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Chen Xiang came to Shui Bingyan's living quarters. She was currently with Xiao Jin'er, and Yue'er was also there. Shui Bingyan was also a simple and charming and gentle girl, who looked very similar to Xiao Jin'er.

"Elder Brother Shen!" When Shui Bingyan saw Chen Xiang, she immediately flew over and threw herself into Chen Xiang's embrace. After separating from Chen Xiang for such a long time, she started to miss him more and more.

"I'm sorry BingYan, I haven't had the time to accompany you properly all these years!" Chen Xiang said with guilt.

"It's fine, I'm very happy here." Shui Bingyan smiled extremely sweetly and then kissed Chen Xiang's face. No one knew who taught her, but it made Chen Xiang very happy.

"Good morning, Elder Brother Shen!" Xiao Jin'er was still a little reserved, but he looked much better than before.

"Jin'er, it's good as long as you gradually get used to it. Your icy face is the same as yours, but she's currently living a happy life." Chen Xiang said.

"Mmm, my sisters are all taking care of me." Xiao Jin'er nodded her head: "In the past, Mother never allowed me to interact with others in the palace, and I was worried that I would be framed, but here, I don't have to worry, they all treated me like a little sister."

Chen Xiang carried Yue'er, and laughed: "That's good, I need to train with Yue'er for a while, I need to quickly become stronger, and only then will I be able to help your mother!"

"I want to become powerful too... Elder Brother Shen, can you help me? " Xiao Jin'er suddenly said: "Even though the sisters here are all women, they are all very powerful. Especially Sister BingYan, I can feel her presence. "In short, he's better than me."

Yue'er sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "She is a child of the Undead Heaven Spirit, she is most likely an Undying Battle G.o.d! If he wanted her to become a War G.o.d, Long Huishan would need to train her! Also, You Lan and Qianxiang, the two wild girls, have to be together with her frequently. This way, it would be able to have a huge impact on her, causing her to become full of wildness.

"BingYan, bring Jin'er to find Big Sister Hui Shan … Then, give this jade talisman to her, and inside it is what I told Big Sister Hui Shan. " Chen Xiang told Long Huishan some things that he wanted her to specially train him.

"Alright!" Shui Bingyan received the jade talisman, and then brought Xiao Jin'er to find Long Huishan.

Chen Xiang left Hundreds of Flowers Village, and headed straight for Nine Heaven Divine Palace!

… ….

This time, when Chen Xiang came to the Nine Heaven Divine Palace to look for Jiu Canghai and chat with him, he wasn't at the mountain peak, but in a secret room in the palace.

Jiu Canghai looked much more energetic than before, his entire body was filled with fighting spirit.

"Although dozens of years have pa.s.sed here, you shouldn't have spent too much time in the Divine Cauldron Nation, right?" Jiu Canghai laughed, he seemed to be even stronger now, and no one knew what he had been doing for the past few decades.

"Big Brother Canghai, you're the one who's acting like a Great Divine Lord!" Chen Xiang laughed: "I have returned successfully from Divine Cauldron Nation."

"Oh? Have you seen Xiao Yulan? " Jiu Canghai asked: "Did you ask her about the Heavenly magic sword's damage?"

"Yes, she knows nothing about this. She doesn't even know how the cauldron broke!" Chen Xiang said: "Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord did not directly tell her, but she sealed some important moves within the cauldron."

"What's the situation in Divine Cauldron Nation now?" Jiu Canghai nodded his head: "Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord did not tell her. It is obvious that she has some concerns, and it should be because of this matter that she needs to repair that cauldron in order to find out! Once you repair that cauldron, you will be able to obtain extremely powerful strength, so there is nothing to be afraid of. "

"Originally, the Divine Cauldron Nation could have competed for the throne peacefully, but then, a treasure of a Divine Nations suddenly appeared. Chen Xiang sighed, "Every Divine Lord has kept a hand in this. These fellows don't know why, but they do hope that such a struggle will occur within their own Divine Nations."

"These Divine Lord have lived their entire lives to the end, moreover, they no longer have any feelings for anything, so it's normal for them to be heartless towards their descendants! And the reason they all did the same thing is also because they were worried that the other Divine Nations s wouldn't fall into chaos, and would end up annexing the chaotic Divine Nations s. " Jiu Canghai thought for a while, then said: "If this time's Divine Cauldron Nation was not chaotic, then after the other eight Divine Nations s have battled, the Divine Cauldron Nation that did not have any injuries would definitely be able to eliminate the other eight nations."

Chen Xiang understood and said: "Every Divine Lord is worried, so I decided to do it this way. Only by doing this can I guarantee that Divine Nations will be in chaos and that they will even partic.i.p.ate! This way, they won't have to worry about their Divine Nations being annexed. "

"The nine great Divine Lord must have thought that we were only a small threat, so they did not place us in their eyes!" Jiu Canghai said: "So they are not worried that someone might take advantage of us after Nine G.o.ds Nation is in chaos. After all, we are too weak now, and as long as there are a few Great National Master s remaining, we will not be able to touch them!"

"That's true. Even if they lose 80% of their Essence, we still won't be able to do anything to them."

Chen Xiang was also very clear about the strength of the Divine Nations.

Jiu Canghai then continued, "Although our strength is far inferior to theirs, this is a rare opportunity for us. We must seize this opportunity! When the Nine Heaven World absorbs the Super G.o.d Realm, we need to possess strength that is on par with them, otherwise, the ones that will be killed will be us. "

"That's right, that's why I have to make the best use of my time in training." Chen Xiang nodded, then chatted with Jiu Canghai for a while longer. After knowing that Jiu Canghai had come into contact with Nine Heaven School, they secretly helped each other, since Jiu Canghai was the one who created Nine Heaven World, and Nine Heaven School was also named after him, they were now on the same side.

As the local power of the Nine Heaven World, they definitely could not let it go, this was their common goal!

Chen Xiang left the Nine Heaven Divine Palace and came to the pa.s.sageway leading to the core of the earth beneath the You Ming Deep Abyss.

"So many years have pa.s.sed here, I wonder how that Earthly beast is doing?" As Chen Xiang walked in the pa.s.sage, he started to worry.

Yue'er laughed, "What are you afraid of? It was too late for this fellow to thank you. Back then, you had helped him eliminate all his compet.i.tors, allowing him to obtain Earthly fruit s. "

The Core of the Earth was a holy land for cultivation for Chen Xiang. He could use the Time Formation here to buy him more time.

Chen Xiang walked to the end of the tunnel, looked down at the earth core, and said: "This earth core's growth speed is too astonishing!"

Yue'er said, "That's right, it is indeed terrifyingly fast. Just what is the reason behind this?" At this rate of growth, it will not be long before you become stronger than even the core of Star Law Divine Realm's main star. "

A roar suddenly came from below, accompanied by a surge of extremely hot Qi rushing up. Even though Chen Xiang was wrapped up by the s.p.a.ce Domain Yue'er released, he could still feel the terrifying heat.

"This Earthly beast has become very scary. What is going on? This rate of growth is very abnormal! " Yue'er shouted, "Let's go quickly! We can't stay here for long!"

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