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Yue'er flew to Chen Xiang's palm, giggled, and said: "Second Master Huang, it's enough! Huang Yantian is a little older than you, and both of you are fortune-tellers. You two would definitely be able to figure it out. "

"Hmph, I only broke my sh.e.l.l a bit later than him, but I'm stronger than him, so what's wrong with me being the big brother?" Huang Jintian actually admitted that he was my little one, and he knew that Yue'er could see through it.

"You two brothers can just send us back when the time comes. You will be in charge of investigating the treasures of the nine Divine Lord s. Once this little scoundrel becomes stronger in Nine Heaven World, you can go with him to devour the treasures." Yue'er smiled.

"If we can do it, we won't wait for you. We'll just take it." Huang Jintian also knew about Chen Xiang's methods. If it was really difficult to get hold of, they wouldn't dare take the risk.

Yang Tianyi laughed: "It's already very difficult to find the treasures of the Divine Lord, let alone take them away."

"I'm going to forge pills, continue chatting!" When Chen Xiang arrived at the underground secret room, he estimated the quality of the Bone level Dan that Xiao Baifeng had said he needed and then began to refine it.

Xiao Baifeng still needed low ranked Bone level Dan, but the quality had to be improved a little, thus requiring him to fuse a large number of Medicine aura s. Originally, he had to produce four pills in one furnace, but he controlled one now, and he had refined a total of five batches, which took two hours.

After Chen Xiang exited the secret room, he discovered that it was very quiet outside. He arrived at the courtyard, and only the smell of meat remained.

"Where are my master and the others?" Chen Xiang asked.

"They've left. You should have a message talisman to contact them, right? They said that they would send a message whenever they have something to do, and they're still in the Divine Tripod City." Yue Er said.

Xiao Baifeng brought over a big plate of roasted meat that she had just left for Chen Xiang.

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, you are so nice!" Chen Xiang giggled, then ate the delicious barbecue. Huang Yantian should have already discussed this with Imperial Concubine Lian, so he didn't plan to stay here any longer.

After Chen Xiang finished eating, he took out a small jade case and pa.s.sed it to Xiao Baifeng. "Elder Sister Bai Feng, these are five Bone level Dan, they should be suitable for you to use now! Yue'er, you will guide Elder Sister Bai Feng to cultivate his Bones. I need to find Princess Yu Lan. "

"Yue Er? Can she? " Xiao Baifeng was a little surprised.

"She's amazing. Although she's just a cute little kitten, if she goes all out, she'll still get killed." Chen Xiang rubbed Yue'er's fluffy little belly, causing her to meow.

"Do you know the way?" Just as Xiao Baifeng finished asking, Chen Xiang had already walked out. She did not know that Chen Xiang had already gotten a very detailed map from the beginning.

Chen Xiang quickly arrived at Xiao Yulan's manor, and because he coincidentally encountered Xiao Hongque coming out from it, Xiao Hongque brought him in.

"I've already informed the princess that she will be coming out soon. You have to be patient, I still have things I need to do, so I can't wait on you anymore." Xiao Hongque smiled gently and sweetly at Chen Xiang. Because Chen Xiang had a good relationship with Xiao Baifeng and also obtained Xiao Yulan's acknowledgement, Xiao Hongque was very courteous to him as well.

"Sister Hongque is being too polite!" Chen Xiang replied with a smile.

Not long after Xiao Hongque left, Chen Xiang stood at the entrance and looked at the mountain not far away, which was where Xue Xianxian and the rest were.

Just then, Xiao Yulan walked out from a secret room. She saw Chen Xiang looking at the mountain with extreme concentration, and couldn't help but be shocked, she never expected Chen Xiang to know that Xue Xianxian and the rest were over there.

"How do you know?" Xiao Yulan asked. She was wearing a purple loose dress, and when she walked out, the fragrance was in the air, showing that she had just finished cultivating in the secret room and had even took a quick shower.

