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The Imperial Concubine Lian frowned. Then, taking the jade case that Chen Xiang had gifted her, he pulled Xiao Jin'er along as he led him and into a private room.

"What are you trying to do?" Chen Xiang asked.

"You are Chen Xiang, right?!" Imperial Concubine Lian asked directly after entering the secret room.

Chen Xiang was startled, but Xiao Baifeng looked at him with a surprised expression. Xiao Baifeng had heard of the name Chen Xiang before, so a legend about Chen Xiang suddenly popped up.

"Shen Fei... Chen Xiang! " Xiao Baifeng frowned, "Are you really Chen Xiang?"

"Yes, I'm not hiding this from you. This is a long story!" Chen Xiang felt his head hurt, and he secretly chided Xiao Yulan in his heart. He actually told the Imperial Concubine Lian about his matter, "Did Xiao Yulan tell you this?"

"No, I guessed it!" The Imperial Concubine Lian smiled charmingly, poured two cups of tea and pa.s.sed it to Chen Xiang and the others, hinting them to sit down: "I didn't think that Yulan would know about this, it seems like you and her had a secret conversation! Of course, I don't care about the things between you two. After you kill my son, I want you to compensate me and take good care of Jin'er! "

"One, I didn't kill your son. Two, it wasn't your son!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't not admit it, with this kind of method, you can't hide it from me."

"But don't worry, I have something I need your help with now, so I will take good care of Jin'er! I just don't understand, you're doing pretty well in this Jade Cauldron Palace, there's no need for you to give your daughter to me, I'm going to leave this Divine Cauldron Nation in the future. "

Imperial Concubine Lian let out a faint sigh, "Don't think that a simple compet.i.tion can decide the birth of the throne! You left the Divine Cauldron Nation after the compet.i.tion, right? At that time, bring Jin'er away, I am very sure that after the compet.i.tion, there will be a great battle! "

Xiao Baifeng frowned: "Didn't they say that the compet.i.tion to decide which side has more Great National Master? So who will be the one to be the Divine Lord?"

"It was originally like this, but something happened later on, because after becoming a Divine Lord, the benefits received were too many, causing some Great National Master to have no choice but to join!" Imperial Concubine Lian said: "The other Divine Nations s are the same! I think that the old Divine Lord did it on purpose. After the Nine G.o.ds Nation s left, he actually left behind a huge treasure deposit, all for the sake of making the battle even more intense! "

"According to the Divine Lord, the more powerful the battle for their children, the more stable the new Divine Lord will be."

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "This is a matter of your Divine Cauldron Nation, it doesn't have much to do with me! I can promise you that I will bring Jin'er back to the Nine Heaven World and take care of her! "

"But, you have to promise me one thing, I have some questions to ask you …" Just the two of us! " Chen Xiang looked at Xiao Jin'er and Xiao Baifeng.

After Xiao Baifeng found out about Chen Xiang's ident.i.ty, she and Xiao Jin'er still felt that Chen Xiang was very mysterious so they both walked out of the secret room.

"Go ahead!" Imperial Concubine Lian smiled, it was a very charming smile, and he wondered if she was trying to seduce Chen Xiang.

"Do you have some sort of deal with the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord? Also, that Ming Prince is not your son! " Chen Xiang asked.

"Ming Prince is indeed not my son! Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord and I do have a deal, and he and I only have the name of husband and wife, and not the real deal! " Imperial Concubine Lian nodded his head: "You are as powerful as the rumors say, to be able to see through so many things so quickly, have you been paying attention to me this entire time?"

Imperial Concubine Lian lifted her hair and looked at Chen Xiang with alluring eyes, then laughed softly: "You can't have fallen for me, right? "Little guy!"

"Cough, cough!" Chen Xiang coughed a few times: "Let's get down to business. What kind of deal do you have with Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord?"

"Why do you care?" Imperial Concubine Lian chuckled: "You should answer my previous question, are you interested in me?"

"If you are willing to obey me, I will reluctantly accept you!" Chen Xiang laughed: "You are a stronger woman, of course you would look down on me, a little fellow who isn't even a G.o.d!"

"Oh? You aren't even in the realm of the Supreme G.o.d yet, but you're still able to cripple Ming Prince. If you had the realm of the Supreme G.o.d, wouldn't you be done for? " Imperial Concubine Lian approached Chen Xiang, teasing him with the ends of her hair: "You have a lot of potential! If he is able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Prince Ping now, he will definitely surpa.s.s him in the future! "

Fortunately, Chen Xiang already had a lot of experience dealing with this kind of spirit.

"Alright, I'm interested in you. For a demoness like you, it's hard to not be interested in you!" Chen Xiang laughed, and also extended his hand to touch Imperial Concubine Lian's jade face, seeing Chen Xiang touching her, her smile became even more enchanting.

Just as Chen Xiang was satisfied with his touch, Imperial Concubine Lian opened his hands playfully and sat opposite him, giggling.

"Right now, the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord has given up this Divine Nations for the sake of pursuing longevity. The deal between him and I is to tell him a clue to longevity, and then let him accept me as his concubine. That way, I can avoid being chased by my enemies! I gave birth to Jin'er back then, and I also found out that it was a very powerful force. In order to get rid of that force, I could only do this! Later on, Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord helped me destroy that power. " Imperial Concubine Lian sighed: "But it's different now, I have great strength, I could have left, but Yulan is good to me, mother and daughter, so no matter if she can win the throne or not, I have to fight side by side with her!"

Chen Xiang nodded.

"Don't you want to ask whose daughter Jin'er is?" Imperial Concubine Lian giggled.

"Your daughter!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"But I can only give birth to a daughter if I'm a man. Do you want to know who her father is?" Imperial Concubine Lian laughed: "If you want to get to me, you have to eliminate Jin'er's biological father first!"

Chen Xiang drank a cup of tea she poured and praised: "It's so fragrant! Jin'er doesn't have a father, she is only your daughter. If my guess isn't wrong, you should be the Undead Heaven Spirit, right?

Imperial Concubine Lian, who was happily teasing Chen Xiang before, was now stunned. She did not expect Chen Xiang to know her big secret! Only she knew this secret. She didn't even tell her daughter.

"You … How do you know? " Imperial Concubine Lian was stunned for a moment, and then asked in astonishment.

"How long has it been since you last returned to the Star Law Divine Realm?" Chen Xiang asked.

I was born from a Undead Heaven Spirit, a second generation Heavenly Spirit! My mother has already died. After she gave birth to me, she never brought me back, and I also know that I am from the Undead Divine Race. My mother also often told me about the various affairs of the Undead Divine Race. The Imperial Concubine Lian sighed: "If you knew about the matter of the Undead Divine Race, you should have known that she couldn't pa.s.s through that kind of calamity and die. Although she has already been reborn, I might not be able to find her."

"The Undead Divine Race has been destroyed! Right now, the other clan members of the Undead Divine Race are all searching for the Undead Heaven Spirit. Chen Xiang said: "You have never gone back, and I wonder if you still care about the Undead Divine Race!"

"This... The entire clan was actually exterminated! " Imperial Concubine Lian was very shocked by this. "I told Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord that his path of longevity lies with Star Law Divine Realm, if he goes now … Didn't we fail? "

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