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As the war neared, but the situation was not settled, Chen Xiang was also very worried, because they did not know if they could successfully repair that cauldron, if they did not, how would Xiao Yulan be able to handle this matter? He had to bring Xue Xianxian and the others back before the great battle.

Chen Xiang didn't plan to do anything else at this moment either. He needed to rest well for the next two days so that he could have a good time to compete with Xiao Ping.

Xiao Baifeng returned after busying an entire day, and only saw him when the sky was almost dark.

"Fifty batches of Zhongpin bone level Dan's medicine, and ten of high-quality! The Heaven G.o.d fire Dan's medicine are all at Imperial Concubine Lian's place! " Xiao Baifeng knew that Chen Xiang would leave after the compet.i.tion, so she wanted to do something for him.

"Thank you!" Chen Xiang looked at the ingredients and smiled at Xiao Baifeng.

I can cultivate two Bones now, which can help me break through my future bottlenecks, not to mention, this is using your Shen Yuan stone! Imperial Concubine Lian sold the three Bone level Dan s that you gave her for thirty billion. " Xiao Baifeng laughed: "Although I haven't been with you for a long time, I'm actually very happy."

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, come with me when the time comes!" Chen Xiang said: "If you can't help Princess Yu Lan here, you might as well come back with me."

Xiao Baifeng had the same thought as well, but in the end, she still decided to stay. She shook her head and said, "The princess has treated me with such kindness, and I want to be with her!"

sighed. At this time, Imperial Concubine Lian walked in, and at this moment, she could enter and exit Xiao Baifeng's house at will. Her relationship with Xiao Baifeng had also become very good.

When Imperial Concubine Lian arrived, she was still bringing along the shy and innocent Xiao Jin'er. Seeing Chen Xiang looking at her with a smile on his face, she immediately blushed, as if her face was about to bleed.

"Brat, shut your eyes!" Although the Imperial Concubine Lian scolded you, her charming face was also full of smiles: "I shall leave Jin'er with you. You two should get familiar with her properly during these two days, so that she won't be afraid of you when the time comes."

"Six sets of Heaven G.o.d fire Dan's divine medicine." Imperial Concubine Lian threw a Storage bag to Chen Xiang. She already knew that the herbs Chen Xiang bought were Heaven G.o.d fire Dan s.

Chen Xiang took it and looked it over, then asked: "How do you know I refined Heaven G.o.d fire Dan?"

"You've been through the winter these days, it's hard for you not to know!" Imperial Concubine Lian reached out her jade hand and laughed: "This is worth sixty billion, and it was even Yulan who came out of the Shen Yuan stone to help you buy it, but I did not give it to you for nothing."

"Take it. There's only this much for now!" Chen Xiang had long since refined a batch of Zhongpin bone level Dan s, even though he only produced five.

"Do you want to come with me to meet Yu Lan?" Imperial Concubine Lian looked at the five Zhongpin bone level Dan. She was now certain that this Bone level Dan was not important in Chen Xiang's eyes at all, and she was also very curious about how many Bones Chen Xiang had cultivated.

"I was just about to go look for her!" Chen Xiang nodded.

… ….

Inside the secret room in Xiao Yulan's residence, the Imperial Concubine Lian had finished pouring tea for Chen Xiang and the others before exiting the secret room.

Chen Xiang drank a mouthful of tea and then asked: "Princess Yu Lan, when will Xianxian and the others be able to follow me?"

Xiao Yulan looked very sad at the moment. She didn't have the usual gentle and approachable smile. She faintly sighed: "You can bring them along after the compet.i.tion."

"Has the cauldron been repaired yet?" Chen Xiang asked again, he did not want Xiao Yulan to lose in the battle either.

Xiao Yulan shook his head: "The materials required already exceeded my expectations, although he gathered all of the required materials a few days ago, but then something happened again. Although Heavenly Divine Lord produced the repair blueprints, he did not try it himself! When Xianxian and the others started to fix it, they encountered many troublesome problems. Although they had the ability to solve them, it was too late. "

"What a pity!" Chen Xiang also sighed.

"Chen Xiang, I've been thinking about something important these past few days!" Xiao Yulan suddenly looked at Chen Xiang very seriously, his expression extremely solemn. "Can I trust you or not?"

"That's up to you! However, I can tell you with certainty that you can completely trust me! " Chen Xiang said very seriously.

"I plan to have Xianxian and the others take that cauldron back to the Nine Heaven World to fix it!" Xiao Yulan looked into Chen Xiang's eyes, and at the same time, she gave Chen Xiang a huge pressure: "This is the most important thing to my royal father, the reason why my royal father can become a Divine Lord is because of this cauldron!"

"I know!" Chen Xiang was extremely shocked in his heart. Xiao Yulan actually made such a huge decision.

"I don't want this cauldron to fall into the hands of others, so you have to help me take care of it. If I die, you must use this cauldron to help me take revenge! If I am still alive, then when you see me again in the future, you must return it to me. " Xiao Yulan said: "I am not really familiar with you, but after these few days of being together with Xianxian and the others, my intuition tells me that I can trust you!"

Chen Xiang nodded, "Don't worry, I promise! In the future, I will also need a strong Divine Nations as a backing. I hope that you can win this battle. "

Chen Xiang did not know much about the powers in the Imperial Nine Palace, but seeing that Xiao Yulan did not have much confidence right now, he knew how powerful Xiao Yulan's enemies were.

"I'll bring you to see Xianxian and the others, they were previously busy, but during this month, they did not rest once, so seeing them so tired made my heart ache. I also advised them to rest once, but they knew that this cauldron is very important to me, so they helped me fix it day and night!" Xiao Yulan brought Chen Xiang into another secret room, where there was a Transmission array.

"I really let them down by abducting them like that! But they still help me. " Xiao Yulan said guiltily: "It's also because of them that I decided to let them bring this cauldron back to repair it."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Since you can make them help you day and night, it looks like they have a lot of trust in you!"

Xiao Yulan opened her Transmission array and brought Chen Xiang to another stone room. She smiled lightly: "You're pretty amazing too, to be able to make them become loyal to you."

Chen Xiang laughed proudly: "The women by my side are not only powerful, there are also many that are very scary."

After walking out of the stone room, Chen Xiang arrived at a very s.p.a.cious hall. It was extremely hot here, and there were a few extremely large stoves burning in flames, and in the middle of these stoves, there was a three-legged round cauldron that was as big as a small mountain. Xue Xianxian and the rest were looking at the blueprints below the stoves, but they did not realise that Chen Xiang and Xiao Yulan had arrived.

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