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When Chen Xiang heard Imperial Concubine Lian mention the conditions for the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord's exchange and his longevity, he was sure that the Imperial Concubine Lian would use the Undead Divine Race's secret method to exchange them.

"You don't have to worry, he went there to find out about some matters regarding the Undead Divine Race, he will definitely understand you!" Chen Xiang said: "There are two seniors from the Undead Divine Race right here. Whether you want to meet them or not, they have only come to tell you about the matters concerning the Undead Divine Race, and do not necessarily have to force you to return."

"It's not that I don't want to return, it's that you should know about the situation here. Yu Lan needs my help! Furthermore, the Undead Divine Race must have been destroyed by a powerful force because there's no point in going back now. When they find even more Undead Heaven Spirit and Undying Battle G.o.ds, I will leave with them. " Imperial Concubine Lian sighed. Although she had never returned to Undead Divine Race, she had been taught since young to love and cherish her clan. That was her roots.

Now that she knew that such a situation had occurred in Undead Divine Race, she also felt an indescribable pain in her heart!

"I can see them!" Then, he opened the jade case Chen Xiang had given her. Inside were four Bone level Dan. Or did you buy it from Prince Ping? "

"I refined it!" Don't you dare speak of it! " Chen Xiang laughed: This is a apology gift to you, what a small heart!

"I don't need it right now. I plan to give it to Jin'er to use so that she can condense her Bones first!" Although the Imperial Concubine Lian had a very high status, it was still not easy to purchase a Bone level Dan. This was something that the master and disciple of the Great National Master had given them a fixed amount to buy, and it was very difficult for her to obtain it.

"Oh right, Chen Xiang, you are from Nine Heaven World. Do you know the four women Xue Xianxian, Liu Meng'er, Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Jing?" Imperial Concubine Lian asked.

Chen Xiang raised his brows, "Why are you asking this? Don't you guys want to investigate more about the Nine Heaven World? "

"We're just interested in you and know a little about you. For example, you possess the Heavenly Alchemy and the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, so we don't know much about the rest of the matters! Let alone the other people in Nine Heaven World, have you ever heard of the names of these four women? "They are all very powerful and have mastered the art of refining and setting up formations." The Imperial Concubine Lian said, "Yu Lan is trying to rope them in. She asked me to find a way to investigate the origins of these four women."

Chen Xiang asked: "Did you bring the four women here?"

"That's right, I brought my men over. Although the method is a little inappropriate, we did not mistreat them. It seems that they are very famous in the Nine Heaven World, and you also know about their disappearances." Imperial Concubine Lian immediately laughed: "Quickly tell me about them, this way I won't have to go to Nine Heaven World anymore."

"You asked the right person. In the Nine Heaven World, the person who knows them the best should be me." Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"That's great! Why do you know them so well? Have you ever pursued them? Seeing your expression, I can tell that you have been rejected by them! " Imperial Concubine Lian chuckled: "I have seen all four beauties before, they are indeed very beautiful, with different tastes. You couldn't have all been rejected by them, hehe …"

Chen Xiang said snappily: "Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er are my wives, Dongfang Jing is my recognized sister … Dongfang Xinyue can also be considered my woman! The reason I came to Imperial Nine Palace is to find them. When Princess Yu Lan a.s.sured me that they were alright, I calmed down. Otherwise, I would have brought my master to attack your Jade Cauldron Palace a long time ago. "

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Imperial Concubine Lian, who was still laughing coquettishly, shouted in shock and disbelief, "Is this for real? "Don't lie to me!"

"If you don't believe it, ask them! Don't try to win them over. They are mine and they have power to rely on. They will be doing great things in the future. " Chen Xiang curled his lips: "The person who kidnapped my wife, was you!"

"Well... I'm sorry! I didn't expect you to be so capable, no wonder you look down on my Jin'er … You don't even put him in your eyes. " Imperial Concubine Lian pursed her lips, her face carrying a trace of bitterness as she spoke in a pitiful manner.

"I have always been a very capable person, alright? I told you before that if your Jin'er wanted to marry me, he would have to be ranked very far away." Chen Xiang laughed: "Imperial Concubine Lian, you took away my wife, now it's your turn to apologize to me!"

"How do you want them to apologize?" Imperial Concubine Lian squinted her charming phoenix eyes, carrying a shallow and charming smile, her gentle voice made people go soft, she was currently displaying her charming charm to her heart's content to tease Chen Xiang.

However, Chen Xiang did not accept her, and directly handed her a piece of paper: "Can you help me buy these few sets of medicinal ingredients? If there were, then there would have to be more! Elder Sister Bai Feng shouldn't be as well-connected as you are, so she won't be able to get her hands on it. "

"Heh heh, you unromantic brat." Imperial Concubine Lian spat a few times before taking the paper and saying with a frown: "I have heard of these divine medicines, but they are all very expensive!"

"Help me buy the Shen Yuan stone. I'll give it to you after you buy it. I don't have that many on me right now, so I need to go sell some of them." Chen Xiang said: "How much does this portion cost?"

"Ten billion Shen Yuan stone s, the least! Don't worry, I won't scam your Shen Yuan stone. " Imperial Concubine Lian stuck out her tongue adorably and laughed: "You, are you planning to refine some kind of powerful divine pellet again? Is there any part of me when the time comes? "

"You're not my woman, of course you're not my woman!" Chen Xiang snickered.

"Then wouldn't I have to be a woman? Do you want me? " Imperial Concubine Lian's eyes moved about, her beautiful eyes flashed, looking straight at Chen Xiang with an extremely captivating gaze.

"I have to consult Xianxian and Elder Sister Meng'er … Now that I can't see them, if you want to be my woman, you can ask them if they are willing. If they are willing, then forget about you, I'll take your daughter as well. " Chen Xiang smirked: "It seems like both of you have never been nourished by a man before!"

"You're really bad!" The Imperial Concubine Lian chuckled, "I'll go find your wife later and tell them that you have an ulterior motive towards us. See how they plan to take care of you."

Chen Xiang and Imperial Concubine Lian walked out of the secret room, and they had a very pleasant conversation. When Xiao Jin'er saw that Chen Xiang and Imperial Concubine Lian had walked out, he felt like they were good friends.

"Imperial Concubine Lian, we will be taking our leave. If you don't have enough of those pills, just say h.e.l.lo to me." Chen Xiang said with a smile, then left the Imperial Concubine Lian Palace with Xiao Baifeng.

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