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Using teleportation, he tried to leave this dangerous place as soon as possible. However, after he used teleportation, the place he arrived at was not the ground, but a place with flames on all four sides.

"c.r.a.p, this guy can also control s.p.a.ce. He changed the trajectory of your teleportation and told you to teleport below." Yue'er shouted in alarm.

Chen Xiang was now standing on top of a very big rock. Looking around, he realized that this rock was like a round stone slab, floating on top of the fire liquid. He was already at the bottom of the earth, and beneath the rock was the extremely hot fire liquid.

The center of the earth was very big, and it was surrounded by the red mist spewed out by the fire droplets. Chen Xiang could not see anything in the distance, but he knew that an extremely powerful Earthly beast was hidden here.

"This fellow wouldn't repay kindness with enmity, right?" Chen Xiang took out the Divine Azure Dragon Blade, he kept watch of the surroundings, and just as his entire body tensed up, the circular stone underneath his feet suddenly moved.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang immediately jumped to the side, he thought that something was holding onto the stone, as though it was trying to come out from below.

"Strange, that guy's aura has weakened. He doesn't seem to have any ill intentions towards you. Could it be that he wants to bring you somewhere?" Yue'er said, "If he wanted to make a move, he could have done so a long time ago!"

Chen Xiang also felt that it was strange, he walked to the center of the stone board, and since the stone board was moving even faster, it was flying towards a direction, as expected, it was going to take him somewhere.

The Nine Heaven World was very big, so the ground beneath was also very vast, like an ocean. The speed of the stone tablets Chen Xiang was standing on became even faster, it was just that he was surrounded by the fiery red mist and could not see the front.

More than two hours later, Chen Xiang suddenly felt something in front of him. Through the red mist, he could see a shadow in front of him.

Following the rapid movement of the stone slab, everything suddenly appeared clearly in front of him. There was something in front, but it was indeed an enormous stone wall. He had unexpectedly come to the edge.

"What's going on? If this continues, I'll crash into the stone wall! " Chen Xiang looked at the top and saw that there was no way out, it was also a stone wall. The only way into the center of the earth was probably through the pit that he had jumped down from, but following the movement of the stone slab, he was already far away from there and could not find his way back.

"There's a cave ahead." Yue'er was pleasantly surprised, "I wonder where we will go after we pa.s.s through that cave?" The heart of Nine Heaven World is truly wondrous! "

Chen Xiang also saw the cave, it was relatively large, but it was blocked by the boiling flame, so he did not see it.

The stone slab seemed to have its own intelligence as it moved towards the cave. The stone tablet was not small, but it was just right to enter the cave. This floating stone slab was specially made for this purpose by someone.

Chen Xiang sat down, the stone platform was not hot at all, but after entering the cave, it unexpectedly cooled down, not like he was in the center of the earth at all.

He could be considered to have experienced many strange things, so he was able to calm down. Up until now, he hadn't encountered any danger.

"Nine Heaven World is not a star structure, so it's not circular! When I was in Star Law Divine Realm, the earth's core that I had seen were all the cores of the stars, and they were all relatively small, not much bigger than the Nine Heaven World's. " Yue'er replied, "Nine Heaven World is just a huge floating board in the starry sky. It's not made out of stars, but it can operate really well. It's really strange!"

Chen Xiang looked ahead, and sat steadily, because they were going downhill, their speed was even faster!

"The earth's core is already deep enough, but it's still going down. Looking at the tunnel that's so long, it must be very deep." Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, he saw a bend in front of him. He immediately broke out in a cold sweat and shouted: "Yue'er, can you make this thing slower?"

"You and I tried it just now. We couldn't control it at all!" Yue'er hastily threw herself into Chen Xiang's embrace, and Chen Xiang firmly held onto her.

"It's about to collide, is it over?" Although it curved, when he saw that the stone wall in front of him was approaching quickly, he felt as if he was about to smash it ruthlessly into a wall. Just as Chen Xiang wanted to float up, he was sucked in by the stone slab, leaving him no choice but to stay on the stone tablet.

Just as it was about to collide with the stone slab, it made a sharp turn along the liquid of fire!

"Motherf * cker, that's so scary!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief.

"How exciting!" Yue'er giggled. "It's starting again!"

In front of him was another bend in the road. Chen Xiang swallowed his saliva, because he had the previous experience, he knew that it was not over, but even if he knew, he was still very worried.

"Here it comes …" "Ah, great!" Yue'er, on the other hand, was extremely happy. She laughed and shouted, "There's another one! It's a series of bends!"

Chen Xiang scolded: "Are you trying to scare my soul away?"

Just like this, Chen Xiang did not know how many bends he had made, he did not even know when the originally fiery-red liquid of fire had turned into clear and ice-cold water.

"This stone slab is definitely a very powerful divine tool!" Chen Xiang patted the stone tablet: "Otherwise, it won't bind me and won't let me leave."

"Who cares!" Yue'er giggled. "That's right, I really want to start all over again."

"Enough!" Chen Xiang pinched her small belly, "I still don't know where the h.e.l.l we're going!"

Right now, everything in front of them was perfectly straight, unlike the previous sharp bends and steep slopes. The movement of the stone slabs had also slowed down, and this waterway had become somewhat dark. Only the top of the channel would occasionally be lit up by some fluorescent stones.

"We've finally reached the exit!" Chen Xiang calculated in his heart. It had already been four hours since he stood on the stone slab, and he suspected that he was still in the center of the earth.

After walking out of this "soul-stirring" tunnel, there was a waterfall in front of him. After pa.s.sing through the waterfall, Chen Xiang arrived at the pool.

"What's going on? Isn't this the core of the earth? How can you see the sun and the blue sky! " Chen Xiang acted as if he had seen a ghost. He already went very deep from the You Ming Deep Abyss to the Core of the Earth, and then using the stone tablet to go through the tunnel. He went all the way down, and now he actually arrived at the same place as the ground.

"Look ahead!" Yue Er said.

When Chen Xiang looked forward, the clouds and mist suddenly dispersed, and a palace appeared. On top of the palace, there was a signboard, with the words "Qilin Hall" written on it.

Seeing those three words, Chen Xiang suddenly understood that the Earthly beast was actually a Fire unicorn!

"Wasn't this guy fighting over food with others back then? It has only been a few years since then, and we have been through so much comfort. Not only is there a good environment, there is even a palace! " Chen Xiang walked onto the sh.o.r.e, and headed towards the fiery red Qilin Hall with a stomach full of suspicions.

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