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Six hours had pa.s.sed. Xiao Ping sat there, not understanding. His pill furnace was very calm, and it didn't emit any heat! On the other hand, Chen Xiang who was in front of him, had the highest level of heat emitted from the pill furnace, as if flames could spew out at any time.

No one knew what he was doing, not even Xiang Hongdao, the Pill G.o.d. He really wanted to know, at this moment, it was becoming harder and harder for him to find out what Chen Xiang was doing.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to burn little drops of water one by one, changing their attributes, and then turn them into fire type drops one by one. However, he felt that it was too complicated and it was not too late, so he decided to use his Chuangzao fire s to burn them all.

He burned for more than four hours, and when he used Dao heart Eye to look, he discovered that the colors were almost the same, only a small amount was not enough. He continued burning for another hour, making all the droplets have the same color, and then he started to carefully search again.

Why was it that after going back and forth, he only had half an hour left!?

At this time, Xiao Ping also raised his eyes. He had completed his task. His forehead was only dripping with sweat, and he still looked quite relaxed!

Seeing that Chen Xiang was still knitting his brows and training, Xiao Ping smiled faintly. He then opened his pill furnace and took out seven pellets that were shining with a golden red light!

He had actually refined seven Tianhuo Dan with spiritual light, causing the entire audience to let out thunderous cries of alarm!

It was already impressive for ordinary Tianhuo Dan to produce two or three, but now that Xiao Ping had refined seven of them and they were even of high quality, it only took him eight and a half hours!

This was the Great National Master's disciple. Although Xiao Ping did not represent any of their strengths, there was no need to doubt his potential to become the Great National Master. These seven High Rank Tianhuo Dan were the best proof of that.

When Xiao Baifeng saw Xiao Ping produce the pill, he also frowned. Last time, Chen Xiang had only refined six pills, but this Xiao Ping had only refined seven.

"Can the little ghost win? This Prince Ping is too terrifying, as expected of the great disciple of the Great National Master! " Imperial Concubine Lian also didn't want Chen Xiang to lose, but seeing Xiao Ping's strength, and the discussions of the crowd below, she also felt that it would be difficult for Chen Xiang to win.

The Alchemist on the stage were all very good as well. In less than five hours, almost all of them had produced pills, with the most being five pills. However, they couldn't produce spirit energy like Xiao Ping, so it seemed that only Xiao Ping could make it into the next round.

Chen Xiang was the slowest, the inside of his pill furnace was still "a pile of sand" and he had only just finished modifying the other medicinal liquid drops. What surprised him the most was that after all the medicinal liquid drops had the same properties, they actually started to fuse together on their own. After all, their Spirit blood had already been merged by Chen Xiang to begin with. Although they had turned into many drops of medicinal liquid, all of them were the same.

After the fusion, a ball of medicinal liquid emerged from within Chen Xiang's pill furnace, flickering with purple gold and red!

"Although it looks like liquid, it is almost solid. It can be split into ten parts and ten pellets will come out!" Moreover, condensing a pill will also be very easy! " Chen Xiang looked at the lump of liquid in detail. If it was before, this liquid was equivalent to a ball of water, but now it was like a lump of mud. If it solidified, it would be crystal, and the quality would definitely be higher.

Chen Xiang felt that if they collided twice, they would definitely be able to crystallize. He didn't know what kind of divine pellet they would become after the crystallization. The moment he thought of this, he became very excited. It was just that time was not allowed right now. Otherwise, he would definitely have tried it.

Chen Xiang found his way here. Originally, he could have split the pills into ten portions, but he decided to split the pills into five parts!

This was because the quality of the medicinal liquid was currently very high. If he divided it into five portions and compressed it to a high degree, he felt that it would be close to the state of crystallization. The quality would definitely be higher than the sum of the ten portions added together.

Chen Xiang, who was immersed in the mysterious domain, did not notice in the slightest that everyone was waiting for him. Originally, Xiao Ping could have conducted the quality test, but Xiao Ping had to wait for Chen Xiang.

As for the others, they had already gone through the tests, the highest one being only four hundred and ninety, which was still a bit far from the six hundred in quality, while there were a few who had reached more than four hundred and fifty quality, which was considered very good for many Alchemist. After all, none of them were Xiao Ping.

In the past, when Chen Xiang refined the pellet to the last pellet condensation stage, the pellets he split were all air ma.s.ses of Qi, and when the Shangpin dan was refining, it was only liquid, but now it was even higher than liquid. When it was in a solid-state liquid state, he separated the gold and red "cement" into five small bundles, and then began to compress them.

It was extremely difficult to compress it. He had no choice but to use his strongest strength, otherwise he wouldn't be able to compress it within the time limit.

Just when he was using all of his strength to condense the pill, his pill furnace started shaking violently, and started making "dang dang dang" sounds. Chen Xiang was shocked, he never thought that when compressing the mud ball, there would be such a large movement, it quickly became hard like a metal ball, uncontrollably smashing into the pill furnace, colliding against each other and even touching the pill furnace!

What made him at ease was that the impact did not result in any loss of medicinal strength. From this, it could be seen how strong the pills were!

He himself also greatly admired himself for being able to refine some divine medicines to such an extent.

"Why do I feel like there are so many pearls clashing inside his pill furnace?" Someone shouted, "Don't tell me this guy is playing with pearls in the pill furnace!"

It was as if there were a few beads inside the box, and then, he shook the box with all his might.

Xiao Ping looked at Chen Xiang's furnace in surprise. He didn't know what Chen Xiang was doing, but there was actually such a sound.

There was still a little bit of time until the fifth hour, so Chen Xiang's shaking pill furnace finally quieted down. Chen Xiang who was sweating profusely opened his eyes and sighed: "It's finally completed!"

"What are you doing? I always felt that there was a stone in your pill furnace. " Xiao Ping smiled. "No matter what, you're finally in time. Let me see the divine pill you've refined."

Chen Xiang laughed dryly: "Something has happened, I don't know if it's a success or not!" His words caused an uproar among the crowd. They didn't know if he succeeded or not, but wasn't it clear to them that he succeeded when concocting pills?

Chen Xiang opened the furnace, but the furnace did not release any spirit light! When Xiao Ping opened the lid of the pill furnace a moment ago, the spiritual light that shot into the sky was also very shocking.

There was no divine pill floating out of the furnace, it was Chen Xiang who poured it out!

The divine pills that fell out of the pill furnace left everyone dumbstruck. It turned out to be five small stones. These stones were only the size of a thumb, and their shapes were very irregular. In short, they were not circular.

The small stone was rather special. Its surface was extremely smooth, as if it was a broken crystal. Its entire body was purplish-red, and its l.u.s.ter was golden.

Xiao Ping raised an eyebrow, "What is this? The Tianhuo Dan? "

Chen Xiang frowned, and nodded: "I guess so! "Although it's not round, it's after all made from those G.o.dly medicines, so it should be edible!"

Everyone present agreed, but they were all impressed by Chen Xiang's ability. Being able to refine the divine medicine into small stones was also a very strange ability, they did not think that this was a divine pill. No matter how they looked at it, it did not look like it was meant to be consumed. Because it was obvious that there was a mistake in his control, it was not a round pill.

"Let's start with the testing of quality, I'll go first!" Xiao Ping also felt this was very strange. This was because he didn't sense any medicinal efficacy or the smell of a divine pill from those small stones. It didn't seem like a divine pill at all.

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