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"That's right, because only the King grade's divine medicine can possess a strong condensed energy crystal … However, this little demon must have used some method to allow the Shangpin medicine's energy to continuously increase its evolution and break through its limits, forming a power that can condense crystals. " If Yue Er hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn't believe that Shangpin dan could crystallize either.

Xiang Hongdao was also aware of this fact. Previously, he wasn't sure, but after he ate one pellet, he was sure that the Tianhuo Dan had condensed into a crystal. On the other hand, Chen Xiang had almost succeeded.

"Although the divine pills you two have refined are far above the standard, you will still have to continue with the second round." Xiang Hongdao then announced the change in the quality of the Five elements Dan: "I am only going to refine one, its quality must reach 300."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Prince Ping, do you want to bet once more? If you win, then forget about the Divine Deity that you owe me."

Xiao Ping thought for a moment, then shook his head and laughed, "I think it's better not to bet. If I lose, wouldn't I have to give you another set of Divine Deity? I don't have much confidence in this Five elements Dan, so it's fine.

Chen Xiang refined Five elements Dan s were famous for it, he had previously refined many for Xiao Baifeng to sell, and Xiao Ping had even bought them to eat. Chen Xiang had previously sold them for mid-grade, but now, he was refining high-grade Five elements Dan, Xiao Ping felt that there was definitely no difference in Chen Xiang's eyes, thus he was not confident that he could win against Chen Xiang, and thus gave up.

"The time limit should be four hours. There shouldn't be any problems with the medicinal herbs." Xiang Hongdao took out a few medicinal ingredients and distributed them to them, which were the high-grade Five Elements Divine Fruits.

Chen Xiang and Xiao Ping felt that there were no problems, and Xiang Hongdao immediately announced the start of the battle.

It was only one pellet, and the quality requirement was 300, which was not difficult for him at all. Previously, he used this method frequently, so he could have refined a few pills, but in order to obtain a higher quality pellet, he compressed them into a pellet.

The furnace of Tianhuo Dan that Chen Xiang had refined just now had consumed a lot of his energy, so he planned to rest when refining this Five elements Dan, because there would definitely be a more difficult challenge later on.

He was, after all, a Third Rank Divine King, and had dozens of Divine Deity. The divine power inside the Divine Sense Sea was very vast, so this bit of consumption was simply nothing to him, and because of that, he felt even more strongly that there was a gap between him and Chen Xiang. If Chen Xiang had his current strength, he would definitely be able to create even more miracles.

Chen Xiang opened the pill furnace when the six hours had just pa.s.sed. He could have completed it quickly, but he needed time to rest, which was why he purposely slowed it.

Because the rule was that he would refine one pellet, he and Xiao Ping did not refine any more. Right now, the Five elements Dan looked exactly the same.

This time Chen Xiang did not refine the little stones like he did before, it was only because he had consumed a lot of energy. If he was energetic, he would definitely use the Five elements Dan to try again.

"Three hundred and sixty." Xiao Ping tested out his superior Five elements Dan, and then made a "please" gesture, inviting Chen Xiang to also take the test.

"Three hundred and sixty as well." Chen Xiang laughed: "Looks like this is the limit of a High Rank Five elements Dan."

Xiao Ping shook his head. "If you had used your previous refining method, you would have definitely been able to surpa.s.s it."

"Maybe." Chen Xiang really wanted to try, but if he tried it, he estimated that he would need a day or two to recover.

"You have all pa.s.sed. Next is the final test." Xiang Hongdao took out a table with three jade plates on it.

"Inside are all pill formulas. They are Heaven G.o.d fire Dan s, Bone level Dan s and Nine Yin and yang Dan s." Xiang Hongdao laughed: "You guys should be very familiar with these divine pellets by now."

Chen Xiang had all of these pill formulas, he felt that Xiang Hongdao definitely knew about this.

Hearing the Nine Yin and yang Dan, everyone began to discuss because this kind of divine pill did not exist. Although there were divine medicines, no one had ever succeeded.

"The princess gave him the Nine Yin and yang Dan's pill formula." Xiao Baifeng said: "But he believed it to be true, and believed it to be true. To this day, he has never succeeded."

Xiao Baifeng remembered that back then, he was extremely obsessed with her and he failed many times in a row without success. Furthermore, he made her purchase a few portions of Nine Yin and yang Dan's medicinal ingredients.

"If you take it out now, does that mean the Nine Yin and yang Dan exist?" The Imperial Concubine Lian asked in shock.

Xiao Baifeng shook her head, she did not know either.

"Master, isn't the Nine Yin and yang Dan unable to be refined?" It seemed like he didn't know what Xiang Hongdao was doing either, and he had definitely tried to refine the Nine Yin and yang Dan before as well, but he didn't succeed.

When Chen Xiang heard the name Nine Yin and yang Dan, he felt as if he had been possessed by a demon. Thinking back to his experiences of consecutively refining the Nine Yin and yang Dan and its failures, an inexplicable impulse surged up in his heart and he wanted to try it right now, because the last time he finished refining the Nine Yin and yang Dan, he had no choice but to stop.

He believed that he could succeed, and he believed in the existence of the Nine Yin and yang Dan.

Xiang Hongdao looked at Chen Xiang who had sunk into deep thought and said: "I once succeeded in the existence of a Nine Yin and yang Dan, but I was unable to succeed again. At that time, I obtained the pill formula from somewhere else, and because I was unable to succeed again, I spread the formula."

Hearing his words, the crowd of Pill G.o.ds started cursing. All the Pill G.o.ds in Divine Cauldron Nation had been scammed by the Nine Yin and yang Dan, especially the explosion during the refining process, which had destroyed quite a few of their pill furnaces and wasted a lot of their time and energy.

"Master, then what are the rules for this stage?" He also felt it was strange when he saw what Chen Xiang was thinking.

"There are two choices for refining a divine pill from the recipe: one is to refine a Bone level Dan, and the other is to refine a Heaven G.o.d fire Dan. The refining process requires six pills, and the overall quality needs to reach 600, which can be completed in six hours. The other choice is to refine a Nine Yin and yang Dan, and as long as you can refine it, it will be fine."

Xiang Hongdao said seriously: "Ping'er, no matter which choice you make, as long as you can't reach it, you are no longer my disciple."

Xiao Ping nodded. "I will definitely do that. You will forever be my master."

"Please choose." Xiang Hongdao looked at Chen Xiang and Xiao Ping, "Don't worry, anyone of you can choose to be the first one to only refine Bone level Dan and Heaven G.o.d fire Dan.

Chen Xiang already had the pill formula, and Xiang Hongdao knew this, but he still took out the Nine Yin and yang Dan s. The purpose was to see if Chen Xiang and Xiao Ping had the guts to refine the Nine Yin and yang Dan.

"I choose the Bone level Dan and the Heaven G.o.d fire Dan." Xiao Ping said. He had tried to refine Nine Yin and yang Dan and even tried to refine hundreds of batches, but none of them succeeded, not even a tiny bit of success. Thus, he decisively chose to refine the one he was most familiar with.

"What about you?" Xiang Hongdao looked at Chen Xiang.

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