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Chen Xiang was initially disappointed, but now he was happy, because this was something that came out of a Three disasters destroy flower that went through nine disasters!

At this time, everyone was also confused, because Chen Xiang had already refined this Three disasters destroy flower for a period of time, but it still hadn't exploded! The Pill G.o.d who had refined Three disasters destroy flower before knew that it was enough for the Three disasters destroy flower to explode several times at this time, but Chen Xiang didn't!

Was he going to succeed? Pill G.o.d, who didn't believe it before, was now starting to believe it as well. He was looking forward to it!

"Master, were you like this before?" Xiao Ping frowned and asked: "He was burning fiercely, but the Three disasters destroy flower did not explode."

Xiang Hongdao nodded and did not say a word.

Chen Xiang quickly placed the merciful G.o.d fruit inside, and after he placed the merciful G.o.d fruit inside, he immediately began to burn it!

Although the Three disasters destroy flower had turned into a ball of black gas, he could still see the Spirit blood within the ball of black gas.

When he had refined the merciful G.o.d fruit to a certain amount of time, he saw the Spirit blood of the merciful G.o.d fruit fuse together with the black Spirit blood and white Spirit blood of the merciful G.o.d fruit!

At this moment, he was extremely nervous. He was worried that it would explode. His heart had almost stopped beating!

What surprised him was that he did not use much strength, but the two Spirit blood actually fused together. When they fused together, they instantly turned into two b.a.l.l.s of black and white medicinal liquid, revolving inside the pill furnace like the black and white Yin Yang Array!

Right now, Chen Xiang didn't even do anything as the two types of power actually rotated on their own, and compressed on their own, at an extremely fast speed. Chen Xiang had only just reacted to it when he turned into a black-and-white compatible pill, looking like a small pearl formed from Array of yin and yang.

He succeeded?

Chen Xiang could not believe that it would actually progress so smoothly later on. Especially the stage of fusion later on, it was like it was formed naturally!


Dark clouds suddenly covered the sky as bolts of lightning struck down!

"He succeeded!" Xiang Hongdao suddenly shouted with a face full of excitement: "This is the Nine Yin and yang Dan's Pill Tribulation! This pill is too heaven defying, and that's why it has attracted the Pill Tribulation!"


The Nine Yin and yang Dan inside the furnace suddenly rushed out!


Also at this time, an extremely strong bolt of lightning descended from the sky, striking the Nine Yin and yang Dan, shining with a blinding white light.

Chen Xiang flicked his palm and looked at the black and white Nine Yin and yang Dan which intersected in his palm. This familiar Array of Yin and Yang once appeared in his dantian for a very long time.

"I succeeded?" Chen Xiang did not dare believe it, this Nine Yin and yang Dan was simply too bizarre, especially the latter part of the process of how to condense nature into a pill which gave him a huge impact. The process of fusing the pills was very natural and full of spirituality, he felt that this was the power of nature, when refining other pills, although he could also achieve a perfect fusing process.

But it was not as natural and full of dao styles as when the Nine Yin and yang Dan fused with itself.

"Not bad, you've succeeded!" Xiang Hongdao walked over and carefully looked at the Nine Yin and yang Dan on his palm: "Is the process very beautiful?"

Xiang Hongdao knew that Chen Xiang understood his words, so he nodded, because he also knew what Xiang Hongdao was talking about!

"I don't know if you managed to succeed by chance, but no matter what, it will be of great help to you in the future. In short, I feel that I won't be able to succeed again in the future, but success once gives me a lifetime of endless use." Xiang Hongdao patted Chen Xiang's shoulder, "I think I don't have the qualifications to be your master. We both have the same master!"

What Xiang Hongdao said was something Xiao Ping could not understand, and others would not be able to understand, but Chen Xiang could understand it clearly!

The same master, and this master referred to the Great Dao! He would never forget the scene with the Nine Yin and yang Dan. It gave him a lot of inspiration, and it really did make him experience endless uses.

Chen Xiang nodded. At this time, Xiao Ping wanted to take out his Divine Deity, but he shook his head.

"My gains are already great, I don't need your Divine Deity anymore!" Chen Xiang looked at the Nine Yin and yang Dan in his hand. He felt that the divine pellet could allow him to condense one Divine Deity.

"I owe you this!" Xiao Ping laughed. He already knew the difference between Chen Xiang and himself, and he planned to focus all of his energy on refining Nine Yin and yang Dan in the future.

The pill refining compet.i.tion had ended, and Chen Xiang's pill refining skills made the other big heads jealous, but they did not dare make a move against Chen Xiang. They could all see how Xiang Hongdao treated Chen Xiang, and actually saw Chen Xiang as someone from the same generation!

The Storage bag that Xiang Hongdao gave to Chen Xiang had quite a few ingredients inside, but Xiang Hongdao did not want them back. He had quite a few.

"Take it. It should be useful to you. I don't plan on refining these anyway!" Xiao Ping gave Chen Xiang a Storage bag.

Chen Xiang looked inside, there were actually a hundred sets of Shangpin bone level Dan's divine medicines and a hundred sets of Heaven G.o.d fire Dan's divine medicines.

"Take care!" Xiao Ping knew that Chen Xiang was about to return to the Nine Heaven World, but this place would soon become filled with danger.

Chen Xiang walked off the stage and returned with Xiao Baifeng and Imperial Concubine Lian. Huang Jintian and the others also returned to prepare to leave.

Inside Xiao Baifeng's house, Xiao Yulan was already waiting for them there.

"Princess..." Xiao Baifeng's eyes became moist when she saw Xiao Yulan, because she wanted to leave with Chen Xiang but she couldn't bear to part with him. She also knew Xiao Yulan's predicament.

"Silly girl, don't cry! We will be fine in the future! " Xiao Yulan smiled gently, but a look of melancholy flashed past her eyes as she hugged Xiao Baifeng.

Xiao Baifeng then looked at Xiao Hongque, who was beside her: "Hongque, take good care of the princess, I will definitely come back in the future to help you!"

Because it was Xiao Yulan who ordered her to leave, she had no choice but to leave!

"I understand Elder Sister Bai Feng. When you return, you will definitely be stronger than me!" Xiao Hongque giggled at her, then looked towards Chen Xiang who was beside her.

Xiao Yulan and Xiao Hongque had seen Chen Xiang's performance when he was refining pills, so they were very confident that Xiao Baifeng would follow him. At the very least, they would not have to worry about him refining pills in the future.

"Baifeng, take good care of Jin'er for me." Although her face was filled with a charming and lovely smile, Chen Xiang could tell that she was also very reluctant to part with it.

Xiao Baifeng nodded.

"Don't worry about Imperial Concubine Lian. When we get to that place, there will be a lot of people looking after her. It's not like I haven't seen a silly girl like her before." Chen Xiang laughed and said: "If I can't continue staying here, I'll just go to the Nine Heaven World and find me. Since you are all beauties, I'll be happy to take you all in."

"d.a.m.n brat, let's go!" Imperial Concubine Lian giggled and stuck out his tongue: "Bring us to you, bring us to trouble you, don't blame us for it, you said that you would take us in."

Huang Jintian took out an array disc, smiled, and said: "This brat has caused more trouble than you, he's not afraid of the little trouble you guys have brought."

Huang Yantian activated the formation plate: "We are leaving, do you have anything else to say?"

Chen Xiang had already pulled Xiao Baifeng and stood on the array disc.

"Take care. If it doesn't work, we'll go find you." Xiao Yulan waved goodbye to Chen Xiang and the others.

"Let's go!" Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian activated the array disc at the same time, and then disappeared in front of Xiao Yulan and the others.

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