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In order to guarantee the stability of the furnace, Chen Xiang used the method inside the Heavenly Alchemy called "Eight Heavenly Ocean Refining". After using it, he was able to turn the Six Realms' Power into a square formation that enveloped the inside of the furnace.

After he displayed it, Xiang Hongdao frowned, because what he saw was suddenly extremely blurry, and there was only a ball of shadow left.

Chen Xiang did not know that Xiang Hongdao could see the interior of his pill furnace. The reason why he had used the Eight Heavenly Refining Mountain was only to guard the interior of the furnace, because he was going to do something extremely berserk.

Just like last time, he split the purplish-gold medicinal liquid into six clumps. Under his control, these six clumps of medicinal liquid gradually distanced themselves from the center, reaching the edge of the pill furnace.

"It's starting! It's going to be at the most critical moment!" Chen Xiang sucked in a deep breath fiercely, and then, with a stuffy groan, he controlled the six b.a.l.l.s of purplish-gold medicinal liquid to suddenly attack each other.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! A strong vibration erupted from the inside of the pill furnace. The explosion was very strong, but it only caused the pill furnace to slightly tremble!

When his furnace was trembling, forget about Xiang Hongdao, even if the spectators below the stage were to look carefully, they would all notice him!

"What's going on? "His pill furnace is shaking!" Imperial Concubine Lian said softly, her charming face was filled with worry. She understood a lot about pill refining, and not long after, the furnace had become unstable, which was not a good thing at all.

"It's fine!" When Chen Xiang was refining pills in her house, the commotion caused was much more terrifying than it was now. Her house was almost destroyed, but she still succeeded in refining pills in the end.

What many people did not know was that in their eyes, as long as the furnace shook, it meant that Alchemist did not have sufficient control over the furnace when he was refining pills, and a huge mistake had occurred within the furnace.

"It's a certainty that the pressure will be great. After all, they are betting on their own Divine Deity! It had only been an hour, and he had already made a mistake! Look at how smooth the Prince Ping is. "

"Most of the Pill G.o.ds on the stage can do it, let alone the Prince Ping!"

"It looks like he's going to lose. I really want to see the look on his face when he forges his Divine Deity!"

Hearing the discussions, Imperial Concubine Lian became even more worried, because she had never seen Chen Xiang concoct pills before.

Xiang Hongdao frowned, although he was confused, he could guess what had just happened. It was the effects of the separated medicinal liquid clashing against each other, which was why the pill furnace shook for a moment.

If it really was like this, Xiang Hongdao would be even more shocked. He understood that Chen Xiang was doing this right now, letting a few b.a.l.l.s of medicinal liquid travel at the speed of light, during the collision, would raise the quality of the medicinal liquid. This was a method to refine a Lingguang Dan, but it was too early! And it was only the cauldron that had made the impact!

If he wanted to improve the quality of the divine pellets to the maximum, he would have to forge them into fine steel through repeated hammering, folding, and forging! This method could be used when refining pills, but the method had changed.

What Xiang Hongdao was looking forward to more was what kind of Divine Light G.o.d Pellet would be like after the mutation? He felt that he would be able to see it very quickly, because Chen Xiang had reached this stage so quickly, and he would be able to condense the core very quickly!

However, Chen Xiang did not condense a pill yet. The inside of his pill furnace was still in a state of chaos, and what he collided with just now was not the Crash method used by other Alchemist s to concoct Divine Spiritual Pills! During the earlier collision, he poured in quite a bit of the fire energy formed from the Six Realms' Power into his body. Through his many fire Divine Deity and Bones, he created a very strong force that caused the collision to be even more violent!

This was originally just an idea, because he felt that the violent collision just now would definitely have scattered the group of Flame power. Right now, it was just as he had imagined, the six waves of Flame power he had poured in were dispersed, and the scattered Flame power were absorbed by the mutated medicinal liquid!

When forging iron, one would not only need to forge a piece of iron. Along the way, they would also need to add other items and other materials to change the quality of iron, making it even better.

Chen Xiang was now adding Flame power s that were compatible with Tianhuo Dan! He poured in a lot of Flame power, and when they violently collided, the Flame power and the medicinal liquid were both in the same form, and the spiritual medicinal liquid instantly swallowed the Flame power to strengthen itself!

After absorbing Chen Xiang's Flame power, the quality of the medicinal liquid greatly increased! However, there was now a problem. The medicinal liquid within the pill furnace would not automatically fuse with each other like before. Instead, the medicinal liquid within the pill furnace was in the form of droplets of water!

The fierce impact from before had caused the medicinal liquid to scatter, and the scattered medicinal liquid had become independent after absorbing Chen Xiang's Flame power, unwilling to merge together. Therefore, the interior of the pill furnace was currently in complete chaos.

Chen Xiang tried to fuse the countless water droplets, but he discovered that it was extremely difficult. The water droplets and water droplets kept a small distance between each other, as long as he pa.s.sed the small distance, it would produce an extremely strong repulsive force. With so many water droplets rejecting and resisting each other, it was extremely difficult to fuse them.

"Being able to fuse them together is already not bad. Looks like I should skip the second collision!" Chen Xiang was currently in a bit of pain. Previously, he had planned to not rush to condense a pill after a single fusion, and go through a second impact to substantially improve his quality. However, from the looks of it now, if he were to fuse with this scattered medicinal liquid, the quality would also be shockingly high.

Chen Xiang released the Dao heart Eye and observed the Spirit blood s inside all the water droplets. He did not see the Spirit blood, but he saw that the color of the water droplets were different.

"The attributes can be changed, the extremes can be reversed!" This liquid was originally a miraculous medicine after the mutation. After going through such a violent collision, changing its attributes was very normal! I never thought that these water droplets would all look fire red, but the energy particles within all have different attributes, and some even have a thunder attribute. " Chen Xiang realised the problem, what he needed to do now was to use the flames to refine the different type of medicinal liquid drops.

As long as he could convert them all into the same fire attribute, fusing with it would be easy!

"There's still time, we can't be anxious. If something goes wrong, this small drop of water will explode and cause a chain reaction. This pill furnace won't be able to suppress it." Chen Xiang was extremely excited at this moment, because this method seemed to have opened a mysterious door that no one had ever opened before.

This Tianhuo Dan's divine medicine was considered to be of a lower grade among the Shangpin dan, but Chen Xiang had gone through various kinds of mystical methods to refine it, and yet, he had constantly broken through the limits, causing the quality of the Tianhuo Dan's divine medicine to continuously improve. In the end, he himself could not imagine how far it could improve.

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