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"You're finally back, this place is still so friendly!" Huang Jintian stood on top of the array disc and controlled it to fly forward.

Yang Tianyi sucked in a deep breath, "The divine spirit energy here is close to the Super G.o.d Realm, it's a very good place.

"It's a familiar smell. I've stayed in this place for many years. At that time, I still didn't know anything about my clan." Huang Jintian thought back to the past and sighed.

Yue'er yawned in Xiao Baifeng's embrace. "We didn't go to Divine Cauldron Nation for very long. How much time has pa.s.sed here?"

"A few dozen years!" Huang Yantian counted with his fingers.

"Master, you should go and find Gu Dongchen and the others! They need some pointers right now. " Chen Xiang laughed: "I want to bring those girls back."

"Alright, but don't forget to give us some good divine pellets! If you can still refine that Nine Yin and yang Dan, remember to send a few of them over for a taste. " Huang Jintian laughed.

"Of course, but you have to prepare the Shen Yuan stone, and prepare your own brothers to settle the score!" Chen Xiang laughed as he took out an array disc, and teleported from the array disc to Hundreds of Flowers Village with Xiao Baifeng.

The Hundreds of Flowers Village suddenly had spatial fluctuations, causing Lv Qilian and Long Huishan to immediately rush over to check it out, as this fluctuation could only be created by Chen Xiang's array disc.

Xiao Baifeng had long known that Chen Xiang was very amorous and that he had many women by his side, but she had thought that Chen Xiang was the same as the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord, that he wanted any woman.

And now, Lv Qilian and Long Huishan, who were standing in front of Xiao Baifeng, gave her a strange feeling of pressure. She felt that although the two women before her weren't as strong as her, they gave her this kind of pressure, and she had felt this kind of pressure before, something that only the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord had.

She suddenly felt that these two women were just Chen Xiang's friends, and not his women!

Liu Meng'er and the others immediately came out from the ring. Seeing this, Xiao Baifeng immediately understood that other than Xiao Jin'er, there were other girls in Chen Xiang's storage ring.

"We're all back. That's good!" Long Huishan caressed Dongfang Jing's pure face, then looked towards the bashful Xiao Jin'er: "Who is this little beauty?"

Long Huishan looked at Xiao Baifeng again, and then laughed: "Chen Xiang, I asked you to go and save them. Now, not only are you bringing Meng'er and the others back, you also brought two more women with you."

"Hey hey, they are only friends with me! And he's here to seek refuge. Let's go back to the house first. " Chen Xiang curled his lips.

… ….

On the way, Xue Xianxian chattered about the reason why they were captured by Xiao Yulan, and then, he talked about the existence of the Hundreds of Flowers Village.

Xiao Baifeng finally understood the reason why Chen Xiang had entered the Jade Cauldron Palace. It seemed like it was to save Xue Xianxian and the others, and both he and Xiao Hongque knew about this. He also knew that the beautiful woman who told her about the past was Chen Xiang's official wife.

After knowing the existence of the Hundreds of Flowers Village, Xiao Baifeng gradually calmed down. This was a force formed of women, and the power behind it was Lv Qilian. She now understood why Chen Xiang was not afraid of him, because he had long gotten used to this kind of woman with the aura of an Emperor.

When he arrived at Lv Qilian's house, Chen Xiang had just sat down when Feng Yujie came over. When he saw Feng Yujie, Xiao Baifeng felt a little pressured, since Feng Yujie was after all, the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess, and this Nine Heaven World was closely related to Feng Yujie.

Soon after, Lv Qinlian and Jiu Hanrou arrived one after another. They could be said to be the stronger girls here, equivalent to a group of Great Leaders and Elders.

"The meeting is so boring. Let's go back!" When Xue Xianxian saw Lv Qinlian and the others, he knew that they were about to hold a meeting.

Liu Meng'er laughed: "Qilian, then I'll go back first! Baifeng, you should stay here. They have something to discuss with you. "

Xiao Baifeng nodded his head, they were women after all, and they were easy to talk about.

"Jin'er, let's go!" Dongfang Jing pulled Xiao Jin'er's small hand and followed Liu Meng'er and the others. They did not call Chen Xiang, and Yue'er was also carried away by Dongfang Jing.

"Are sister Meiyao and the rest free right now? I'll talk to them about refining pills. " What he said was the truth, but Lv Qilian and the others thought that Chen Xiang was planning something bad.

Just as he finished speaking, Yan Zilan's voice came from outside the door. She smiled gently: "It's been eighty years and they're already free. Quickly go and find them, do you want me to lead the way?"

"No need!" Just as Chen Xiang's voice fell, he ran off into the distance.

… ….

Chen Xiang had long asked Su Meiyao where their pill refining team was located, and this Hundreds of Flowers Village was not that big either. He quickly found out that it was a villa beside a stone mountain, where a small river flowed past the Villa, allowing Chen Xiang to enter through the water route.

The moment he entered, he saw a lady in a purple dress soaking her feet by the side of the river. She was holding a book in her hands and was engrossed in reading.

The lady in purple was Su Meiyao, she was seriously reading the book, but her jade-like face was extremely charming, this was the first time Chen Xiang had ever seen someone as charming as her!

After so long, when he saw Su Meiyao once again, Chen Xiang couldn't help but recall the scenes when he met Su Meiyao at the foot of the mountain back then, as well as his various ambiguous feelings for him.

"It's sister Meiyao! I didn't expect to see her as soon as I entered! " Chen Xiang was secretly happy in his heart, and then quietly went behind Su Meiyao.

"Ha!" Chen Xiang suddenly roared, scaring Su Meiyao out of his wits, he almost fell into the river.

"d.a.m.n little scoundrel. You haven't seen me for so long, yet you want to scare me to death upon meeting me? I'll beat you to death!" Su Meiyao threw Chen Xiang onto the ground and started to smack him.

Chen Xiang let Su Meiyao beat her for a while, then suddenly hugged her tightly as he flipped his body, pressing her down to the ground.

"Kiss me!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Bite you to death!" Su Meiyao charmingly laughed, her small mouth pouting s.e.xy, causing Chen Xiang to be even more unable to hold back, and she kissed him.

Just as the two was kissing pa.s.sionately, a coquettish laughter came out, it was Hua Xiangyue's laugh.

"Little Scoundrel is here, and he's still bullying our sister. Quickly come and hit her!" Hua Xiangyue was also a naturally born charming woman, like Su Meiyao. When Chen Xiang heard her voice, his bones couldn't help but go numb.

Seeing Hua Xiangyue flying over gently and releasing her, Chen Xiang stood up and laughed. She anxiously hugged Hua Xiangyue who had landed and pinched his waist, causing Hua Xiangyue to cry out charmingly.

"You little demoness who threw herself into my trap. Despite knowing that I'm a bad guy, you still came!" Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly. Just as she was about to do something to Hua Xiangyue, Su Meiyao, who was pushed down on the ground just now, suddenly kicked him in the abdomen, sending him flying into the river.

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