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"I choose the Nine Yin and yang Dan." Chen Xiang made a decision. He picked up the Nine Yin and yang Dan's jade tablet, and looked at the pill formulas inside. It was just like the one Xiao Baifeng had given him back then.

To actually choose a Nine Yin and yang Dan, everyone thought Chen Xiang was crazy, especially the Pill G.o.d who had failed multiple times above this. They felt that no matter how many times they tried to refine it, they would never succeed.

And what was even more incomprehensible to them was that Chen Xiang actually chose to leave the Bone level Dan s aside and chose the Nine Yin and yang Dan s on the rotten streets instead. This was what made them think that Chen Xiang was crazy.

Xiao Yulan used a veil to cover himself as he brought Xiao Hongque to the side of Xiao Baifeng and Imperial Concubine Lian, "Baifeng, what's wrong with him? Logically speaking, he should have chosen the other two pills."

"He has gone mad. Princess, after you gave me the Nine Yin and yang Dan's pill formula, he went into seclusion to refine many furnaces, but none of them succeeded. He even said that he was going to succeed soon." Xiao Baifeng shook his head.

Xiao Ping was not surprised at all. Even if Chen Xiang lost now, there would be no pressure at all. After all, he did not need to defeat Xiang Hongdao as his master.

"I have over a hundred sets of Nine Yin and yang Dan's divine medicine here. You can fail a hundred times, but you have to finish it within two days." Xiang Hongdao gave Chen Xiang a Storage bag. Inside, it was filled with Nine Yin and yang Dan's medicinal ingredients, and the quality was even the best.

Xiang Hongdao took it out now because he hoped that Chen Xiang would succeed, because Chen Xiang's method of refinement was different from his.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, took out his pill furnace and immediately began.

There were only two types of Nine Yin and yang Dan's medicine, and they were very common as well. However, their effects were not very good, and when they were not careful when refining they could easily cause a violent explosion.

It was because Three disasters destroy flower and merciful fruit were commonly seen, that people thought that Nine Yin and yang Dan did not exist. However, when Xiang Hongdao said that it did exist a moment ago, many Pill G.o.ds started to doubt his words. They really wanted Xiang Hongdao to take out a Nine Yin and yang Dan.

When Chen Xiang refined them, he was able to find the Spirit blood of both sides. Furthermore, he did not need to use a strong spirit technique to even out the two Spirit blood, because the strength of the Spirit blood of the two divine medicines were originally of the same level.

The difficulty for Chen Xiang to not be able to break through was how to fuse the two Spirit blood. This seemed to be going against the laws of the Original source refining, because in the Original source refining, as long as he could find the Spirit blood and fuse it, the two divine medicines would fuse together.

Bang, from the start, Chen Xiang's pill furnace had exploded, causing everyone to immediately burst out laughing, because according to their guesses, refining Nine Yin and yang Dan, required a furnace explosion.

"What exactly is the reason behind the failure of these two divine medicine's Spirit blood to fuse together?" Chen Xiang continued to add in the divine medicine. From his new refining, he still had more than a hundred opportunities to try.

When he released the Dao heart Eye, he could not see anything, because the divine medicines that he had refined previously, although the Spirit blood looked different, but in the end, they were all able to fuse together. Only the Three disasters destroy flower and the merciful divine fruit could not.

"Don't tell me this isn't of the same origin?" Chen Xiang's Original source refining was based on the fact that all divine medicines were produced from the same source of power. No matter what kind of divine medicine it was, the Spirit blood was a cicada for all sorts of divine medicines. As long as one could find and fuse it, they could successfully fuse the divine medicines together.

Now that he had tried so many times, the Three disasters destroy flower and the merciful fruit could not even fuse together. Furthermore, when they fused together, they would produce a very strong repulsive force which would create a violent explosion.

Yue'er had said before that there were people in Star Law Divine Realm who would refine two kinds of pellets. After they made contact with the two divine pellets, they would produce a strong explosion that would form an attack.

Bang, another explosion occurred inside Chen Xiang's pill furnace, and it was even stronger this time, showing that it could fuse a little.

"Not even the Infinite refining." Chen Xiang sighed in his heart, "Could it be that I have to find a method from the Heavenly Alchemy? I wonder if that would be enough time."

"Since the world is so vast, and there are all kinds of miraculous medicinal herbs, it is unavoidable that I would have to face such problems in the future. If I can solve them now, that would be for the best."

After Chen Xiang failed for the second time, he did not continue, and even sat there with his eyes closed. He was recalling the various mental cultivation methods and chants of the Heavenly Alchemy, which contained various methods to form and dissolve energy, describing in detail the essence of all kinds of natural powers. As long as he could understand it clearly, he would be able to comprehend a method to solve the problem at hand.

Right now, he needed to find a way to fuse the two different types of energy from the Heavenly Alchemy.

Yin and Yang, fire and water, etc. all belong to two different forms, but they can often be fused in various ways. The powers of the various elements in the world are also like this, there are some that can only be compatible with each other, like life and death, life and death can cause death, and after death, reincarnation and rebirth, they are a kind of entangled form, while the males and females are also relative, but when fusing with each other, they can produce new life and death.

Chen Xiang saw the explanation of the form of the power and understood a little. He felt that he could not blindly let the Three disasters destroy flower and the merciful divine fruit fuse together in the usual way, but instead let them intertwine together in the proper way.

It was just like the Samsara of life and death, or how a male and female combined and gave birth to a living being.

"These two divine medicines are not fire and water. They might be male or female, or perhaps life and death. Yin and Yang can both represent life and death." Chen Xiang already had an idea, he planned to find a breakthrough point from the Nine Yin and yang Dan.

"What is Nine Defiances? There are nine reversals. This should be a reversals of life and death. Could it be that there is a nine out of ten chance of survival?" Chen Xiang thought for a moment, "How do I achieve a narrow escape from these two divine medicines, and fuse them together in a unique way?"

"The Three disasters destroy flower is dead, and disaster and destruction represent death. The merciful fruit is alive, so mercy should be shown to the dead, so I hope that I can live, three disasters, and represent three deaths. Then, how can I accomplish nine deaths? I need three Three disasters destroy flower, but that's not right. Chen Xiang thought for a while: "There is no mistake with the pill formula, it has been pa.s.sed to the State Grandmaster in accordance with the formula."

He sat like this for half a day, while Xiao Ping had already finished, and all of them met Xiang Hongdao's requirements. Right now, he was also somewhat looking forward to Chen Xiang's success, he wanted to personally see how the Nine Yin and yang Dan looked like.

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