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Xiao Ping had refined seven Divine Spirit Tianhuo Dan, and normally, high quality divine pellets would have a value of ninety percent when testing them with the divine tool that tested the quality of divine pellets. The divine pellets that had a quality higher than that of the divine pellets, therefore he had already reached the standard that Xiang Hongdao had specified.

There was no doubt that the combined quality of the seven Tianhuo Dan he had refined would reach six hundred, but he was still very concerned because he still had to compete with Chen Xiang.

The Tianhuo Dan that Chen Xiang had refined was completely different from Xiao Ping's, regardless of color or shape. If one did not personally see it being poured out from his pill furnace, it would be hard to believe that it was made from several divine medicines.

Xiao Ping placed the divine pill he had refined onto the concave point of the disk. The crystal on the disk suddenly began to flash, showing a number of 150.

Seeing this result, Xiang Hongdao was also a little shocked, looks like he did not know that his disciple had actually become this powerful, he said: "The high quality Tianhuo Dan s sold on the market should be worth around seventy to eighty, this number should be about right, your pills are about the same as the other two, but the quality cannot be considered the peak, normally, the Peak quality of the Shangpin dan can reach up to 500, and of course there are those higher, it's just that I have never seen them before."

Everyone was shocked. It was already impressive for the pill G.o.d to be able to concoct at least 90% of the pills, but 500 for it to reach the peak. It seemed like there was a huge difference in strength between the pill G.o.ds.

Xiao Ping was surprised. "A maximum of five hundred? Master, can you even do that?" Even if he worked so hard to refine it, it would only have a hundred and fifty percent quality.

Xiang Hongdao smiled and nodded: "I can do that, but it will require me to compress the amount, so if you have the chance, you have to try out the highest quality pills."

Xiao Ping tested the quality of the Tianhuo Dan s one by one, Chen Xiang couldn't help but admire his control. Seven Spirit Soul Tianhuo Dan, each one was actually a hundred and fifty, the sum total reached more than a thousand, which was already far above the standard that Xiang Hongdao had set down.

Those defeated pill G.o.ds were all jealous and envious, and most of them revered and used the same divine medicine. Others could actually refine even more superior quality and produce even more divine pills. This was the difference between them.

"It's my turn." Chen Xiang laughed: "Although this isn't round, but I guarantee it will have the effects of a Tianhuo Dan, it's a Tianhuo Dan, I don't want to lose, I gambled with my own Divine Deity."

Xiao Ping chuckled. "If you hadn't said so, I would have forgotten. We still have a bet to bet on."

After betting on a Divine Deity, they all forgot about it in the blink of an eye.

Chen Xiang picked up a stone like Tianhuo Dan and placed it into the hole on the plate. The crystal board that was displayed on the plate quickly lit up.

"One hundred and ninety." Xiang Hongdao was slightly shocked as he shouted.

"Formidable, he actually surpa.s.sed me by forty." Xiao Ping also exclaimed, "It seems that your control is not bad. Even your shape has changed, but your quality is still so high. How exactly did you refine it?"

The other Pill G.o.ds were also confused, during the compression, they would need to control the liquid to spin and condense the pill, which would result in a round shape and high quality, but Chen Xiang was obviously not like that.

Xiang Hongdao held the Tianhuo Dan that was tested by Chen Xiang and frowned: "It should be because there was a problem during the process of condensing the core, which is why it ended up like this. In other words, during the process of condensing the core, this Tianhuo Dan should have become extremely st.u.r.dy, and should have reached a state close to the Condensing Crystal.

After doubling his cultivation, it was close to four hundred years. Xiao Ping's expression was extremely grave; Chen Xiang's level was actually so high, and he had actually gone into closed door cultivation before.

Chen Xiang had only refined five pills in total, but he was confident that the total quality would surpa.s.s Xiao Ping's. He started to test the second pill.

The quality was two hundred and sixty, which was seventy times more than the previous one. Xiao Ping's expression suddenly changed, if according to what Xiang Hongdao had said just now, that Chen Xiang could succeed, and the quality would double, then it should be five hundred and twenty now, and that would be more than what Xiang Hongdao could refine.

Xiang Hongdao also thought of this point, so he started to ponder. Since he was able to refine the quality to 500, he naturally knew the difficulty of breaking through the limit, and Chen Xiang spent 5 hours to concoct 5 pills. If he could perform better, then when refining the Tianhuo Dan, he would have completely surpa.s.sed him.

's refining process was also extremely arduous, and almost failed. Furthermore, to him, this furnace was not considered successful, but because it was extremely st.u.r.dy halfway through condensing the core, it did not dissipate in the end, only having an irregular shape.

The third grain was two hundred and forty seventy, the fourth was two hundred and fifty, and the sum was a thousand and seventy.

Xiao Ping's seven pellets added up to a total of 1050. Chen Xiang was twenty years older than him, so the difference between the two was extremely small.

"I've lost. Can I take one and see?" Xiao Ping was willing to accept his defeat. He pointed at the few small stones that were held by the Tianhuo Dan in Chen Xiang's hands.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course you can, and besides, this divine pellet needs to be given to Great National Master."

Xiang Hongdao immediately ate one pellet. Although it was very hard, the medicinal power immediately melted after swallowing it, as if it erupted from within his body, and contained a very vast amount of medicinal power within.

Xiao Ping also felt the same way after he ate it. The two of them were very shocked, because they felt that there was a huge difference in the medicinal efficacy compared to the test results. The medicinal efficacy was far higher than the test results.

This was because the pill Xiao Ping had eaten was one hundred and fifty quality pills, but compared to the pills he had refined, the effects were much stronger.

He had refined similar quality Tianhuo Dan s before, but they were much weaker than the one Chen Xiang had.

"It seems like the divine tool used to test the quality of these divine pills is unable to completely test the quality of the ones you forge." Xiang Hongdao sighed: "In the future, I need to make some modifications."

This was a very big blow to Xiao Ping, but he felt very happy. This was because he had met a pill G.o.d that was even stronger than him, otherwise he might not have been able to think of a way to break through his limits in the future.

Seeing that everyone had a new level of respect for Chen Xiang, Imperial Concubine Lian also laughed: "This brat is truly extraordinary, even Great National Master values him so much."

Yue'er said: "He is indeed very powerful, he is not even a Supreme G.o.d yet, but in terms of alchemy he has already reached such a level, especially that kind of Jingshen Dan, it is the highest quality form of performance. Although he did not succeed, he will definitely be able to do it in the future because he has already touched upon this domain, and it is difficult to imagine that he had already figured it out by himself."

"Jingshen Dan." The Imperial Concubine Lian shouted lightly: "Isn't the Jingshen Dan supposed to appear only because of the King grade's divine pellet?"

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