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Chen Xiang was an experienced person in condensing a Bone level Dan, so he could be considered relatively experienced, and was completely qualified to guide Xiao Baifeng, this Great Saint G.o.d who possessed thirty Divine Deity.

After Xiao Baifeng ate the Bone level Dan, he began to refine it. Five hours later, Xiao Baifeng opened his eyes and shook his head at Chen Xiang.

"Seems like you still need higher quality Xiaping bone level Dan!" Based on Xiao Baifeng's situation, Chen Xiang threw the few Xiaping bone level Dan s in his hands into the pill furnace. Although this was the first time he had returned to the furnace, he felt that it was not a problem.

"How long will it take?" Xiao Baifeng never thought that the quality of Bone level Dan could be controlled, and with her situation, it would allow her to cultivate Bones.

"It won't be long, just wait patiently!" Chen Xiang said. This was indeed very easy for Chen Xiang, he had to admit that refining an Inferior Grade Bone level Dan was only for a few moments.

At this time, he was carefully dissecting those few Bone level Dan s. To change their quality, he only needed to increase it a little, and that would allow Xiao Baifeng to refine them within twelve hours. Then, he would have a greater chance at cultivating Bones.

In a short span of time, Chen Xiang had completed it. His original few Bone level Dan pills, only three were left!

"Try again!" Chen Xiang pa.s.sed it to Xiao Baifeng.

Xiao Baifeng took one and immediately ate it, then began to refine it!

Chen Xiang patiently waited by her side. It was his first time cultivating his Bones, so he needed a relatively experienced person by his side.

After six hours, Xiao Baifeng opened his eyes!

"Still no results!" Xiao Baifeng began to doubt his own talent, and said: "It's better if we don't continue, it's such a waste of a Bone level Dan!"

She was very clear about how much the two Bone level Dan she had eaten were worth. She felt that she was not a material that could cultivate Bones, so she did not want to continue and waste the Bone level Dan.

"What is there to waste? I know a guy who only condensed his Bones after eating hundreds or thousands of Bone level Dan medicine. You only ate two pellets, but I ate quite a lot of them while cultivating in Bones in the past, so I need to have some self-confidence. " Chen Xiang encouraged her, and patted her shoulder: "There are still two pills, I will continue to refine them."

Xiao Baifeng nodded his head, then swallowed another Bone level Dan and continued to refine. Now, Chen Xiang already knew how many quality Xiaping bone level Dan s Xiao Baifeng needed, he followed this standard to refine and very quickly, he finished another batch.

Cultivation of Bones required a very long time, eating one required six hours!

When Xiao Baifeng had eaten the fifth pellet, she had only refined it to the sixth hour point when she frowned and felt that her right arm had some sort of reaction.

Chen Xiang could also see her right arm trembling slightly, and she anxiously said: "Concentrate all of your body's energy, transfer all of your energy to your right arm!"

"If you feel pain, you cannot give up. You must persevere! Now that you have successfully lured out the opportunity to condense Bones, whether or not you can condense Bones will be up to you. " Chen Xiang said in a serious tone.

Xiao Baifeng had always hoped that she could condense Bones, so no matter how difficult it was, she had to endure it!

She followed Chen Xiang's instructions and quickly felt the pain in her right arm!

Facing this kind of pain, Xiao Baifeng could only tightly frown. Her jade face only revealed a little bit of a pained expression, which made Chen Xiang very surprised!

Even though Xiao Baifeng looked like a spoiled Xiao Linglong, she had an extremely strong heart and was just like her personality!

This made Chen Xiang admire her!

The pain lasted for twenty hours, Xiao Baifeng was also drenched in sweat. When she activated her Bones, she, who was persisting in the process, suddenly collapsed in Chen Xiang's embrace.

Chen Xiang embraced her pet.i.te body, gently caressed her face and lamented: "Truly a strong woman, able to hold on even longer than me!"

Chen Xiang carried her back to her room and laid her on her bed to rest. He did the same thing with his Bones before, he had to sleep for a while to recover.

When Xiao Baifeng woke up the next morning, she knew that she had cultivated Bones. Thinking back to the pain she experienced when she condensed Bones, she was still a little afraid in her heart, but she was also very satisfied with her performance. After all, she had endured it, and had even successfully condensed a powerful Bones! When she transferred the Mysterious power from the Divine Sense Sea into the Bones, she could clearly feel the strength of the Bones on her right arm.

She took a shower and rushed into the hall. Seeing Chen Xiang leisurely drinking tea here, she immediately expressed her grat.i.tude: "I succeeded, thank you Shen Fei!"

"There's no need to be polite, you've also helped me out quite a bit, and your success would also be a large portion of your contribution. Whether or not you can condense Bones will primarily depend on yourself." Chen Xiang laughed and said.

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, I have something to take care of first. Can you take me away from Imperial Nine Palace?" Chen Xiang had received a message from Huang Yantian last night, saying that they would meet each other at an inn in the Divine Tripod City right at the moment because of an urgent matter.

Chen Xiang himself was not familiar with this Imperial Nine Palace, the last time he came, it was also Xiao Baifeng who brought him in.

"Of course you can. Are we leaving now?" Xiao Baifeng asked.

"We're leaving now!"

After that, Chen Xiang sat in Xiao Baifeng's car and left Imperial Nine Palace!

… ….

"Mother, you have to seek justice for me. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Shen Fei is really too arrogant … It doesn't matter that he hit me. The important thing is that he insulted you and said some very nasty words. " Ming Prince laid on his bed and cried.

And beside the bed stood a beautiful woman with a well-developed figure. This was the mother of the Ming Prince, the Imperial Concubine Lian!

Imperial Concubine Lian had a pair of charming phoenix eyes. She looked at Ming Prince who was lying on the bed: "Trash, you actually do such a shameful thing for me! Even if you don't know that Yu Lan has just met Shen Fei, you should already know that Prince Ping has gone to meet him some time ago! "

"Mother … Are you afraid of him? It's because he insulted you that I went to find him to settle the score. He said that he would make you his female servant. " When Ming Prince saw Imperial Concubine Lian's tone, he made up all sorts of reasons to anger her.

"What kind of thoughts do you have that I would not know?" Just lie here for the rest of your life. Don't expect me to find you high-level divine pellets! " Seems like she was not the person who would do everything possible to protect this Ming Prince as rumored in the outside world.

"Are you still my mother? You. Do you really have the heart to see me crippled here? " The Ming Prince shouted in anger.

"After all these years, you've stirred up so many troubles for me. I've long since had enough of you. You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you're just a piece of trash. Why wouldn't I be willing to do that?" Imperial Concubine Lian's face turned cold: Don't count on me to help you in the future, let's go!

The pretty girl behind Imperial Concubine Lian looked very similar to her as she grew up. She had the same charming phoenix eyes as her. At this moment, she was sitting in the carriage with Imperial Concubine Lian. This girl was the daughter of Imperial Concubine Lian.

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