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The last time this Ming Prince came to ask Xiao Baifeng to marry him, she wasn't willing, so she kept making rumors and raising little men. This already made Xiao Baifeng very angry.

And now, he actually dared to come knocking on her door and even loudly insulted her!

Xiao Baifeng walked over to open the door, with Chen Xiang following behind her. After the door was opened, Ming Prince led a group of people and rushed in.

"Ming Prince, what are you doing?" Xiao Baifeng looked at the group of people and said with a frown.

"Little s.l.u.t, I paid such a huge price to convince my wife to accept you as her concubine, but you didn't know what was good for you, and actually rejected me. You are only a lowly female servant, and I am the son of the Divine Nations's royal family, what right do you have to reject me?" Ming Prince shouted in anger, his expression extremely sinister.

Xiao Baifeng said coldly: "The princess has just left, and yet you want to cause trouble soon. Could it be that you don't place her in your eyes?"

"royal sister, you have to look at my mother's face. I'm not afraid of her!" I have missed you for a long time, today you must obey me! " The Ming Prince pointed at Chen Xiang and shouted, "Capture this brat and beat him up. How dare he get close to my woman!"

Xiao Baifeng didn't know what was going on with the Ming Prince to actually dare do such a thing. Seeing that group of people come over, Xiao Baifeng immediately took action, as his body released a white mist.

The white mist seemed to have a mind of its own, and once it wrapped around the group of people, they were unable to approach it.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too arrogant!" Chen Xiang said coldly, he had already left the place, and by the time Xiao Baifeng reacted, it was already too late, Chen Xiang's iron hands were burning red, releasing extremely berserk Qi flames, which tore apart the s.p.a.ce and struck Ming Prince on the face.


When the Meteor immortal power struck, it released a thunderous boom, producing a burst of sparks. Its aura was extremely fierce, and it shook the entire courtyard.

Ming Prince was sent flying by Chen Xiang's heavy punch. He flew through the thick wall and fell outside.

"Shen Fei, stop!" Xiao Baifeng was very clear of his own rules. Although the Ming Prince was very arrogant, he only needed to control himself in a gentle manner. If he was too violent, it would be difficult for Xiao Yulan to explain himself.

Just as Xiao Baifeng wanted to use the clouds to block Chen Xiang, she did not expect Chen Xiang to instantly disappear and teleport to the side of the Ming Prince.

"How dare you hit me!" Before Ming Prince could finish, he was once again punched ruthlessly by Chen Xiang.

"So what if I hit you? I let you be arrogant! " Chen Xiang, who was using Double bone level, stepped on Ming Prince fiercely with his right leg. With every step he took, a loud sound of thunder would be heard along with a very strong spark.


The power of the four flame Divine Deity s and four Bones s had all been used by Chen Xiang, turning into Meteor immortal power s which were extremely powerful. Every time they attacked, it was like a huge meteor smashing into the ground, causing the earth to tremble.

"Get the h.e.l.l out of my way!" After Chen Xiang beat him up for a while, seeing that it was enough, he kicked the Ming Prince who was stomped so hard that he did not look like a human anymore, flying far away.

Xiao Baifeng also let go of that group of people and let them take Ming Prince away! Xiao Baifeng was extremely shocked with Chen Xiang's power just now. She had already forgotten to blame Chen Xiang, because she felt that it was very likely to be the power of Chen Xiang's Bones.

Bones was something that she yearned for day and night, and now that she had personally witnessed just how terrifying Bones were, she wanted to cultivate them even more! She knew that Chen Xiang had yet to reach Super G.o.d Realm, but that Ming Prince actually had more than ten Divine Deity. Even though his strength was very weak, he should not be oppressed by someone who was not even a single Super G.o.d Realm!

"You're really reckless!" Xiao Baifeng frowned as he looked at the messy surroundings: "This guy is not easy to mess with."

"This guy just deserves a beating. After a beating, he's got a good memory. As for her mother, if she has the guts, then come find me. I'll teach her how to discipline her son." Chen Xiang did not have any fear, he was unlike Xiao Baifeng who needed to stay in the Imperial Nine Palace for a long time, so he did not have to worry too much about it.

The moment Xiao Yulan returned to his own palace, Xiao Hongque took out a jade tablet. After finding out about the news from the inside, he said with a frown: "Then Shen Fei had hit Ming Prince just now, and his attacks were very heavy! Didn't this guy not reach the Supreme G.o.d Stage? Even if the Ming Prince was crippled, he shouldn't have been seriously injured! But Elder Sister Bai Feng did not make his move! "

"This guy really dares to attack!" If Imperial Concubine Lian wants to stand up for her son and make her come find me, if she acts against Shen Fei on her own, don't blame me for being impolite. That's what you said when you went to look for her! " After all, Chen Xiang's wife was helping her. If she could successfully repair that cauldron, she wouldn't need to be afraid even if the other first-rate Divine Kings joined hands to deal with her.

… ….

Inside the secret room, Chen Xiang was refining an Inferior Grade Bone level Dan. He could refine it with his eyes in an instant.

Xiao Baifeng didn't dare go out either, because she was worried that his mother from the Ming Prince would cause trouble for him.

"What is it? "Did you not succeed in refining it?" Xiao Baifeng saw that Chen Xiang had just entered the secret room and came out so he asked immediately.

"Of course not, I've finished refining it. Eat one and see how effective it is!" Only by refining it for six hours can it be considered suitable for you. " Chen Xiang laughed, he had refined quite a few pills, if they were not suitable for her, he would have to sell the rest of the Bone level Dan.

Xiao Baifeng thought for a while, then said: "You can stay with me. I don't understand the Congealing Bones, so I need your guidance."

"Elder Sister Bai Feng, could it be that you don't understand the process of condensing Bones?" Chen Xiang asked: "Your princess has never mentioned it to you before?"

"No, because she didn't know herself, that she had innate Bones, so I don't know how much there is. I just heard her mention it." Xiao Baifeng's words caused Chen Xiang to be extremely shocked; he actually was born with this Bones.

Chen Xiang brought Yue'er and followed Xiao Baifeng into the secret room!

Xiao Baifeng looked at the low-ranked Bone level Dan, and was very excited. This Bone level Dan was a divine pellet that had a price and no market, and the two pills she had eaten before looked very ordinary, far inferior to Chen Xiang's pellets.

"Your first Bones should be completed using the Xiaping Dan." Chen Xiang said: "If you really have to trigger the opportunity to condense Bones, you must endure through the pain. That process is extremely painful, so when the time comes don't give up, it's a rare opportunity."

Xiao Baifeng nodded seriously, then ate the Bone level Dan.

"If you can refine it within six hours, the chances of you condensing Bones will be very high. Bone level Dan don't worry, as long as enough Shen Yuan stone can buy divine medicine, there won't be a problem." Chen Xiang was extremely confident in this point.

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