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Chen Xiang took out a jade tablet and Xiao Ping then entered the center of the compet.i.tion grounds. This compet.i.tion grounds was very high, allowing many people to see the people on it.

There were only a hundred or so Alchemist that could make it to this stage!

"Prince Ping, where is your master?" Chen Xiang stood beside Xiao Ping.

"He'll be here in a moment!" Xiao Ping chuckled, "My master rarely shows his face, but today …"

Xiao Ping had just finished speaking when a white-haired, ruddy-faced old man appeared on the stage. He looked like an expert.

The other Alchemist on the stage immediately revealed looks of reverence. Chen Xiang was now certain that this old man was the legendary number one pill G.o.d in the Divine Cauldron Nation, Xiang Hongdao.

He kindly glanced at Xiao Ping, then seriously sized up Chen Xiang. How could he not know about the match between Chen Xiang and Xiao Ping? On one hand, it was to watch Chen Xiang use the Heavenly Alchemy to refine pills, and on the other hand, it was to protect Chen Xiang from being ambushed.

"In these two rounds, the first round is to refine a G.o.dly pill that everyone is very familiar with. The first is a Tianhuo Dan, the second is a high rank Five elements Dan, I will provide the ingredients!" Xiang Hongdao held his hands behind his back in front of the crowd of Pill G.o.ds, as he walked back and forth, he explained the rules: "As everyone knows, today's compet.i.tion is to reveal the potential to become a Great National Master, and for me to set the rules, even though it is harsh, if I can pa.s.s, I will have to personally nurture it."

"As long as it meets my requirements, I'll take as much as I can." Xiang Hongdao saw the doubtful look on everyone's faces and asked.

Because Xiao Ping's level was very high, if Xiang Hongdao only used Xiao Ping's standard to specify the rules, then most of them would not have a chance.

"Don't doubt who I favor. If you do not meet my requirements, it will prove that you are qualified to be my disciple! Even Xiao Ping is the same. If he doesn't reach the standards that I set today, then I will also expel him from my sect. " Xiang Hongdao's words caused a stir in the plaza.

Perhaps only he could say such words to drive Xiao Ping away. After all, he was Divine Cauldron Nation's number one Pill G.o.d!

"First is the Tianhuo Dan. Its overall quality must reach six hundred!" Xiang Hongdao took out a round disk. He had tested Xiao Ping's quality before with this divine artifact!

If the total quality was to reach seven hundred, wouldn't it mean that one would need to refine six pellets in a batch, and then refine a hundred pellets each? This was simply too difficult, before Xiao Ping refined the Five elements Dan, he could only keep each pellet at ninety, and the quant.i.ty was less than these six pellets.

Hearing this request, only a few Pill G.o.ds knew that this was something that could only be achieved by concocting a high quality Spiritual Light Pill. This was truly difficult! However, thinking that this would be the standard of the future Great National Master, it was understandable even if it was difficult.

"After you guys pa.s.s this test, I'll then talk about the standard of high rank Five elements Dan. You guys can start collecting the divine medicines and use your own pill furnaces, but you must inspect them for me." Xiang Hongdao said: "Five hours of time!"

Five hours! These ten-odd people immediately stood out. They simply could not do it. Even if it was ordinary refining, it would take them more than five hours!

Xiao Ping looked at Chen Xiang and smiled, "Are you feeling pressured?"

Chen Xiang laughed faintly: "Not at all, I feel that you will lose to me in this trial, and to a worse extent! Of course, you don't have to be expelled from the sect. "

"You're really arrogant!" Xiao Ping chuckled.

"I don't want to be arrogant with ordinary people! But you are different, you are a n.o.ble prince, are also a disciple of the Great National Master, and furthermore, you have the strength of a Third Rank Divine King. I must suppress you in terms of alchemy, this way I will feel a great sense of accomplishment. " Honestly speaking, whether it was Xiao Ping's position or strength, he was much higher than. If Xiao Ping could defeat him, then it would bring about an increase in his mental state.

This was why he was so confident in himself. He believed that the Great National Master Xiang Hongdao here would definitely be able to do what he did, possibly even be better than him, which was why he was able to come up with such a standard.

Xiao Ping didn't feel any pressure right now, so it was obvious that he would definitely be able to do the same!

"Want to take a gamble?" Xiao Ping received the divine medicine and smiled towards Chen Xiang: "This will add a bit of pressure to both of us, don't you feel that we don't have any pressure now? "There's no atmosphere at all. It's just like when I was refining pills."

But right now, they had been ignored by Chen Xiang and Xiao Ping. Furthermore, they also felt a large amount of pressure at this moment, whereas Chen Xiang and Xiao Ping were chatting happily, even saying that the pressure was not enough.

"I don't have anything to bet on!" Chen Xiang wanted to have a good time and play, he was very confident in himself, but this Xiao Ping was a prodigal son, he could casually take out frightening things to gamble on.

"How about a bet on Divine Deity? If you lose, then take out one of your Divine Deity and gift it to her. " Xiao Ping's shocking words immediately sent the entire audience into a frenzy of discussion.

Taking out his own Divine Deity would not only require him to endure immense pain, it would also cause his cultivation to regress! It was said that after he took out the Divine Deity, it would be difficult to cultivate it back.

But Xiang Hongdao, the master, didn't have much of a reaction, as if he was encouraging this kind of behavior.

"If it's like this, you're at a disadvantage. You're a Third Rank Divine King, and each Divine Deity is at least equal to several of mine. Are you willing to play like this?" Chen Xiang's heart was also beating extremely fast, this was the first time he was betting on Divine Deity, but he wasn't afraid.

Just as Xiao Baifeng wanted to stop Chen Xiang, he was stopped by Imperial Concubine Lian, who shook his head at her: "Don't worry about him. Even if he loses, Great National Master will guarantee his safe pa.s.sage out of here."

Huang Jintian laughed: "This kind of gambling is awesome, if there's a chance, I will try it too!"

Huang Yantian laughed sinisterly: "How about we take a gamble now? "Let's see if that little ghost can win!"

"I will definitely support my disciple. Don't tell me you want to support Prince Ping? That's for sure! " Huang Jintian curled his lips.

Huang Yantian did not reply, because he also supported Chen Xiang!

Xiao Baifeng was speechless. In her eyes, Chen Xiang and the other master and disciple were all madmen who dared to joke around with a Divine Deity that she had painstakingly condensed out. It would be extremely difficult for her to even form a single Divine Deity!

"I don't have a problem with that!" Xiao Ping faintly smiled, "Are you willing to bet?"

"Good!" However, I can't give it to you right after I lose, at least until the end. " Chen Xiang nodded his head. They didn't look like they were gambling on Divine Deity at all, but they looked like they were gambling on stone instead.

Chen Xiang felt that this Xiao Ping was very courageous. Before this, Xiao Ping had already seen his Five elements Dan with spirit light and knew that his Heavenly Alchemy was very strong.

Yue'er sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "This Xiao Ping might have used something like the Time Formation to increase his own strength by a lot of time, so don't underestimate him!"

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