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The time limit was two days, but the crowd felt that Chen Xiang would not succeed. Seeing him sitting there without moving, they knew that he was thinking, and was definitely unable to continue.

What no one knew was that Chen Xiang had already made a great breakthrough, found the direction, and was just a little bit away from refining it.

"How can we let Three disasters destroy flower experience nine deaths? If it can be reborn after death, then it can be carried out three times. But the question is, how can it be carried out? " Chen Xiang continued to ponder, but just as he was pondering, a familiar scene appeared in his mind: the two Zhou brothers.

The brothers of the Zhou family knew how to control time, allowing the destroyed to return to its former glory!

The power of time could also be used on G.o.dly medicines. In the past, there had been people who had used the Time Laws to mature G.o.dly medicines. Of course, this could also cause them to regress!

"Does that mean I have to control the mysteries of time?" Chen Xiang's head started to hurt. This was the best method he could think of right now.

"No matter what, let's try the Pink Ash Three disasters destroy flower and see!" Chen Xiang, who had been deep in thought for a long time, finally began to refine pills. He placed the Three disasters destroy flower into the furnace alone and started to burn it.

"I would like to see what three disasters are. During the process of the Three disasters destroy flower being burned to death, it should experience three disasters on its own. This is equivalent to three deaths, and right now, it is required to experience nine of them." Chen Xiang set the flowers on fire.

In just a few moments, the Three disasters destroy flower was trembling violently. Chen Xiang immediately focused on observing, and realised that the flower inside the pill furnace seemed to be wailing in pain, and its entire body was trembling, causing the fire inside the furnace to become even more berserk!

"It's a fire!" Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to take a look, and was able to discern that those flames were not his own, but rather that the flames the Three disasters destroy flower had released.

After continuing for a while, the Three disasters destroy flower calmed down. Its color and shape had changed greatly!

"He was reborn after he died, and he became even stronger!" At this time, he was using the Bones of his left arm, causing the flames to become stronger. He was surprised to discover that after this Three disasters destroy flower was reborn, it had become even more resistant to flames.

He used the Dao heart Eye to look at it and was shocked in his heart. "It has changed, this is a water attribute, this flower contains a strong power of water, could the second calamity be a flood?"

Sure enough, just as he was guessing, when the Three disasters destroy flower was being burned by the intense flames, it actually shook violently, and released a very strong water attribute divine power! After coming in contact with Chen Xiang's flame, it released steam. Chen Xiang had no choice but to open the lid of the pill furnace, allowing the steam to come out.

Everyone was surprised to see this scene, because after Chen Xiang opened the lid, the blue mist came out continuously. In a few blinks of an eye, the entire plaza was filled with this blue mist.

Crash! *

It rained heavily! Seeing that, Xiang Hongdao frowned, and immediately dispersed the blue mist, and the rain stopped! At this moment, he had a strange look of antic.i.p.ation in his heart, because when he was refining the Nine Yin and yang Dan, a situation like this had also occurred. Chen Xiang was currently having the Three disasters destroy flower release the power of three disasters.

After the Three disasters destroy flower in the furnace released the power of the flood, it immediately changed into a white color, and was surrounded by electricity.

"Lightning disaster?" Chen Xiang was surprised again: "Didn't lightning strike first and then rain? Why is it that there's lightning after rain? "

Under the burning of his flames, the Three disasters destroy flower had already experienced rebirth twice. If it was burned down again this time, it would probably not be reborn, unless there was a way to rebirth the Three disasters destroy flower.

Now, Chen Xiang really wanted to know how Xiang Hongdao succeeded in the beginning.

Very quickly, the Three disasters destroy flower released the power of the third calamity. The interior of the pill furnace was filled with flashing lightning and rumbling thunder, which was extremely terrifying. After releasing the third calamity, the Three disasters destroy flower also disappeared from the pill furnace.

"It looks like I can only use the Alive Slain Method to revive the Three disasters destroy flower the instant it was exterminated!" Chen Xiang closed his eyes and secretly recalled the methods inside the Alive Slain Method.

"The combination of the Heavenly Alchemy and the Alive Slain Method should be useful!" Chen Xiang also knew that if he were to use this method, it would consume a lot of his Six Realms' Power.

Once again refining the Three disasters destroy flower by himself, with his previous experience, he quickly burned the Three disasters destroy flower to the very end. The moment when the Three disasters destroy flower was done releasing the lightning, he released the life force that he had been brewing with the Alive Slain Method for a long time, and combined it with the Heavenly Alchemy, he refined the Three disasters destroy flower into a pile of ashes.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The pill furnace actually shook violently, releasing a heaven shaking sound. However, the pill furnace was fine, this was only the power released by the rebirth of the Three disasters destroy flower after three disasters.

"Do you want to start over again?" Chen Xiang once again used a strong flame to burn this reborn Three disasters destroy flower. This time the color of the Three disasters destroy flower was different from before, and it had become even more powerful, and was currently producing a very strong Flame power.

"The power of these three disasters is different from the last three times. It's a great increase!" Although Chen Xiang was struggling, he was still very happy in his heart. This was because this was just as he had predicted before, that the Three disasters destroy flower would have to undergo three rebirths before experiencing nine disasters in order to show its true power.

Now that he had started to condense the source energy, he still needed to make it come back to life when he was done with it!

Very quickly, the second round of three disasters was about to end. Chen Xiang concentrated, because this was the most crucial moment, as long as he allowed this Three disasters destroy flower to be reborn a second time, he would be able to complete the nine disasters.

The instant it was exterminated, he used his life force to rush over, and then used the Heavenly Alchemy to quickly refine it.

After reincarnating, the Three disasters destroy flower became very big and began to emit a deathly aura. This surprised Chen Xiang greatly, because this was the true appearance of the Three disasters destroy flower!

Under his burning flames, this round of three calamities quickly ended, and what Chen Xiang was looking forward to the most next!

Chen Xiang was stunned. This was not what he had expected, but when he was feeling disheartened, he suddenly saw that there was something black within the flames!

"What is this?" Chen Xiang quickly retracted the flame, the inside of the pill furnace was scattered with a black mist.

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