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The Qilin Hall was very big, but it was not built very well. Its entire body was a fiery red color and seemed to be out of place when compared to the dark green gra.s.s.

When Chen Xiang arrived at the entrance, the door automatically opened, and he saw a big hall. After he walked in, a young man dressed in red traditional Chinese clothing walked over with a bland smile.

"Who are you? You brought me here? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Not bad, did you have a good time when you came?" The man laughed heartily. It was clear that he meant no harm.

"Are you the Earthly beast of this place?" Yue'er asked, "Are you a qilin?"

The man nodded his head: "I am indeed a Fire unicorn, but I have a name, my name is Huo Lin, and only I am here!"

"Don't you find it expensive to live in such a large place?" Yue'er laughed.

"Of course I feel it, but I have no choice. Hopefully, this place will become lively in the future!" Huo Lin looked at Chen Xiang and saluted him: "Benefactor, I still don't know your name!"

"Benefactor?" Chen Xiang was a little doubtful: "My name is Chen Xiang, when will we be your benefactors?"

"If you hadn't helped me eliminate my other compet.i.tors, I wouldn't be where I am today! When Earth's Core Divine Spirit created us, because of some problems, I was the weakest of the lot. Originally, there was no hope for us to survive to the end, but never would I have expected that it would be because of benefactor's efforts that I survived. " Huo Lin laughed.

Yue'er had said before that Chen Xiang was the great benefactor of the Earth tree, and this was not wrong.

"So that's how it is!" Chen Xiang laughed, and patted Huo Lin's shoulders: "I didn't expect you to become like this so quickly, you're truly powerful!"

"Oh right, since it was an intervention, wouldn't the Earth's Core Divine Spirit blame me?" Chen Xiang looked around worriedly.

"Don't worry, Earth's Core Divine Spirit has already left. He will never come back, and he will go to other places without Earth's Core Divine Spirit to create Earthly beast, change his core, and create a world." Huo Lin laughed: "So before he left, he created this Earth Core Realm and can be considered my territory. Furthermore, I will also be responsible for protecting the earth's core in the future, so as to not let any creatures who had ulterior motives invade the earth's core to invade."

Yue'er giggled: "Does this mean that Chen Xiang has ulterior motives?"

Huo Lin laughed: "This is my decision, benefactor merely borrowed a bit of earth core's power to activate a formation, it will not harm the structure of the earth core."

"Not bad little guy. Just call me big brother. Don't call me benefactor." Chen Xiang laughed and shamelessly allowed the Fire unicorn to call him big brother.

"Yes, Big Brother!" Huo Lin seemed to be very simple, and furthermore, he truly wanted to repay the grat.i.tude. Originally, when he was created, he would need to undergo a lot of tempering before becoming a Earthly beast, but when an error occurred in the process of creating him, he became the weakest Earthly beast.

In this kind of training, only those who survived could become the master of this core! Originally, Huo Lin had had no hope, but who knew that Chen Xiang's sudden appearance would help him eliminate all of his opponents, causing him, who was destined to die, to win in the end and become the guard of the earth's core.

To Huo Lin, this was a life saving favor!

"Kid, you have the ability to change the trajectory of s.p.a.ce so that I can't leave the earth's core, but you didn't bring me here immediately." Chen Xiang laughed: "Are you trying to make fun of me?"

"Big Brother, how would I dare? I just want to show you the structure of this earth's core. Ordinary people do not have this opportunity. Huo Lin brought Chen Xiang out of the s.p.a.cious hall and into the gra.s.s outside. After that, he took out a stone table and let Chen Xiang sit down.

"Huo Lin, can you borrow the power of the earth's core from here? I need to train during this period of time! " Chen Xiang said.

"Of course I can. There is a place below my Qilin Hall where I can directly absorb the most powerful power from the earth's core. That is where I normally train!" If you need it, I can just modify it and make two of them. " Huo Lin said: "If Big Brother wants to leave, you can also use the Transmission array to leave, I have the Transmission array here!"

"So convenient! Oh right, did you make your own Transmission array? What should I do to get in here faster when I need to? " Chen Xiang never thought that there would actually be a Transmission array here.

"I didn't do it. It was prepared by the Geocentric creature when it left!" Huo Lin said: "If you want to come in, just shout at me at the end of the pa.s.sage and I will open the Transmission array to bring you in! I don't have the spatial power that big brother has. The reason I changed your spatial trajectory was because of the formation. "

Chen Xiang followed Huo Lin into the Qilin Hall. They arrived at an underground place, and there was a pond of fire here. They could sense a very strong Flame power.

"Big brother, you can stay here to cultivate! I can make one myself and control this place as I please. " After Huo Lin finished speaking, he closed the door and left, no longer disturbing Chen Xiang's cultivation.

In order to make the best use of his time to cultivate, Chen Xiang used the Time Formation. One day outside was equivalent to a year inside, which allowed him to earn more time to become stronger.

Only in this kind of place could the circulation of the Time Formation be maintained. Even if one used a dragon's vein, it would cause a lot of damage to the dragon's vein.

"I only have seven Divine Deity now, I'm really too weak. Facing those Divine Nations s, even seventy Divine Deity would not be enough!" Chen Xiang sighed: "I wonder when I'll be able to reach that realm!"

"It just depends on how well you're refining the pills. Generally speaking, eating Shangpin dan below forty Divine Deity is very effective, and those above forty Divine Deity need to eat Taipin Dan." Yue'er replied, "In other words, the divine medicine in your hands is already enough to satisfy you."

Chen Xiang took out the Nine Yin and yang Dan, and laughed: "I have to personally try out how effective this Nine Yin and yang Dan is, if it is good, then I will try to refine a Nine Yin and yang Dan with spiritual light, and this will allow me to improve by leaps and bounds."

"Right now, you need to condense a few more spatial Divine Deity and Celestial Phenomenon Divine Deity. This is more of a help to you! If you set the Hundred G.o.ds level as your goal, you must have at least twenty-five spatial Divine Deity and fifty sky elephant Divine Deity each, and then fifty flame Divine Deity. Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang currently had a lot of fire Divine Deity, but spatial Divine Deity could allow him to use even stronger spatial energy, allowing him to teleport even further.

"Let's begin now!" Chen Xiang ate the Nine Yin and yang Dan and checked if it had the same effects as the one in the legends.

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