secret room, Huo Lin hurried over.

"Big brother, you've only been in for less than a day and you've already come out!" Huo Lin knew that Chen Xiang was using a formation to cultivate, but he did not know that it was Time Formation.

"He has already stayed in that array for more than half a year. His array formation is the Time Formation." Yue Er said.

"Oh right, what is the background of this kitten?" I always felt that you were very powerful! " Huo Lin smiled as he touched Yue'er.

You are also a beast, have you heard of Cat Race? Yue'er asked, "Then Earth's Core Divine Spirit will probably give you some information, right? Otherwise, you will be a fool who doesn't know anything."

Huo Lin laughed: "That's right, I do have a lot of knowledge, I have heard of the Cat Race you are talking about before, but I do not know much about it.

Chen Xiang looked at Yue'er, this little girl whom he had grabbed over and placed in his palms, "Yue'er, what kind of strange power do you have? Could it be the power of s.p.a.ce? But it does not seem to be some strange power! "

Yue'er might not be able to communicate with Xingyue, but that was because she possessed the bloodline of the Star Moon Divine Race.

"Hmph, this lady is amazing. My strange power is more than enough to scare the two of you to death!" Yue'er raised her little head and said with a very proud expression.

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