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"Hehe, you guys are too obsessed with alchemy. You actually talked about alchemy when you were doing that kind of thing." A girl in a yellow dress walked in. Seeing her beautiful face, Chen Xiang immediately recognized her as Ji Ling'er.

"Another demoness!" When he had known Ji Ling'er all those years ago, Ji Ling'er had once seduced him with a very dubious method.

At this time, Chen Xiang used a quilt to cover an important part of himself. Then, a lady in red walked in and smiled charmingly: "Chen Xiang, don't you remember what happened when we were in the bathroom?"

"Red clouds, Ling'er!" You are Sister Feng's G.o.ddaughter now... "Restrain yourself a bit." Chen Xiang teased: "Sister Feng is already mine."

Feng Yujie shouted from outside: "Hurry up and come out, don't be so obedient, it's just some stuff, what's there to block."

"I want to take a bath!" Chen Xiang saw Feng Yujie walking in, and saw the playful smile on her face, and changed her words: "Fine, wait a while before washing!"

Chen Xiang put on his clothes and walked to the great hall. He sat between Du Yanyao and himself and laughed: "Qianqian, Yanyao! I just said that sister Meiyao's and Xiang Yue's pill refining skills couldn't compare to mine, they were very unconvinced, and said that you guys had developed some extremely powerful Seven Souls Refinement method. "

Du Yanyao's eyes moved about, and he chuckled: "The refinement of the seven spirits is truly powerful, but you cannot learn this method, because it requires seven people! Speaking of our alchemy techniques, I believe that we are not inferior to you. "

Chen Xiang took out the Bone level Dan's divine medicine and laughed: "Let's have a compet.i.tion right now to see who can refine the Bone level Dan the fastest and best!"

Chen Xiang looked at Feng Yujie. Feng Yujie was the eldest sister, so she must definitely be the best at concocting pills.

"We have put in so much effort, we will definitely not be weaker than you. Let's just compete!" She had also fought with Chen Xiang before, but had never won against him.

The seven women were all very serious and immediately took out their pill furnaces. They took out the Bone level Dan's divine medicine.

"Let me explain first. You can't hate me after losing, you can't hit me." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Are we that petty? On the other hand, if you lose, don't lose your temper. " Wu Qianqian smiled gently: "If you are truly stronger than us, then we should be happy!"

Chen Xiang pinched her face. Being caressed so intimately by Chen Xiang in front of so many people, Wu Qianqian's face suddenly turned red.

Du Yanyao said seriously: "Chen Xiang, many years, I have not seen you concoct pills with my own eyes! "When I thought about the first time I saw you concoct pills, I was extremely shocked. I hope that this time, you will be able to broaden my horizons."

Chen Xiang giggled, "Yanyao, the first time you saw me refining a pellet, it should have been when I was poisoned.

Of course, Du Yanyao remembered this. She looked at Chen Xiang with a red face, but Chen Xiang did not continue.

"Let's begin!" Chen Xiang coughed dryly and said.

When the girls saw that he had not taken out the pill furnace, they thought that he wanted to use the Magic method furnace s. They had also used the Magic method furnace s before, but they didn't know how to use them as well as Chen Xiang.

"You will lose for sure!" Su Meiyao was extremely confident as he inspected the divine medicine.

Just as they were about to put the spirit medicine into the furnace, they suddenly felt a terrifying Flame power from the side, they immediately looked over, only to see Chen Xiang's eyes shooting out two rays of light, which struck the spirit medicine in his hand.

The divine medicine was instantly refined, forming a ball of mist. It quickly merged, then divided into six parts. Finally, the pill was formed. This happened in a single breath, as if it had all happened in an instant.

"Haha, you must be scared silly!" Chen Xiang laughed.

The seven women were indeed scared silly as they stared at the six Bone level Dan s in Chen Xiang's palms in a daze. The speed at which they refined pellets was simply unimaginable, it wasn't that they didn't think about it, it was just that they felt it was impossible! Even if they were refining low level pills, they couldn't do so so quickly.

"This doesn't look like a technique from the Heavenly Alchemy!" Wu Qianqian, who was beside him, saw the most clearly: "But there is a Original source refining."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Indeed not, it's a method that I created myself! So I can't teach you guys. "

"You are so formidable, yet you want us to compete with you? You are bullying us!" Su Meiyao pouted and kept the pill furnace and divine medicine, "Little Scoundrel, you're getting more and more amazing."

"That's true, but no matter what, I was taught to me by sister Meiyao." Chen Xiang laughed and then suddenly became serious. He took out the Tianhuo Dan's, Heaven G.o.d fire Dan's and Nine Yin and yang Dan's divine medicine.

When Feng Yujie saw it, he immediately said: "It's the Tianhuo Dan's divine medicine, I don't know about the other one!"

"Amongst them, Tianhuo Dan s and their pill formulas are relatively common in the Divine Nations. Especially Nine Yin and yang Dan s, they are just a type of pill that doesn't exist …" She knew that Chen Xiang was different from the others. Taking out the medicinal herb now meant that he could already refine it.

Ji Ling'er said: "Mother, didn't you say that Nine Yin and yang Dan did not exist? In the Divine Nations, many Pill G.o.ds have been scammed before. "

Chen Xiang nodded, "I believe you all know about the Nine Yin and yang Dan! Amongst them, I will tell you in detail later, Nine Yin and yang Dan! Now, let's talk about this first. This is the Heaven G.o.d fire Dan's divine medicine. "

"Heaven G.o.d fire Dan?" Feng Yujie was extremely shocked: "This is what that Great National Master is most proficient in. It is said that this medicinal formula was created by him, and you were actually able to obtain this medicinal formula when you went to Divine Cauldron Nation. It seems like Xiao Baifeng did not tell me about the matter of you refining pills there."

"She is not too clear that this was given to me by a prince! As long as one cultivates fire-attribute divine power, they would be able to eat Heaven G.o.d fire Dan s. I ate two of them, and condensed one Divine Deity and one divine soul. " Chen Xiang said: "I will tell you about my refining experience later."

"Let's talk about the Nine Yin and yang Dan now!" Chen Xiang took out the Nine Yin and yang Dan that he had refined, then explained the process of his success in detail, especially the most crucial Three Lives and Nine Calamities, and the kind of natural dao pattern he had during the final process of concocting the pellet.

"Nine Yin and yang Dan, Heaven G.o.d fire Dan, Tianhuo Dan, I will give you fifty of them! I need to find Big Sister Qilian and think of a way. The Alive Slain Method must have even stronger effects, since my understanding of it isn't as strong as hers, and adding that I need to quickly level up, I don't have much time left. " Chen Xiang said seriously: "And even with the dual cultivation method, I don't think it will work. The Shangpin medicine is so much stronger than the middle and low rank beasts, it won't be easy to replicate."

Feng Yujie and the others had a deep understanding of this, Feng Yujie said: "I told Qilian to do it a long time ago, I'm waiting for her good news right now."

"Then I'll pa.s.s on my experiences and experiences to you all, and then I'll go into seclusion." Chen Xiang said.

The few women nodded, held hands, and all entered Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea, asking him to use his divine soul to impart his insights in this area to them.

After he was done, Chen Xiang asked Feng Yujie to inform Lv Qilian and the others that he was going to go into closed door cultivation for a period of time.

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