"Warm Moon and I have Master-servant Contract. As long as we get close, I can feel it." Chen Xiang sighed. It could be seen that he was extremely worried about Xue Xianxian and the others.

"I'm sorry!" Seeing Chen Xiang like this, Xiao Yulan said guiltily: "I really need their help!"

"I know. Is it convenient to talk here?" Chen Xiang looked around.

"Follow me!" Xiao Yulan brought Chen Xiang into her room. Chen Xiang sat on a comfortable chair and looked around, he wanted to see what Jade Cauldron Divine King's room looked like, so he could understand Xiao Yulan better.

"Do you always look around in other people's rooms like that?" Xiao Yulan smiled as he brought Chen Xiang something to drink. Although she was a princess, and a Jade Cauldron Divine King, she was still very polite to Chen Xiang. After all, Chen Xiang's wives had worked hard to do important things for her.

"Only your room." Chen Xiang laughed, then said with a stern face: "Princess Yu Lan, I know what you want my wife to do, are you going to repair that cauldron?"

Xiao Yulan was silent for a moment, then nodded: "How did you know? Only three people know about this. Me, Hongque, and Imperial Concubine Lian, were you told by Imperial Concubine Lian? I know you went to see Imperial Concubine Lian today! "

"No, it's Big Brother Canghai!" Chen Xiang said: "He deduced it, because he had heard about this cauldron before. Heavenly Divine Lord told him!"

"When this cauldron was damaged, it was completely destroyed. My father gave it to me that year and I took it out to play with it. Indeed, he saw it before. I didn't think that he would actually know about this as well." Xiao Yulan was a little puzzled: "How did Heavenly Divine Lord know? I thought only my royal father and I knew about this cauldron! And Hongque and Imperial Concubine Lian only knew that I was looking for someone to repair this cauldron. "

Xiao Yulan actually didn't know about the conflict between Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord s!

"Then how did you know to look for Xianxian and the others to fix it?" Chen Xiang was also very confused. If Xiao Yulan didn't know that this cauldron was related to the Heavenly Divine Lord, then how could she be sure that she would be able to find Xue Xianxian and the others to repair it?

"I told Imperial Concubine Lian to figure it out and she figured out which ones could be repaired before she headed towards Nine Heaven World." Xiao Yulan said.

This Imperial Concubine Lian was a second generation Heavenly Spirit, she was also nurtured by the Undead Heaven Spirit. Previously, Huang Jintian and the others said that if it was born from the Undead Heaven Spirit, it would be either the Undying Battle G.o.d or a Sky Spill Master! That Imperial Concubine Lian was clearly a Sky Spill Master!

That cauldron was actually damaged during the battle between Heavenly Divine Lord and your royal father. At that time, the Heavenly Divine Lord was filled with guilt, and after that, he devoted himself to researching how to repair the cauldron, as well as gathering materials from all over. Furthermore, he recorded everything that happened in one of the books that I obtained and gave it to Xianxian and the others. Chen Xiang said: "In the past, the Heavenly Divine Lord already had the ability to repair it, but it was destroyed!"

Speaking of which, Chen Xiang recalled something else and said, "During the battle between Heavenly Divine Lord and your royal father, it was because his most powerful Heavenly magic sword was also damaged, so it was one of the reasons that caused the destruction of the Ninth Heaven's Divine Nations! Furthermore, your royal father was the only one who knew that his divine sword was damaged, and their relationship was not bad. They should not have done such a thing, at that time, the Heavenly Divine Lord was also going to help your royal father repair that cauldron. "

Following that, Chen Xiang told Xiao Yulan everything in detail.

"My royal father has never told me about such a thing!" After Xiao Yulan heard this, he was very surprised: "He only told me that everything was within this cauldron. He also said that as long as that cauldron can be repaired, I will definitely be able to control the Divine Cauldron Nation."

Even Xiao Yulan did not know about this, so all of this secret was hidden inside that cauldron!

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