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Only when the cauldron was fully repaired would Chen Xiang and Xiao Yulan know the secret behind it.

"Princess Yu Lan, the war is about to start. When that happens, will Xianxian and the rest be able to recover? "There's not much time left. With how powerful that cauldron is, it won't be easy to fix it." Chen Xiang asked, this was also something he was more concerned about.

"You don't have to worry about that. I've already made my plans. If I can't fix it, I'll have other plans when the time comes!" Xiao Yulan never thought that the situation would change so quickly. If not for the news of the Divine Nations's treasures suddenly appearing, those Great National Master would not have come in and cause such a ruckus.

Chen Xiang also hoped that Xiao Yulan could become the Divine Lord of Divine Lord. At that time, when the Nine Heaven World annexed the Super G.o.d Realm, he would be able to avoid being surrounded and attacked by other forces.

Xiao Yulan knew what Chen Xiang was worried about, so she had to guarantee the safety of and the others. Whether or not she could turn the tables around, would depend on whether or not the cauldron could be repaired.

Chen Xiang left Xiao Yulan's residence. When he returned, the courtyard house was extremely quiet. Xiao Baifeng was currently cultivating the second Bones while Yue'er was at the side guiding her.

He took out a portion of the Nine Yin and yang Dan's divine medicine and thought about it, then shook his head. He was worried that if he refined this Nine Yin and yang Dan, he would fall into a state of obsession very soon.

Chen Xiang sat alone in the hall. He didn't know what he was doing now, the Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients were all finished concocting, and he didn't have any with him, so he could only wait for Xiao Baifeng to come out.

During the night, Chen Xiang suddenly smelled a fragrant wind, it was Imperial Concubine Lian!

In the middle of the night, Chen Xiang couldn't help but think that the charming Spirit Demon had suddenly come to him.

"This is the divine medicine that you asked me to buy today. I've got it!" Imperial Concubine Lian handed over a large jade box to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took a look and confirmed that all of the divine medicines that the Heaven G.o.d fire Dan required were correct. He nodded his head in satisfaction.

"Ten billion Shen Yuan stone!" Imperial Concubine Lian reached out her jade hand, asking for it from Chen Xiang.

"I don't have it right now. I'll give it to you in a few days and help me purchase these divine medicines!" Chen Xiang put away the jade box and laughed.

"You little devil …" I'm really worried that you will screw over my Shen Yuan stone, their Shen Yuan stone have all been acc.u.mulated over the years, don't lie to me. " Imperial Concubine Lian did not expect Chen Xiang to continue delaying. If she did not know that Chen Xiang could refine Bone level Dan, she would have used her strength to force Chen Xiang to give her the divine medicine.

"What are you afraid of? My luck is still pretty good, I just don't have it right now, I'll just wait for Elder Sister Bai Feng to come out of closed door cultivation, you just have to wait for a few more days, then I'll give you some interest! " Chen Xiang changed the topic and asked: "Have you helped Jin'er cultivate his Bones yet? It requires a person to guide her by the side. Seeing how weak she is, will she be able to endure that kind of pain? "

Imperial Concubine Lian smiled. "Don't underestimate my Jin'er, even though she doesn't seem to know anything, she is someone that I, as a Undead Heaven Spirit, have spent a hundred years nurturing and she is definitely not weak. She is an indestructible G.o.d of war, she will not suffer when she condenses Bones."

Chen Xiang's brows twitched: "It's really not fair, my Bones is so painful that I want to die, she actually doesn't have any pain!"

"Isn't it? This was the power of the Undying Battle G.o.d. In addition, there was an even more powerful force! However, she still needs the help of the Bone level Dan in order to condense her Bones. Imperial Concubine Lian felt that her idea of letting Xiao Jin'er follow Chen Xiang was even more correct. Previously, she didn't know that Chen Xiang knew how to refine Bone level Dan, but now that she knew, she was even more happy.

"Can you spare those ten billion Shen Yuan stone?" Chen Xiang laughed: "Next, help me buy a few more of those divine medicines, and you don't need my Shen Yuan stone s either, I will buy all of your daughter's Bone level Dan s."

"Dozens of billions of Shen Yuan stone! I also want to keep some people to buy things for me. If I really have a lot, then I don't really care, but I'm not as rich as you think! " Imperial Concubine Lian stuck out his tongue: "Anyway, you're so good at refining Five elements Dan, so it won't be long before you earn it back."

"Alright, alright! "I'm going to start concocting pills!" Chen Xiang received a portion of the Heaven G.o.d fire Dan's divine medicine and impatiently wanted to refine it.

Imperial Concubine Lian smiled coquettishly as she said a few words to him, then hurriedly left Xiao Baifeng's house.

Chen Xiang came to the underground secret room and took out the pill furnace Xue Xianxian and the others gave him. Right now, he was refining the more precious Heaven G.o.d fire Dan among the Shangpin dan, so he had to be more serious.

"Is this thing really helpful in condensing Divine Deity? Even these divine medicines were ridiculously expensive. If they were sold, wouldn't that amount to tens of billions? " Chen Xiang looked at the red flowers, fruits, leaves and gra.s.s in the jade box. These were all flowers and leaves formed by the Divine Fire Spirit Tree, and the gra.s.s grew under it.

"It's definitely not wild!" Chen Xiang took a look, although the quality was good, it lacked a bit of natural spiritual energy, and said: "If you want to use Alive Slain Method to copy, it seems to require a large amount of purple pearls!"

Even though he had failed ten times with that Nine Yin and yang Dan before, it gave him a lot of experience. Adding to the fact that he had successfully refined the Spirit Soul Five elements Dan, his control over it had improved a lot.

"A pot is ready!" Chen Xiang placed all the divine medicines into the pill furnace, released the flames and started to refine them.

The Heaven G.o.d fire Dan's four divine medicines all came from the Divine Fire Spirit Tree, so they could resist strong burning flames. If it was someone else's flame, it would be very difficult to quickly refine it.

But Chen Xiang's flames were different. His Chuangzao fire had a strong solubility, so even if it was a divine medicine that was very resistant to heat, it would be quickly broken under his full strength of flames.

He had refined a mutated Tianhuo Dan before, and it was a smart one at that, so the pressure on him wasn't too great when he refined this kind of Shangpin dan.

"It's harder to refine than normal Tianhuo Dan, but it's about the same as a Spiritual Light Tianhuo Dan." Chen Xiang was immediately full of confidence in himself. He used the Spirit Strengthening Technique and the Original source refining to refine it according to the method he used to refine the Tianhuo Dan.

"It would be difficult to refine a Heaven G.o.d fire Dan with spiritual light, but I have to try!" Chen Xiang used half a day's worth of time to smoothly progress to the later stages. Now, he had successfully refined the divine medicine and fused it together.

"After the Shangpin dan refines and fuses with it, it will turn into a medicinal liquid, and it won't be the same as the previous Medicine aura!" Chen Xiang used his Dao heart Eye to gaze at the large ma.s.s of fiery-like liquid. With a thought, he cut it into four parts.

If he started to concoct pills, he would be able to concoct four Heaven G.o.d fire Dan very quickly. However, he was not satisfied with it.

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