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Chen Xiang took twelve hours to refine the first batch of Zhongpin bone level Dan, which was considered relatively slow for him. When he had first started learning Five elements Dan, he had done it much faster than this.

"This Zhongpin bone level Dan is so difficult, but you'll have to get used to it in the future!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the four divine pellets he had condensed.

The current ingredients were extremely precious, one serving was worth a hundred and fifty million Shen Yuan stone, unlike the divine medicines that were easily copied out previously, which did not require Shen Yuan stone s.

"Do you want to eat it now?" Yue'er asked, "If you trigger the opportunity to condense Bones, you will have to cultivate for several days."

"Mm, that's for sure!" Chen Xiang seemed to have forgotten that there was a princess waiting for him outside.

If it was before, Yue'er would definitely not have asked such a question, because Chen Xiang condensing Bones one after another was already extremely heaven opposing. She had personally seen it twice, so she felt that it wasn't strange for such a thing to happen to Chen Xiang.

is still outside! She's been waiting patiently for most of the day and she doesn't intend to leave. " Yue'er reminded Chen Xiang.

"Now that the G.o.dly pills have been refined, I want to give it a try right away." Chen Xiang looked at the Bone level Dan and said: "It doesn't matter if she goes first, Elder Sister Bai Feng can bring me to see her in the future anyways."

Now, he knew that Xue Xianxian and the others were already safe, so he was not in a hurry to meet Xiao Yulan.

Chen Xiang ate a Bone level Dan and then began to refine it …

When he woke up, it had been more than sixteen hours.

"To actually need such a long time to refine it, it seems like my physical body's strength is not enough!" Chen Xiang said. If his refining speed was too fast, then the quality of the divine pellet would not be able to match up to his fleshly body. Right now, the refining time was more than six hours, and his body couldn't keep up with the quality of the divine pellet.

"Xiao Yulan was still outside. This woman was really patient, she waited here for you for more than 10 hours." Yue'er yawned: "Now you need to strengthen your body, allowing yourself to refine one Zhongpin bone level Dan every six hours, so that you can trigger the opportunity to condense Divine Deity."

Chen Xiang nodded, took a bath, and walked out of the secret underground room.

Xiao Yulan had said that she would wait until Chen Xiang finished refining the pill. Although it was a long time, she and Xiao Hongque could still rest in Xiao Baifeng's room.

When Chen Xiang came out, she looked very calm and collected. However, when he saw this peerless Jade Cauldron Divine King with his own eyes, he still felt that she was very stunning.

"Shen Fei, she is my princess, the legendary Jade Cauldron Divine King." Xiao Baifeng was worried that Chen Xiang would spout such arrogant words, so he anxiously walked over and pulled on Chen Xiang's sleeves, because Chen Xiang had previously displayed that he hated Xiao Yulan.

"Greetings, Princess Yulan." Chen Xiang bowed politely.

"That's right!" It's even more outstanding than what I imagined! " Xiao Yulan smiled with praise on his face and nodded his head. Chen Xiang was neither humble nor arrogant, with a determined look on his face, he gave off a very stubborn feeling, as though he would never lower his head to anyone.

"Princess Yulan is more beautiful than I thought as well, and much different from what I imagined." Chen Xiang laughed, and stared at Xiao Yulan's beautiful jade face.

Xiao Yulan was currently dressed in a luxurious purple dress, looking very n.o.ble, but she did not have that kind of unapproachable feeling. She gently smiled, "There might be some misunderstandings between us, or it might be my actions alone that made you have a bad impression of me!"

Xiao Yulan could guess the impression that Chen Xiang had of her before, and the feeling Chen Xiang gave her was also not bad. Amongst the people she had met, if a man like Chen Xiang, who wasn't even a G.o.d, saw her, he would probably be intimidated by the pressure that was being emitted from the dozens of Divine Deity in her body.

However, Chen Xiang didn't seem to feel any pressure as he continued to stare at her face unscrupulously. His gaze was a little mischievous, as if he wanted to see her entire body.

"This is also my fault. It's normal for you to be angry! Now I hope to be able to dispel this little contradiction that we are seeing and to have a better time with each other in the future. " Xiao Yulan walked closer to Chen Xiang, allowing him to clearly smell the refreshing fragrance from her body.

Chen Xiang observed the jade-like skin of Xiao Yulan's face from a close distance. Seeing her pair of beautiful eyes that flickered with a strange color and exuded charm, he couldn't help but be secretly surprised in his heart.

"Can we talk alone?" Chen Xiang looked at Xiao Baifeng and Xiao Hongque behind her. Even though they were both extremely beautiful women, the two of them had become much dimmer by Xiao Yulan's side.

"Don't you think you're acting a little too arrogantly in front of me? If you want to talk to me alone, even other second rate Third Rank Divine King would not dare to raise this kind of request to me. Xiao Yulan said this with a smile. He didn't know if she was angry, but Xiao Hongque and Xiao Baifeng were extremely nervous.

Just now, Chen Xiang could feel a trace of power from Xiao Yulan. He immediately understood that Xiao Yulan had hidden it very deeply, the power that she had displayed just now was the power a Monarch should have.

Chen Xiang said very seriously: "Right now, I am the same as you, both of us only want to eliminate the small misunderstanding between us that shouldn't exist. There are some things that we need to talk about alone, it's not that I don't respect you."

At this time, he took out the stone that Jiu Canghai, the Great Divine Lord, had given him. Because he could already feel her att.i.tude towards him from Xiao Yulan's words just now.

Xiao Baifeng and Xiao Hongque had the same thought, that it was impossible for Xiao Yulan to agree to Chen Xiang's words, but when Xiao Yulan saw the stone, he frowned slightly and nodded: "Let's talk inside!"

Chen Xiang suddenly thought of such an important thing, if not Xiao Yulan would definitely not talk about it with him alone, he followed Xiao Yulan into Xiao Baifeng's room.

Xiao Yulan set up a barrier and took the stone over, then asked softly: "How is he now?"

"It's not bad, the Nine Divine Kings only has him now, and he thinks it's hopeless to rebuild the country, so I hope he'll be able to pull himself together!" Before Chen Xiang left, he had once encouraged him.

"You are Chen Xiang?" Xiao Yulan laughed at himself: "I should have known it was you, it's just that recently I've been troubled by so many things, I've been muddled."

"Princess Yu Lan actually heard this kid's name. What an honor." Chen Xiang said these words with a trace of displeasure. At the same time, he was also very worried. So it turned out that the big shots of Divine Cauldron Nation knew of his existence. Being targeted by so many strong people was not a good thing.

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